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The Time Quartet Box Set (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters) summary The Time Quartet Box Set (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters), series The Time Quartet Box Set (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters), book The Time Quartet Box Set (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters), pdf The Time Quartet Box Set (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters), The Time Quartet Box Set (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters) 4a0e9672e1 With Over Million Copies In Print, Madeleine L Engle S Newbery Medal Winning Classic, A Wrinkle In Time, Along With Its Bestselling Companions, A Wind In The Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, And Many Waters, Has Enthralled And Inspired Readers Of All Ages This Newly Designed Boxed Set Features The Stunning Art Of Peter Sis

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    These books make me sad to know what kids are reading today Very few children s books quote Euripides, Goethe, and include sayings in Portuguese or Welsh These stories A Swiftly Tilting Planet, which is my favorite, in particular are largely responsible for the shaping of my imagination as far as time travel, space, and the interplay between parts of history is concerned And I always forget how beautifully anti war they are I also love how L Engle weaves significant matters of faith into each story, and as a kid this definitely helped me understand that you didn t have to exclude God faith from Fantasy Sci Fi The only real complaint I have is that they all end rather abruptly, A Wrinkle in Time especially.

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    This is by all accounts from other readers a fine juvenile read i found it when my children were already grownadultson their own, but finding I had enjoyed other youth reads I picked it up anyway I found it nice It s reader friendly and I think it will stretch and involve younger readers well If you have younger readers this is one you should try As a book that holds on over for older readers I don t think it works as well, though if you read it young and loved it that might be another story.I really couldn t get involved in the story, but I wish I d found itr when my kids were young enough to have it read to them.

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    The naked intellect is an extraordinarily inaccurate instrument.I read the first story a long time ago it was interesting to read it again this much later I m mainly doing so in preparation for reading the next two A Wrinkle in Time is a very nice combination of fantasy and science fiction in some ways, very much like Star Maker in that not only does it posit a universal divinity but that stars are also intelligent unlike in Star Maker, however, stars do take part in the great fight between good and evil though they have only a backstory role here.The story is very much focused on Meg Murry, a middle child in a family of four children, whose father has disappeared He works for the United States government, and they say he s fine but he hasn t contacted them in a long time I m not sure they ever say exactly how long, but I get the impression for over a year Everybody else in the community thinks he s never coming back.Meg would probably be a trouble maker even without that burden with it, she s miserable.IT, the incarnation of evil, offers solace and relief from that kind of pain by enforcing equality as uniformity But it s a lie IT could only give pain, never relieve it But IT has convinced those it takes over that the pain it gives is better than the pain that comes from knowing that other people have different opinions about you.A Wind in the Door continues on the same theme, introducing strange new beings and traveling inward, rather than across the universe though there s a little bit of that, too, at least in imagination.Both evil and good have new allies, and evil s message is similar to that of IT in A Wrinkle in Time Evil makes nothingness sound awfully nice, stating that We are the ones who are glorious When everything is nothing there will be no war, no illness, no death There will be no poverty, no pain, no slums, no starvation Stated like this, it is very reminiscent of a story or two in Stanislaw Lem s The Cyberiad, though here it is deadly serious Evil is unNaming the world a piece at a time, and while this puts everyone in eventual danger it puts Charles Wallace in immediate danger So Meg must join the song of life and Name or reName what evil endangers.We are the song of the universe We sing with the angelic host We are the musicians The farae and the stars are the singers Our song orders the rhythm of creation.A Swiftly Tilting Planet starts clumsily than the first two, getting us caught up with all of the changes in the characters lives where A Wind in the Door happened a year after A Wrinkle in Time, this third book takes place seven to ten years later Oddly, where the previous books seemed to be placed somewhere in the near future, this one seemed to be in the present or near past The creatures are less imaginative, standard fantasy, and Charles Wallace appears to have forgotten what happened in previous books.I noted the similarity between A Wrinkle in Time and Star Maker, and here the similarity comes from a different direction this is a series of travels through time, some real and some projections , which are mostly observational To the extent that Charles Wallace affects the story, it is by shuttling information across generations, and the information is not exactly hidden from the people he s shuttling it to anyway Still an interesting story, but a confusing, and b less intriguing than the previous two.My take on Many Waters is that it takes place around 1998 or so half a century after the atomic bomb was first used when scientists routinely travel to outer space In this case that s mostly just a frame around the real story which unravels in a different time and place altogether It was a little hard to get into at first, because of the semi paradisal nature of the place and time it took me a couple of chapters to ignore the ahistorical elements But once I realized what the author was doing, it made sense and turned into a very good story in a world halfway between an initial paradise and the modern mundane world.The creatures are also interesting, again though they draw on familiar ideas, L Engle gives them all an interesting twist and she also combines science with fantasy in a very nice way to both get the story going and to end it.

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    I really enjoyed A Wrinkle in Time when I was a kid On rereading, I discovered that I had definitely forgotten the way Christian symbols and metaphors kind of beat you over the head in this book It and A Wind in the Door which, like the other three books in this omnibus, I had never read before , could definitely benefit from some subtlety Both books are fun, but also frustrating A Swiftly Tilting Planet really made up for this, though The symbolism and overarching themes are balanced by an awesome story I love the way the time travel elements are used, and the common threads among the generations Charles Wallace visits and their ties to mythology are handled really well I also felt like the message of gifted people are a completely separate species from the rest of humanity and will never be accepted by normal people was tempered in this story.When I started reading Many Waters, I had a real what the hell reaction when I realized what the primary story was going to be about But I really enjoyed it The twins are fun characters and accessible than Meg and Charles Wallace ever are, to me at least Her treatments of the seraphim and the nephilim really appealed to me, and I thought she dealt well with issues of puberty and sexuality here.Overall, I really enjoyed the second two books and I really liked seeing the development of writing style and themes over the course of many books and much time.

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    Though A Wrinkle in Time is my favorite of these, all the books in the series were very well done, and kept me interested throuought.Apparently I have a love for books written for the younger set teenagers Seems that many of the authors just seem to work harder in that genre to produce a good book that also has literary merit Must be all those newberry like medals they re all striving for, but whatever it is, these fit.If you ve never read them, you ve missed out.

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    Re read A Wrinkle in Time 4 stars this time around.

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    Having finally finished reading this series, I now sit here utterly dumfounded as to how people can straight facedly refer to them as classics The first book in the series, A WRINKLE IN TIME, I thought was sort of OK, but that was because I expected the events of the story to be continued and expounded upon in the next book When I saw that such wasn t the case, my appreciation for it deteriorated to the point that I m no longer even happy I read it The rest of the series is hardly even worth mentioning Sure, they re creative and do a great job of challenging the normal boundaries of YA literature, butBUTthey are also a big, steaming pile of poorly written nonsense For example, in the second book, the main character takes a tour of her brother s mitochondria while riding a magic unicorn and using telepathy to communicate with her school principle The science in these books is highly suspect, the continuity is near non existent, and L Engle s philosophy iswell, in some ways, I m still trying to get my head around it L Engle follows in C.S Lewis footsteps by incorporating creatures from pagan mythology into what are, essentially, Christian fantasy stories only L Engle s tales also contain a surprising amount of Darwinian ideas, as well Also, the fourth book in the series reminded me a lot of TWILIGHT for some reason More specifically, TWILIGHT mixed together with the story of Noah s flood It featured lots of seductive young men who were half human and half angel and could transform into such things as dragons and lions whenever they weren t hitting on virginal young maidens, that is As with the third book in the series, I couldn t even bring myself to finish it.

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    I have finally finished the series that many kids in this country grew up on But being 26 didn t negate the fact that I really loved this series I didn t rate all the books a five, and I was constantly annoyed with her random writing style look who s talking , and there were times I was confused as to who was who and when not where we were But they were truly amazing Especially the last two I guess Many Waters was never a part of the original trilogy, and chronologically, it actually happens before A Swiftly Tilting Planet For actual reviews, see each book individually on my bookshelf.I will say this though There are so many wonderful Christian truths in these books, and characters that are real They actually struggle, or get frusterated, or chose sin because it s easy, and deny the truth because it s not logical And I like that, but she always brings it back to God s Word She just interweaves Christian theology so effortlessly into her stories that you walk away with very profound truth I won t let my kids make the same mistake I did by not reading these books until later in life They will most certainly be a staple alongside Narnia and the Penderwicks A true classic.

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    The very first book that I read in my teen years that was fantasy was A Wrinkle in Time I got hooked So when I came across this book by Madeleine L Engle I purchased it I did not know that it is a quartet of her books that starts out with A Wrinkle in Time and carries the same characters through the next three stories I m excited to start this series I hope that I won t be disappointed because what one likes in there youth may change in adulthood So here goesWell, I was disappointed A Wrinkle in Time was ok but A Wind in the Door was horrendous A Swiftly Tilting Planet just bounced from here to there and I was bored The only saving grace was Many Waters I like it and it saved the whole book It was about the twins going back in time It had a plot that was interesting and it left out all that metaphysics jargon.

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    Madeline L Engle is possibly one of the most thoroughly brilliant people ever to turn hand to novel writing The depth, scope, and passion in each of her books is thrilling her characters are not only believable, but the sort who become your friends I frequently find myself coming back to these books just to spend time with Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin The science that weaves its way through these gems of literary perfection just heightens their believability and depth Nobody can make me cry quite like Madeline L Engle.

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