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The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window summary The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window, series The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window, book The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window, pdf The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window, The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window 4f7631f118 The First Series Of Unfortunate Events Gift Box Set Of This New York Times Best Selling Series The Set Includes The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, And The Wide WindowBook Details Format Box Set Publication Date Reading Level Age And Up

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    3.6 5 stars based on individual star ratings of each of the books

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    These books cracked me up I love Lemony Snicket I love the humour in the books, and how everyone was just so stupid, except for the Baudelaire children I love the narrator s dire warnings about how you should not read these stories, how repulsive and unpleasant they are There is much irony in the stories the doll s name is Pretty Penny in a story about depressing, terrible things and I think Lemony Snicket is brilliant Plus, I think, reading them as a child, you would learn a whole new set of words, as the words are introduced and explained, all without having to go to a dictionary and look them up I found out my friend was reading them at the same time as I did, and we both were very excited about the whole thing.

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    Alright so three novels in one jampacked in this huge book I wanted to read this as it s a classic and our library has at least two copies of Book One, plus I had an afterschool movie day one half day where kids were really into this Netflix series..I realized I had never read the whole book and couldn t recommend or confirm the differences in the book and series so I took this one home and decided to read it always a good reference point on books to recommend to kids I HAVE to stay well read as I only put books in kids hands that I have read myself and hopefully spark some book love along the way here we go into this classic Book One The BeginningAlright so this book is famous for its asides, definitions and inside talks to the reader on the misfortune of the situations at hand and the despair that the story is describing..Snicket talks to you like you are not only the reader but a friend he is relaying some gossip to and in this case sad and unfortunate news..You meet three intelligent sweet and very rich children mysteriously orphaned when their parents die in a house fire that consumes their impressive mansion With no where to go and no home they are taken in by a bank manager and eventually permanently placed with a distant relative they had never met the mysterious evil Count Olaf the actor Shut away in a tiny dirty room and forced to do chores and whatever the Count demands the kids have a terrible existence with their only bright spot being visits from their neighbor Justice Strauss..It is a dreary read with light humor as Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire go through a series of bad luck and bad events..It begins with their first task where they have to prepare dinner for Olaf and his friends and despite not having any direction or proper money they don t prepare roast beef but instead puttanesca sauce and spaghetti..Count Olaf is displeased and after they clean up he sends them to their beds when Klaus points out that they only are allotted a bed for the three of them he is slapped I don t remember this violence in the Netflix series so reading about their mistreatment and desire for revenge is interesting as it s not really portrayed on screen..The children suffer in silence and misery bonding even together especially after over hearing Olaf s theatre friends making reference to him finding a way to get to the Baudelaire fortune The big plan this book involves his theatre group putting on a play using their friend Justice Strauss and the laws of nuptials, guardianship and inheritance where a child is kidnapped and Klaus s love for reading saves the day..Entertaining and quick to read so kids will want to know what else could happen to this kids Book Two The Reptile RoomThis second book follows the Baudelaire family as they are thankfully whisked away from Count Olaf and into the hands of a new distant relative Dr Montgomery Montgomery or as he liked to be called Uncle Monty a world renowned snake scientist who lives alone and gives the children their own rooms..He seems eager to father the children and while things are looking up the children never forget the ominous threat of finding them wherever they are that Count Olaf delivered as they were being taken away They fear he will show up and keep causing problems until he gets their fortune the book starts with the kids getting a tour of the house and the reptiles that share the space of the Reptile Room when the narrator reveals that in some way Uncle Monty will die and put the kids back in an unfortunate situation but how and when The answers come as Uncle Monty is out and his new assistant arrives however this new assistant no one has met named Stephano is none other than the terrible Count Olaf in disguise but who will believe them The trio of orphans again use their love for reading oh yeah and curiosity to convince their banker Mr Poe that they are still in danger from the vile Count Olaf and his schemes to get their inheritance This one was a little dark as there are like two murders and it does not end happily at all but then again you are constantly warned by Lemony Snicket himself as you start these quick novels.Book Three The Wide WindowThird book and the same story format the three children with nowhere to go being thrust upon a long lost relative..this time a recently widowed Aunt Josephine Aunt Josephine is an older woman who is afraid of everything electricity, heat, doorknobs, burglars just a kind woman who is skittish about everything While living there seems nice enough things for from okay to downright terrible when on a random grocery trip with Aunt Josephine they run into Captain Sham..a one legged one eyed sailor that on sight bears a resemblance to the man of their nightmares Count Olaf Yes the formula stays the same I see with the big twists in who the children will stay with and how the silly Count Olaf will come back into their lives to capture them and their fortune No spoilers on Aunt Josephine and how the Baudelaire orphans and Captain Sham Count Olaf get out of this new scenario but there are like seven other books LOL I am sad I didn t get to read this series when I was younger and that children may not read it because it s acted out in a Netflix series and so why would they its fun to see the characters continue on in these books though shockingly they read as older novels they were only just published in 1999..anyways these are entertaining combined with lots of learning and vocabulary lessons..recommended for all ages I liked these unfortunate tales those poor orphans

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    Ok well I usually read books that have happy endings or sad then happy endings But never have I read a book that had endings like these books did And the way that Lemony Snicket wrote these books left me clamoring for Though I did find it funny how Count Olaf was always trying to get their fortune Ah it left me laughing and boy I NEED I was overall very pleased with Lemony Snicket s series and all I can say is that I highly recommend this books to anyone who is looking for a good laugh and is willing to risk an unhappy ending Don t worry the endings are still good

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    Lemony Snicket quotes are the best thing in this world.

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    the whole series is ridiculously brilliant kids don t even realize that they re learning big words and historical fatcs, because the stories are amazing and exciting i simply do not understand why some children persist in merely reasing harry potter over and over and over when there are books like this i don t like harry potter there i ve said it and although it was only for a moment, i did at one point briefly contemplate getting a tattoo of an eye on my ankle, just like count olafmaybe i should just settle for something less permanent, perhaps a ribbon like violet s for tying my hair back when i want to think.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the first several maybe up to 6 7 even, but they kind of started to drag after a point The novelty of the general tone carried me through all 13 though I m a softy for kid books along these lines.

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    I am in love with the author s persona, but after the first novel, the plots were not only the same, but I grew toooooo weary of every single adult being completely useless or evil.

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    Fantastic as an audio book.

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    Fue el primer libro gordo que le Y eso que estaba en mi etapa no lectora Me apetece releerlo, pero le tengo p nico a volver a leerlo y que no me guste

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