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Insidious explained Insidious , review Insidious , trailer Insidious , box office Insidious , analysis Insidious , Insidious c26a Leaked Stories Of Strange New Rules And Codes Of Behavior Indicate Something S Gone Sour In The Deep Space Retreats Of The Superrich Corporate Execs Some Say That It S Only The Eccentricities Of The Powerful Leaders Of Capitalistic Society But Others Speak Of Dark, Twisted Rituals, Human Slavery And Illegal Experiments In Banned TechnologiesBren Marcken Is A Robot Handler And Strategist On A Special Team Of The United Nations Space Force, Formed To Occupy The Corporate Space Stations And Seize Their Technological Secrets To Accomplish The Mission, He S Been Authorized To Field Artificial Intelligences That He Considers Just As Dangerous As The EnemyChris Adrastus Is An Aggressive Young Executive Whose Careful Machinations Have Carried Him To A High Position At The Powerful European Union Company, Vineaux Genomix Instead Of Finding Satisfaction, He S Become Disillusioned With What He Discovers At The Top Of The Executive WorldAldriena Niachi Is A Covert Operative Of Black Core, A Brazilian Software Company With A Global Sphere Of Influence She S About To Find Out What Black Core Will Do For A Technological Lead Do Some Kinds Of Knowledge Come At Inordinate Cost, Even For A Supercorporation

  • Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • Insidious
  • Michael McCloskey
  • English
  • 01 March 2017
  • 9781440192524

About the Author: Michael McCloskey

I am a software engineer in Silicon Valley who dreams of otherworldly creatures, mysterious alien planets, and fantastic adventures I m also an indie author with over 111,000 paid sales.Visit

10 thoughts on “Insidious

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    This is the first book of a trilogy, but this trilogy actually has a reason for being three books, than that the author wanted to sell three books What I mean to say is that it s not just one very long story The trilogy is available for Kindle as Synchronicity Omnibus.I really enjoyed this series, and the author s writing style and character development is better than some of my other recent sci fi readings I also read his Trilisk novel I will be reading McCloskey in the future note to self keep a list of the myriad Mc authors so that I don t mistakenly buy a book by the wrong one.This trilogy has a fascinating yet to my mind absurd premise to tell you here would be a spoiler never mind, it s fiction Each book in the trilogy covers the same events from three different points of view but these are not first person viewpoints, rather one is the western bloc viewpoint with a few key characters , the second is the eastern bloc again a few key characters , the third is the alien perspective Sometimes the author even repeats conversations, just so we know exactly where we are in each of the respective books The events in the books seem to unfold over the span of only a few weeks.I only gave it 4 stars because I was disenchanted with alien view their alternate realities were too hard to follow, and in any case I thought that part of it was absurd I also thought that the idea that these computer systems could so quickly comprehend and suborn other systems was far fetched but again, it s fiction.Good character dev, interesting society, good writing.

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    Edit I read the 2009 print of Insidious published by iUniverse Apparently this was an earlier self published version and not the final edit The author actually sent me a message asking which print I read and explaining that to me He was very nice and courteous about it I m sure some of the issues that I had with the prose were addressed with the final edited version I m leaving my original review intact, but keep in mind as you read that this was not the final edit, and I did not know that when I wrote the review If I had read the final edit I probably would have given it 3 stars I suppose a drawback to indie or self publishing is there end up being multiple versions floating around I definitely recommend getting as new a copy as possible My original review follows I love sci fi and there was a lot about Insidious that I like, but throughout most of the text the book s strengths were overshadowed by a few major impediments.I recommend this book to fans of hard sci fi or political corporate espionage thrillers The tech futuristic world building aspect, and the interesting plot, were the biggest strengths If those aspects aren t enough to grab you, the text is problematic enough that you may not enjoy it.The concept was intriguing The plot was developed in detail and alternated well between lulls and moments of excitement overall it was enjoyably paced The fictional world was developed in enough detail and cohesive enough to be plausible.However, the prose was poor I understand that this is hard sci fi supposed to be cerebrally interesting because of the technology and concept, not necessarily poetic The straightforward descriptions were than just dry sometimes there was description than necessary, and sometimes it was unclear what was going on The wording and sentence structure was often awkward Parts in the narration seemed to have been cut and pasted without seamless integration I noticed grammatical errors, typos, comma splices, and comma ommisions throughout the book not enough to make me put it down but enough to be jarring and make me re read a sentence and take me out of the story Everyone makes typos this is not necessarily a flaw on the author s part but possibly a product of poor or rushed editing Based on the editor s biography I see that writing is not his primary occupation, so I understand limited budget time for something like editing The prose was also inconsistent in the middle of technical descriptions there were analogies or modern day idioms that were out of place in this future millions of miles in space.The other major problem I had with this book is the characterization It was all pretty shallow Not cliche necessarily the characters were unique and their issues their own I give the writer kudos for coming up with the ideas in the first place, but he brought up enough interesting character traits, flaws, habits, etc for me to want to know far about them, but they were barely touched upon The dialogue felt like it existed to move the plot along and didn t always sound like how real people talk, which unfortunately made the realism jarring when a character would crack a joke or have a sarcastic inner thought Also, the perspective throughout the book was disappointingly heterosexual male centric I am a heterosexual male writing this Women were primarily described by their physical appearance and attractiveness, men by their actions motives etc In a story told from the perspective of a heterosexual male, this is expected, but this was third person limited omniscient, and even in the female headspace, it was quite obvious the author was male The main female character was a sort of covert operative who used her looks and sex appeal to her advantage, so obviously her appearance played an important role Beyond that, however, I found the females in the book less developed and believable than the males, and stereotypical.Other little things bothered me Events happened off camera, including characters making discoveries, but it was not explained why these events happened or how these characters made these discoveries Character relations that were minor plot threads ended abruptly and were never resolved by the end of the book There were events that affected multiple people yet it was only revealed what happened to one of the people afterward I got sick of repeated words for all the scale and size related superlatives how extraordinarily, astronomically difficult it was to get resources into deep space, all the large and giant architecture and areas It felt like the author was trying to hammer in ideas and couldn t figure out how to do it other than repetition Every time a corporation s headquarters or space station was described, everything was described as big A specific character popped up twice in the book, and both times the protagonists interacting with him had a strong negative emotional reaction This character s motivations were not explained, nor was the reason for the protagonists reactions.Insidious is the first of a trilogy that tells the same story from three different perspectives Perhaps the loose plot threads are explained in the other two books However, I did not know this when I read it, because it was not indicated on the back cover, in the beginning before the title page, or at all It just felt like a story with a lot of loose ends This may be a product of indie publishing the author perhaps did not know when he first published it if he would be able to write or release the rest.The story is intriguing, and the world is well developed and consistent with itself McCloskey obviously thought it through a lot The plot gets really gripping about halfway through But loose ends, plain prose, and underdeveloped characters get in the way of really enjoying and getting lost in the story.

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    Good cyberpunk story, first of a trilogy I will continue for sure The world around is cold war like West vs China , IAs being a huge potential threat Marseilles was razed to prevent one to take control but a necessary evil in certain cases Corporations develop their schemes in huge space stations, the United Nation Space Force tries to maintain law the best they can 3 very different characters UNSF, corporation spy, corporation upstart with very different objectives get involved in a plot about eh, that would be telling The book is plot than character driven Adrialna is the only one with a real personality, Chris is only used to funnel information to the reader but the plot is good with a lot of action so that s not much of a problem If you like space cyberpunk this one s for you.

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    Evil AI books usually come off as far too cheesy But I liked this one.And the evil AI isn t the central story, of an important backdrop to the main events.Could have maybe used just a little character development There were some good hints of depth to them but most didn t get much camera time Even the ones that didAnyway, cool little book.Sad endingThe one who came out of it the best is the character I dislike the most

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    This is a pretty clever hard scifi story that mixes several different themes and blends them pretty well The story develops along 3 fronts, but is not confusing There is a military presence, but it s much of a political thriller than a war novel The language is consistent most of the time, with a few anachronistic references, and not overly burdened with techno babble The story ends abruptly, and I assume there is a sequel, which I will now hunt for.

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    Three intertwined stories of a corporate spy, an ambitious corporate exec, and a space force commander There is little actual interaction between the three characters, but they are all caught up in trying to find out what the global corporations are hiding out in their deep space stations It all turns out to be much bigger than just getting a leg up on the competition Good, fast paced action in a near future world where corporations have all but replaced regional governments.There was part of the story that I had hoped would be examined in depth than it was perhaps in the sequels There is some background mentioned about an AI getting loose in France which necessitated the destruction of Marseilles to contain the almost certain extinction of the human race The mechanical assault units employed to board and secure the corporate space stations have AI units that are turned off and wiped after each mission lest the AI discover how inferior their human masters are and turn on them and even go so far as to rid Earth of that inferior race Nice to see AI used for remote combat, but why would Man develop something that smart and dangerous Even if we couldn t build in Asimov s Three Laws of Robotics, why would we attempt to harness a tool that can think much faster than we can, can learn and evolve much faster than we can, and that might decide we were superfluous if someone said the wrong thing I could imagine taking a risk like that for a last resort device, but not for a tool that is used almost everyday Even so, this theme did help build some tension and mystery into the story.

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    A four way battle Interwoven and told from all perspectives AI weapons are needed to fight a superior foe but are reset before they evolve into an even bigger problem However, the longer they are allowed evolve the effective they are A delicate balance is nudged ever closer to the tipping point One of the AI weapons, Meridian , has proven very effective and has proven very lucky in the survival stakes Meridian may be dodging the reset but no one can prove it and hey, he s winning battles in a losing war.High tech high stakes in the near future.

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    This is the start of a really good series I could hardly put it down There are two main characters, a super spy that works for the big corporations and a space force officer that controls the heavy duty robots when they are put into action They are working against an alien force that has taken control of a large number of deep space stations The action is fierce and yet the book is a book of people and their emotions, not just action.

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    Some very interesting Sci Fi concepts but I felt the story was rushed and could have use a little narrative, character and setting development All things considered it was a fun read, and I especially enjoyed the U.N Space Force story arc, but it fell a little short of being great That s mostly frustrating because I think it deserved to be great That said, I will look forward to reading the next entry in the trilogy.

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    Ok read Could need a bit development of the characters Would like to see of the AIs perspective, maybe a follow up book where it could develop further Really a three star book but I give an extra for the interesting portrayal of the AI.Story Characters Environment Novelty Tech Dialog

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