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    The classic short graphic guide to Lacan is written by Darian Leader who is generally worth reading in his own right However, the graphic format should not be confused with simplicity this is a difficult liitle book because Lacan is very difficult You may need to read it than once to get it.Lacan is worth the effort but perhaps with a critical eye towards the Freudian framework within which he was writing Perhaps he might best be thought of as someone struggling to find the language for what it is to be a human being and contributing significant insights without, in the end, succeeding A useful introduction but only the first step on a very long journey which you may not want to take if only because life is short and there is no guarantee that the train will end up where you want to be.

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    still do not understand.

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    Me parece que a teoria lacaniana demasiado complexa para tudo que este livro quer abarcar, pois ele vai al m do mero introducing e aborda temas que s quem se aprofundou na teoria tem acesso total de entendimento.

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    This maybe be largely due to the difficulty of Lacan s ideas, but I really didn t find this particularly helpful in trying to understand Lacanian concepts.Starts off explaining concepts such as the mirror phase well, but very quickly reduces its attempts to explain essential Lacanian concepts to disjointed rambling that never really attempts to lay out his ideas with any clarity, or provide any overview of an idea before or after it is explored.This book severely lacks the relative precision and clarity that the many other books in Icon Books Introducing series which I have read Freud, Marx, Zizek, Joyce demonstrate.There may or may not be an easy way into Lacan, but this really isn t it.

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    I discovered Lacan quite late I ve seen him referenced in quite a few places, but his work seemed impenetrable, so I never bothered to read anything about him While I was in a bookshop, I saw this book and figured it would be a good chance to finally learn what Lacan was about.It was my first book of this graphic guide series I ve seen it all over the place, but I was somewhat sceptical of its quality But given Lacan seemed hard to read, having a short and introductory book seemed a good idea Lacan was a psychoanalyst, heavily influential in the 20th century He was associated with the Parisian surrealist movement, being Picasso s therapist and acquainted with many artists like Dal He was a key figure leading post structuralism, critical theory, linguistics and 20th century French philosophy The book starts with his work on paranoia, which was his doctoral thesis He recounts the case of Aim e, which tried to stab a well known Parisian actress She suffered from ideas of persecution, and the case was famous at the time According to Lacan, Aim e s identity was outside herself The actress was the ideal image , an object of hate and aspiration This is the starting pointing of a lot of Lacan s thought how the ego relates to the world, and also how the ego categorizes the world The image is the identification of the ego with something else Lacan often presents this illustrating the emerging consciousness of a child which doesn t have an identity yet The child uses an image to gain further knowledge about the world and develop, but this causes the child to be trapped in the imaginary it s trapped in an image alien and outside of herself Thus, the ego is fragmented because it s only a collection of images However, it tries to create wholeness and coherence, and it does so by distorting its own image the falsifying ego The signifier is an image, while the signified is a concept A word the signifier does not have an unambiguous and objective that results in the signified In addition, signifiers form networks, in which each signifier is connected to another one in a large chain, that can t, for the most part, be accessed consciously This is crucial in Lacan s thought because this is the landscape of the symbolic , the very organization of our phenomenological world This ties together with the previously mentioned development of the child Not only does the child identify with external images, but it s also shaped by the symbolic universe it s embedded in Language, in particular, seems to be the most important, since that s the most common signifier Although it also extends into social and cultural signifiers.In addition to the Symbolic and Imaginary, Lacan names an extra dimension called the Real The real is everything that isn t in the symbolic nor the imaginary Our everyday reality is the symbolic and imaginary, while the real is the objective reality , something like Kant s noumenal world Paradoxically and brilliantly, this is exactly what s outside of our reality There is a lot to Lacan s thought, and the book covers a fair bit of work, but this is what I found the most interesting and useful, as far as I understood it Some of it I found a bit nonsensical, particularly when he tried to develop Freud s ideas But overall, I regard him as an original and interesting thinker Regarding the book format, I think I did quite a nice job, and the illustrations were generally well done Nevertheless, I felt the illustrations should have been minimised It has an illustration in literally every page, which of course results in having close to meaningless images just to fill in.About the content itself, it was harder than I expected Even being short, and even while being marketed as an introduction, a lot of it can get quite complex I think the book tried to have a very extensive introduction of many aspects of Lacan s thought While this has its benefits, it cannot go into any single subject very deeply, and thus the explanations have to be shrunk considerably I think perhaps picking the most important five Lacanian concepts would be useful, rather than trying to explain thirty different ones in a couple of pages Nevertheless, you do get a sense of what Lacan was trying to achieve, and it s not a terribly difficult read, so the book achieves its purpose If you re completely new to Lacan, you will likely benefit from it However, I d look into other options I just recently discovered that Darian Leader has an introductory book on Lacan I ve read his What Is Madness book which I found excellent, so I have some faith in the author It s still reasonable short, and perhaps overcomes some of the drawbacks of this book.

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    For an oeuvre like that of Lacan, this short book gets the job done, at least giving one a sense of the broad range of entangled concepts involved in Lacanian theory It s at a good first read, but one should at least be familiar with Freud beforehand In conclusion, a good starting point, but not exactly an introduction to Lacan, as the book is far too eclectic and jumps too much from section to section In comparison to anything written by Lacan, however, this book seems like Dr Seuss D

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    Trippy First book of 2015 Hope to make this year filled with much informative books about psychology culture history.

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    I ve become fascinated and perplexed with Lacan s thinking since first encountering him through Zizek I came to this hoping to make some sense of concepts I found intriguing yet still somewhat impenetrable It did a good job of stating the basics in plain language, but there s a lack of thoroughness here that made it hard for many of them to stick with me Of course, that s probably symptomatic of it being a bare minimum introduction to his thought, so it shouldn t be slighted too much for that There s not much, if any, personality to the writing here it felt like a somewhat refined set of flashcards with pictures added in for flavor Regardless, it still did what was advertised introduce Lacan.

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