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Come, My Beloved txt Come, My Beloved, text ebook Come, My Beloved, adobe reader Come, My Beloved, chapter 2 Come, My Beloved, Come, My Beloved 91f0c4 Touched By The Poverty He Encounters In Bombay, Self Made Millionaire David MacArd Establishes A Seminary For Christian Missionary Workers, And In So Doing Shapes The Fates Of His Son And Grandson The Choices Made By Each Generation Parallel One Another, Distinctly Marked By The Passage Of Time Though The Patriarch Remains In New York, The Second David Becomes A Missionary In India Himself, While His Own Son, Ted, Goes Even Further, Opting To Live In A Remote Village And These Choices Come With Unforeseen Sacrifices Nor Does Their Religious Journey Necessarily Mean Any Growing Harmony With Their Surroundings Something That Is Powerfully Brought Home When Ted Refuses To Let His Daughter Marry Across Racial Lines

About the Author: Pearl S. Buck

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck was a bestselling and Nobel Prize winning author Her classic novel The Good Earth 1931 was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and William Dean Howells Medal Born in Hillsboro, West Virginia, Buck was the daughter of missionaries and spent much of the first half of her life in China, where many of her books are set In 1934, civil unrest in China forced Buck back to the United States.

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    This was not Pearl S Buck s best effort and I only persevered with it because it is a book club book chosen, I think without being read beforehand This is the story of 4 generations of MacArds who are wealthy and travel to India as Christian missionaries It starts with the New York patriarch being widowed and traveling with his rudderless son to India for a vacation Said son finds his place in the world starting a Christian school for poor Indians The book takes place in the waning days of the British Empire and the whole thing was than slightly racist The cover of the Pocket Books Cardinal edition has a drawing of a contemplative blond in a blue dress and underneath the tag line Livy was a missionary s daughter forbidden to marry her native lover All you need to know to skip this piece of dreck which was originally published in 1953.

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    Nice multi generational story of an American family in India I liked the theme that each successive generation becomes open to the other culture and less prejudiced Progress comes but it also takes time And it s okay that people also have limits to how much they can change or accept Another interesting theme was the relationships between the married couples and whether a practical marriage relationship or a romantic marriage relationship is best She doesn t seem to show a happy combination where both are present.

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    Certainly not The Good Earth.couldn t wait to finish it so I could read something that held my attention El Crappo

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    Buck was the first woman to receive a Nobel prize in literature with her culturally sensitive tales of ordinary people around the world This one is set in India and involves three generations of a British families relationship with the culture of the people and their personal relationships with them Here is a really human study of the relationship of men with their religion, its complication in the relationships with those of other persuasions and how long it really takes to shed racial attitudes even among those who like and even love one another.Very sensitive and yet easy to read

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    Read this for book club Ended up skimming through the book Too much introspection, too many discussions of religion and spirituality, too much dissecting human emotions and reasons for their actions Not my cup of chai tea.

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    It was mom who was reading Pearl Buck s novles, and that s how I discovered her books, they re a chef d oeuvre, the way she writes, the way she describes Chinese life, the way she express the feelngs and makes you feel it, I just don t know how to explain

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    Not very good, but I didn t want to be a quitter, so I finished it.After finishing a riveting fiction set in India and hearing that many of the descriptions in it were inaccurate, I was interested to learn about the country and its history This was the only ebook I could get immediately from my library that had anything to do with India, so I checked it out and started reading immediately This book was not very well written and lacked a strong thesis, so I was surprised to read about all the author s success at the back This woman was a big deal Perhaps her other works pull the reader in better this is certainly not a page turner Four generations of a family, none loveable than the last, have various levels of commitment to the idea of improving India s resources and religion Some are focused on physical things like preventing famine and digging wells or education Some are interested in equality None of them actually preach one even gives comparable weight to Hindu religious works Spoiler Despite generations of interaction with and service to the people of India, the last father mentioned in the line refuses to give his daughter to marry the wonderful Indian man she loves she is 16, but you re clearly supposed to side with the couple I don t even feel like it s much of a spoiler because of how matter of factly everything in the whole book is related and how little connection is built between the characters and the reader Pretty anticlimactic at the end, really.The most valuable thought in the book, IMO, is this It is very difficult to reach the ultimate of one s religion How true this is Though I espouse Christianity, to fully practice everything Jesus taught is HARD It is a daily, sometimes hourly, effort Even the apostle Paul said he counted not himself to have attained, but labored daily to receive the reward Philippians 3 12 True discipleship requires submitting my EVERY action, desire, and thought to His will, not mine May we be better than the father in the book, who is unable to completely surrender his American sensibilities and thereby is found a hypocrite.Content The illicit relationship at the very end is the only adult content in the book It was not an emphasized situation Young children don t wear clothes There might have been a curse word or two.

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    Good story set in India which covers 4 generations of the MacCard family Wealthy David MacCard establishes a seminary for Christian missionary workers in India in honor of his late wife His son David becomes a missionary in India and, later, his grandson Ted opts to live a spartan life of prayer, reflection and service in a remote Indian village Ted s daughter, Livy, falls in love with Jatin, who was born and raised in India Even though the MacCard family has been involved in Indian life and culture for many, many years, and have become knowledgeable and respectful of that culture, when Livy wants to marry Jatin, all of the old prejudices regarding inter racial marriages surface Central themes found in this book are the extreme poverty found in India, the increasing population, the growing anti British sentiment and the rising popularity of Gandhi This was an interesting and informative part of the book.

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    As true then as it is today Pearl Buck s writing is always a pleasure to read She captures cultural nuance and in such a noncritical way describes differences Her stories are interesting and full bodied and never dated This one is another winner.

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    I m a Pearl Buck fan Her stories explore our relationships with one a It be and, in this book, our relationship with God Her story spans generations, time and place, yet shows us how values take on a different face, but have a common core.

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