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    I just had to read one last Bower title this year, especially knowing that this one would take me back to Montana s Flying U Ranch with its wonderful group of cowboys Andy Green, Pink, the Native Son, Irish, Weary, and Happy Jack were all here, along with Chip and his wife the Little Doctor and their son The Kid real name Claude, and he is six years old and big for his age The gang has to deal with changing times, progress, and civilization, all of which threaten the very existence of the Flying U Homesteaders Farmers What can be done to protect the home country from these people who have no idea that the land claims they are wanting to prove up on are not meant for farming As loyal as I am to Bower, it took a few chapters for me to get really into this story Maybe because there was too much civilization in it, or maybe because I hated to think of anything changing at my ranch Whatever caused it, I was not too thrilled at first, but The Kid saved the day When he went and told his Daddy Chip that he was ready to trade his Shetland pony Stubby for a full sized horse I had to laugh Silver s going to be my string, Daddy Chip, and I m going to feed him myself and ride him myself and nobody else can touch him thout I say they can And when Daddy Chip told The Kid among other things to stay away from the pasture where he had been testing the horses before he made his choice, The Kid pitches an awesome fit that brings his mother running She finds him kicking the walls and crying, and tells him that men don t cry when things go wrong I laughed even harder at his reply No because they can take it out in cussing wailed the Kid I wouldn t cry either, if you d let me swear all I want to True, The Kid was a bit spoiled but what six year old boy big for his age wouldn t be when living on a ranch like the Flying U and getting to pal around with all those cool cowboys Kinda wish I could have grown up that way myself.So after The Kid rescued the story for me, I enjoyed it , and could sympathize as well with the dilemma the boys were facing How do you hold back the future Or can you And how far would some people go to push that future down your throat This turned into a dramatic, tension filled story, but still with the typical Bower touches of humor, and she even tucked in a nice little romance I did some checking when I finished reading and although there are supposedly a few titles set at the Flying U, Gutenberg has only one , and I need to read two other books in my Bower list before I get to it So I won t be visiting the Happy Family again until next year Luckily that is not very far away

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    A most awesome book I am sorry that I do not have the first books in this series This is a wonderful book So well written The characters jump out at you I highly recommend this book I will be looking for the other books in the series.

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    This was one of my Grandfather s favorite books.

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