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Land of Elyon - Boxed Set (Land of Elyon) chapter 1 Land of Elyon - Boxed Set (Land of Elyon), meaning Land of Elyon - Boxed Set (Land of Elyon), genre Land of Elyon - Boxed Set (Land of Elyon), book cover Land of Elyon - Boxed Set (Land of Elyon), flies Land of Elyon - Boxed Set (Land of Elyon), Land of Elyon - Boxed Set (Land of Elyon) 00f1f32d2d8c4 An Exclusive Paperback Boxed Set Of Patrick Carman S Best Selling Fantasy TrilogyTwelve Year Old Alexa Daley Is Spending Another Summer In The Town Of Bridewell, And She S Set On Solving The Mystery Of What Lies Beyond Its Walls Legend Says The Walls Were Built To Keep Out An Unnamed Evil That Lurks In The Forests And The Dark Hills But What Exactly Are The Townspeople Afraid Of As Alexa Begins To Unravel The Truth, She Discovers A Strange Enchantment And Exposes A Danger That Could Destroy Everything She Holds Dear Weaving Magic And Heroism Into A Classic Tale Of Good And Evil, This Extraordinary Trilogy Takes Readers On An Unforgettable Adventure

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    i read all of theses books when i was younger and i absolutely loved them the books are well written and very descriptive Patrick Carman has a way of writing that captures and mesmerizes the reader i m not sure if it was intentional, but there seemed to be several religious parallels in these books ex Abadon is one of the names for Satan, Elyon is one of the names of God, and Abadon was cast into a pit just as Satan and the Beast are in the book of Revelations in the Bible there are others but i dont want to spoil the books for anyone when i read these books i found that reading Into the Mist a sort of prequel to the series, between The Tenth City and Stargazer was better than reading the series in order and then reading Into the Mist Into the Mist reveals a lot of information about histories of characters in the book that are useful to know in the series plus, Into the Mist picks up where The Tenth City leaves off and ends where Stargazer begins.all in all i say these books are a phenomenal read

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    Read this when I was in elementary school Loved the series.

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    The Land of Elyon Book 1 The Dark Hills DivideThe Land of Elyon Book 2 Beyond the Valley of ThornsThe Land of Elyon Book 3 The Tenth CityThe Land of Elyon trilogy by Patrick Carman is a fairly engaging fantasy featuring a spunky heroine who saves the world from evil The religious allegory is a bit much at times, especially in the third book These books are best for upper elementary to middle school readers the plot may be too thin to keep older readers interested My favorite character was Murphy the hyperactive squirrel, who appears in all three books.

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    My son started reading this series and he is now on book two I wanted to know what he is reading so I picked it up and read them all in about a week The story is about a young twelve year old girl that longs for adventure and to go beyond the walls that surround her city I think this is a great book and recomend it to parent and child alike.

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    GOSH THESE BOOKS WERE MY LIFE i m pretty sure the second one was the one that got me into reading, so i m very sentimental about them so whimsical and interesting and original and just everything you want in a 9 12 adventure series.

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    I truly enjoyed each book in this series The story is not so simplistic that it cannot be enjoyed by adults, but it is not so adult that a child would be lost either It is a good combination of fantasy and adventure.

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    These quick reads are ok 3rd or 4th grade girls would probably like them than I did.

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    Fairly good fantasy book, young girls would enjoy

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    What an awesome series for young girls and boys alike This fantasy has it all Mystery Adventure Danger Magic

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    Not exactly riveting, but a quick read and great for young readers.

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