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Écrits summary Écrits, series Écrits, book Écrits, pdf Écrits, Écrits d8dcfa81f6 Fink S Precise New Translation Makes This Pivotal Period In Lacan S Thought Accessible To English Speakers Publishers Weekly, Starred Review Brilliant And Innovative, Jacques Lacan S Work Lies At The Epicenter Of Modern Thought About Otherness, Subjectivity, Sexual Difference, The Drives, The Law, And Enjoyment This New Translation Of His Complete Works Offers Welcome, Readable Access To Lacan S Seminal Thinking On Diverse Subjects Touched Upon Over The Course Of His Inimitable Intellectual Career

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    I marked this to read but that might not be an honest assessment of my intentions So I m creating a new shelf To poke at with a stick.

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    Don t let anyone tell you they know what the f ck is going on in this book Its the craziest thing of all time And to think, he was doing therapy analyzing people s sanity when in fact, one glance at this text will reveal Lacan himself is batshit crazy, I mean like hanging from the chandelier without any pants on, out of his gourd crazy Zizek loves this guy way too much and I highly doubt Lacan ever slept He apparently has read every single book in existence because he footnotes everything Its like an encyclopedia brittanica, and intertextual cornucopia of erudition And all for notman, sometimes I wonder if I had not kids, no family, could I read as much as Lacan, then I realize, what would be the use of that This should be called the Necromicon an HP Lovecraft reference meaning a book no one has ever read impossible to decipher the text but it contains the secret meaning of all of existence.

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    Lacan isn t an easy read If you re interested in learning about Lacan s ideas, it s probably a much better idea to start with something like Zizek s How to Read Lacan, which will give you the concepts without Lacan s sadistic writing style.But, I find something compelling with Lacan s writing, infuriating as it is Lacan spent a lot of time writing about the disparity between what we perceive as reality or knowledge and what is actually there or, perhaps accurately, the way language limits our understanding , and as I sat there, reading and re reading and re reading each passage, I became increasingly frustrated by the text Why was this so hard These were just words in a language I ve been speaking for as long as I ve been speaking in a language, so there was no reason it should be so hard And then it occurred to me that I was experiencing the exact kind of disparity between understanding and perception that Lacan was describing kind of like the organic reading experience Mark Z Danielewski creates with his excellent House of Leaves It was a rough lesson, but one that I was ultimately glad to have.

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    Some dumb book by a French guy.

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    To summarize the discussion that Lacan sustains in these book, I would like to share this quote of his crits Is the place that I occupy as the subject of the signifier concentric or eccentric in relation to the place I occupy as subject of the signified The point is not to know whether I speak of myself in a way that conforms to what I am but rather to know whether when I speak of myself, I am the same as the self of whom I speak.

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    4.5I ve spent the past week with I Feel You by Chaka Khan stuck in my head except every time the dude in the intro says Chaka Khan it s replaced with Jaques Lacan and it won t leave me alone This is a pain I didn t expect to have to live with.

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    For the Lacan students who desire the B sides most people will be fine without all of Lacan s papers The only essential texts missing from the edition of the crits with only selections are, by my estimation, the essay on Poe and the essay on Kant and Sade.Lacan is probably the only thinker I hold in high esteem whose writing style I very nearly despise His style, he hoped, would train analysts in interpretation As a reading experience, it means that Lacan meanders constantly he often gets lost commenting on what seem to be highly abstruse matters unrelated to whatever he claims his central theme is and his main theses are rarely argued for in any straightforward way For me, reading him involves finding those key passages, even sentences, which stand out from the rest of the mess and seem to give it some sense of order This requires patience, as such passages or lines appear only every five of ten pages The book is slow going until one gets to those passages, however Much like analysis, I suppose, it is slow going until the truth speaks, which then has to be read back into what seemed to be nothing but was in reality the coming to be of the truth, or at least of its saying.The essays that are in the shorter edition of the crits truly are the best ones here, so I would recommend starting there and getting a hold of the two essays mentioned above missing from that collection.As far as content goes, I will say three things that surprised me 1 Readers of i ek should be unsurprised by the presence of Hegelian themes in Lacan s writings what surprised me was how frequent and essential Lacan s own references to Hegel are There is much that is new in i ek s Hegel Lacan synthesis, but perhaps much of it is already there something i ek would no doubt admit Dialectical thinking, the master slave dialectic, the beautiful soul, the law of the heart, and other concepts taken and recognized as such right from Hegel show up throughout.2 Lacan sees the symbolic as being at work, partially, in animals as well as humans Indeed, Lacan is nuanced on the difference between human and animal than I expected, considering that he is a thinker of the human condition as such But it would appear that there is room in Lacan for languages, or at least proto languages, among animals, even if language has a special existence in and for man.3 The Lacan of the crits strikes me as a structuralist.

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    It s strange, but for me very true, that the best poetry I ve ever read postures itself not as poetry but as psychoanalysis, positioned in a kind of wierd overlapped space shared by literature, science, art, history, philosophy, and pyschoanalysis one of the first truely interdisciplinary schools of thought.

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    Fundamental Magisterial Dark, gothic, highly polemical, and piercingly sardonic Lacan is a polished stylist, his language is of the highest standard I recommend this book to everyone read it closely, slowly, with a pencil in hand But first read Freud, otherwise it might be difficult

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    You, Goodreader, should know I m not a scholar my stature does not depend on publishing a defense or rebuttal of so and so s perishable rendition of this or that I have no academic training, no degrees, no guidance and no constraints I just read Pretty soon I hope I ll be good at it Forget How To Why read Lacan Because you are interested, in fact it s in your best interest If you read with disinterest there will be no Thing to attract meaning, and knowledge will foreclose truth, vaingloriously withering into the impotent violence of reasoning without reason It concerns you, even if you don t believe it If you ve read Lacan you will hear the ventriloquist s echo here Knowledge is an act caused by truth You are involved, inextricable but not ineffable, not a silent or innocent bystander Dialectical philosophy and psychoanalysis will make it difficult for this to be ignored, eluded, forgotten, denied, repressed Lacan provides an object Objekt to stimulate the source Quelle by which to take one s aim Ziel on the highway of despair upon which we are thrust Drang and which must be traversed, elliptically lured by the goal of subjective destitution That is, if you bring the drive Driving is not the least apt descriptor for Lacan s language It is a grudging attempt to fixate perpetual motion Every sentence, every graph, every topology presents dynamism The last thing Lacan wanted to do was impart a catechism by which the fearful and faithful could be mollified His speech and writing embody the paradox of limitless hubris and self effacing humility the audacious rhetorical gymnastics are not those of the desiring worm Lacan but rather they don t speak to a particular person, they just speak a la cantonade, to nobody in particular, to the company at large S XI, 16.2 For, as I have said, without going into the mainspring of transference, it is ultimately the analyst s desire that operates in psychoanalysis.The style of a philosophical conference inclines everyone, so it seems, to highlight instead his own impermeability.I am no unable to do so than the next person, but in the field of psychoanalytic training, the displacement process makes teaching cacophonous Lacan himself tells you in countless scattered coded messages why he must gambol with language as he must And he must You either understand that Lacan is talking to and about you or you don t bother A half assed approach exposes a complete ass, languishing and lost, looking for shortcuts on a lifelong Via Dolorosa leading back to the beginning, but this time understood as the anticipated beginning There is no such thing as veridical comprehension, an Absolute Knowledge of Lacanianism as hackneyed as Lacan s own misreading of Hegel s master trope Don t take me or Zizek at our word, do it yourself keep your face smashed for years between the Phenomenology and the Greater Logic and the Seminars and Ecrits, maybe salved with Capital and Traumdeutung, and see if the practice and technique of psychoanalytic experience do not provide the pulse and pulsion to the theory and notion of Absolute Knowledge NEWS Hegel, Marx, Freud, Lacan Pretty encompassing Now one can be a bit shaky at this junction, that is how beauty walks, but one has to shake it just right Ecrits is a significant element in a rebus densely knotted with the personal, professional, philosophical, and world historical It and anything else aspiring to the truth of human experience is not an ideogram, a commanding sign decipherable at a glance and just as soon out of mind Lacan s teaching began with an analysis of the structure of paranoiac knowledge, and his trajectory stayed the course everything is connected Fantasy, the phallus, desire, objet petit a, identification, drive, obsession, aggression, the paternal metaphor, RSI RIS SIR SRI IRS ISR nothing can be satisfyingly defined because nothing escapes the desire for definition The progress of knowledge can bear no fascination with definitions You can read The Subversion of the Subject repeatedly I did, do, and will yet the cornerstone for the provisional edifice of your understanding might be secreted in a distant footnote or anecdote A concept, function, or structure is likely to be enlisted without comment or explanation at any moment what appears senseless, baffling, and whimsical charlatanry is and only IS meaningful read glistening with signifierness in articulation with a pliant structure Such is the psychoanalytic contribution to the secondary elaboration of the relations between particulars and universals, at once the network of language and the subject caught therein Chrono Logically speaking, I have passed the moment for concluding a first and thorough reading, yet the time for comprehending will linger as long as I do I must be perverse because I find that reading Lacan makes lingering and longing with life a calmer, clearer experience His lessons still the waters I ve struck upon dis covering my image Like the incorrigible narcissist we all are, I read Lacan and all I got was a lousy letter to myself Someone the perfect vanishing mediator between Hegel and Lacan, far better fitting than Kojeve Lacan loves to quote, and whom like Lacan it is impossible to quote well, said it best a while before him I look at myself and see myself as an angel and I die, and I yearn Such is life.

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