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    I only got about half way with this book It s an okay book but I felt that it was seventy percent fighting Good if you are into that type of thing but I was just sort of grinding my teeth a bit.Read it you might like it, but it just was not for me.

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    The setup for the book is this An orc slave Nergal escapes from a galley of the Nation of Chu Kutall hence the name I guess and swims to shore Here he encounters a group of adventurers on their way to slay an evil monster Since he doesn t have anything better to do and they offer food he joins them on their quest and proves quite an asset with his brute strength So he sticks with them.It is the first novel of the author and I must say it shows He writes well enough when it comes to style and describing battles he is quite good His vocabulary is rather limited though There are only so many times you can read about the same huge orc arms, bulking with muscles before you get bored The real problem is that he doesn t have the slightest clue about actually telling a story.The whole book is nothing then a parade of single adventures loosely strung together by the overlying quest to slay some evil wizard which is completely blown out of proportion in importance.Characterisation initially seems well done with character traits, physical descriptions and style of speech but quickly deteriorates since there is now character development at all and character interaction solely consists of them making plans on how to defeat this foe or solve that problem They stay impersonal and business like the whole time Actually the whole book to me feels like the author is recounting the adventures of his role playing group with his character being the orc Nergal.There are typical archetypes of characters the brute knight, the shining, intellectual, noble knight, the gentle priestess There is great emphasize on them casting various spells, doing this or that kind of combat manoeuvre They always find some kind of interesting loot when they have completed another little adventure.At some point one of the knights gets critically hurt I smell a botched roll of dice and leaves the group and gets replaced by another character with similar abilities player rolled a new character since the old one was disabled For a while the priestess is not with the group and them reappears rather suddenly and in elegantly player absent for a few game sessions and then dumped back into the action by the game master.There are also lots of loose ends that seem rather pointless but are recounted in detail as if they matter Like the orc finding a talking mace, then getting rid of it again because it annoys him But not before the mace has dropped various hints on a deeper background story plot opening offered by the game master but discarded by the player.The ending is rather unsatisfying as well The quest gets completed but that s it There is no feeling of accomplishment or closure And since there has been no character development and next to no relationship building between the characters it feels like the book could just as well continue.That is not to say it is a bad book on a whole The individual adventures are fun and diverse, the settings exotic and interesting It is however quite disappointing that the author didn t do anything interesting with the set up than let them have an adventure.I am sure it made a great role playing campaign and it could be used as a game supplement without having to tweak much again.As an actual story however it fails.The only real positive thing that sticks is the fabulous expression of having the quick smarts for when someone is really intelligent Hubby loves that.

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Slave of Chu Kutall summary pdf Slave of Chu Kutall , summary chapter 2 Slave of Chu Kutall , sparknotes Slave of Chu Kutall , Slave of Chu Kutall f18cafa After Escaping From A Slave Ship, The Half Orc Nergal Swims To Shore, Eager To Begin His New Life Of Freedom When He Meets A Band Of Heroes Including An Elf, A Beautiful Warrior Priestess, And Two Brave Knights, He Isn T Looking For An Adventure He S Just Looking For An Easy Meal But The Impressionable Young Nergal Soon Begins To Feel A Kinship With These Heroes Who Are On An Important Mission To An Abandoned Castle Dark Forces Are Marshalling Against Them, And Nergal Is Viewed As An Asset In The Quest To Stop The Evil Threatening Their Kingdom He Joins These Unlikely Companions, Even Though He Believes That If His Brutal Past Becomes Known, His Heroic Friends Will Not Hesitate To Destroy Him As He Grows Into A Mighty Force For Good, Nergal Must Hide His Past He Becomes Drawn Into A Struggle Between Nations And Hunts For A Monk Wizard Who Creates Deadly Monsters To Aid The Cause Of An Ancient Sect S Draconian Rule Over Other Peoples Nergal S Adventures Take Him To Lands Unknown Where He Will Face Challenges Greater Than He Anticipated But When The Smoke Clears, There Will Be No Doubts As To Nergal S True Nature

  • Kindle Edition
  • 426 pages
  • Slave of Chu Kutall
  • Michael McCloskey
  • English
  • 01 March 2017

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