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Death Comes to the Nursery (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #7) pdf Death Comes to the Nursery (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #7) , ebook Death Comes to the Nursery (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #7) , epub Death Comes to the Nursery (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #7) , doc Death Comes to the Nursery (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #7) , e-pub Death Comes to the Nursery (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #7) , Death Comes to the Nursery (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #7) 724019d58c1 Delighted By The Quiet Uproar Of Raising Their Newborn, Lady Lucy And Major Sir Robert Kurland Could Not Be Pleased At The Prospect Of Welcoming Another Into Their Home But Their Preparations Are Soon Overshadowed By A Baffling Case Of Murder Once Known To All In Her Village As The Rector S Daughter, Lucy Is Now A Mother Herself To A Wonderful Eighteen Month Old Son, Ned Upon Discovering That She Is Expecting A Second Child, Lucy And Robert Are Delighted In Anticipation Of The New Arrival, Lucy Is Set On Expanding Her Nursery Staff When Agnes, Her Current Nurse, Recommends Her Cousin, It Seems Like The Perfect Solution But Trouble Arrives Along With The New Nursery Maid From London Polly S Flirtations Provoke Fisticuffs In The Servants Hall And Tumult In The Village Tavern, And On Her Afternoon Off, She Fails To Return To The Kurland Estate When A Farmer Finds Her Lifeless Body In A Drainage Ditch, Lucy And Robert Fear Foul Play To Their Consternation, They Learn Their New Nursery Maid Was Not Who They Thought As Lucy S Sister Anna Leaves The Rectory And Moves In To Watch Over Ned, The Couple S Search For The Truth Leads Them To The London Theater World, Where Aristocrats Purchase Their Mistresses, And Into Danger But The Real Threat Strikes All Too Close To Home

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    Series Kurland St Mary Mystery 7Publication Date 1 28 2018Number of Pages 304It has been a little over a year since the last book in this series, Death Comes To Bath, and I was beginning to suffer from anxiety pangs waiting for this one This is an absolutely delightful series and this book was a terrific addition It has been wonderful watching Robert and Lucy s relationship grow and mature Robert has mellowed at least a tad from the taciturn curmudgeon we first met and Lucy has settled a bit as well At the end of the last book, Lucy was expecting their first child after suffering two miscarriages In this book, we meet the captivating Ned who is now almost three years old NOTE The book blurb says eighteen month old, but the ARC I read said he was nearly three.Robert never thought he wanted children those noisome small creatures who would be constantly underfoot Then Lucy came into his life and then there was the wondrous addition of Ned to the family Robert is now totally besotted with both his wife and his son How could life get any better He quickly finds out when Lucy tells him that she is now expecting their second child in a few months Their calm, peaceful routine quickly gets turned on its head when Lucy hires another maid for the nursery Lucy is tiring quicker and can t do as much and with a new baby in the nursery, they ll need staff Luckily, their current nursery maid, Agnes, has a cousin who is looking for a position Lucy is delighted when Agnes recommends Polly because she is very well pleased with Agnes.The chaos sets in almost immediately Polly excels in the nursery and Ned quickly comes to love her as do all of the single males within the household and the village While Polly does nothing to encourage the men actually she does quite the opposite they still come to fisticuffs on a regular basis Robert is at the point of firing all of them and then Polly comes up missing When her lifeless body is found, Robert and Lucy quickly set out to find the murderer.This book has twists and turns than a rollercoaster Is Polly than she seems Is she even who she says she is Polly is Agnes cousin but Agnes is plain and Polly is breathtakingly beautiful Who is the hostler who began working at the Inn at the same time Polly arrived in Kurland St Mary Lucy and Robert end up making a trip to London in order to discover about Polly and how she came to be in their household and who she really is As they learn her real identity, they have to find out what happened to the real Polly and what caused the girl they know as Polly to run away from London Of whom or what was she afraid I highly recommend this book It is very well written, fast paced, well plotted, and filled with characters you ll love Well, except for the villains of course and I was very happy that they got their punishment You will probably figure out who the murderer is before the end of the story, but, even if you do, it doesn t detract from the story at all.I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    The crime was a bit weird and far stretched IMO in this book I guess I prefer when the mystery is within the community rather than introducing a bunch of strangers from London However, the plot twists were done right and I couldn t guess who the culprit or the culrpits are I hope the author will continue with the series because the main couple is just so cute 3

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    Delighted by the quiet uproar of raising their newborn, Lady Lucy and Major Sir Robert Kurland could not be pleased at the prospect of welcoming another into their home But their preparations are soon overshadowed by a baffling case of murder Once known to all in her village as the rector s daughter, Lucy is now a mother herself to a wonderful eighteen month old son, Ned Upon discovering that she is expecting a second child, Lucy and Robert are delighted In anticipation of the new arrival, Lucy is set on expanding her nursery staff When Agnes, her current nurse, recommends her cousin, it seems like the perfect solution But trouble arrives along with the new nursery maid from London Polly s flirtations provoke fisticuffs in the servants hall and tumult in the village tavern, and on her afternoon off, she fails to return to the Kurland Estate When a farmer finds her lifeless body in a drainage ditch, Lucy and Robert fear foul play This is the first book I ve read by the author it certainly won t be the last This is the seventh book in the series whilst I found no difficulty with the characters it did make me want to go read all of the earlier books, so yet again my to be read list grows A very well written book with strong characters very well paced I was gripped from the start read it in two sittings as I couldn t put it down I loved everything about itMy honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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    4.5 StarsThis is the seventh book in the Kurland St Mary mystery series by Catherine Lloyd.Just when I think I have heard of every cozy mystery series in existence, another great one pops up and lands at my feet This is a historical cozy set in what I believe is Victorian England You probably need to go into this knowing that particular fact since not everyone is a historical cozy lover.I can t believe they have gotten to book seven before I ve ever even heard of this series What a little gem this is It wasn t just the main characters that capture your attention in this it is the whole community of people.Basic premise is that a young woman comes to town to work in Lucy s nursery staff She isn t all that she appears, unfortunately She is quite a beauty and the men are falling all over themselves to gain her favor but she ignores them Then she ends up dead in a ditch and one of the men of the manor is bludgeoned and dumped at his family s estate Lucy and her husband investigate who exactly this woman was and why she would end up dead.Based on the title, I feared the dead body might have been found in the nursery and I was happy to see that misconception was wrong.I think I was entranced by the setting just as much as the mystery in this one Great story that keeps you guessing until the very end.If you love a good cozy mystery, definitely check this one out You won t be disappointed.I received this as an ARC Advanced Reader Copy in return for an honest review I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.

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    3.5 starsLucy and Robert are finally parents Their two year old son Ned is a delight, in spite of his fearless fascination with horses Poor Robert They are delighted to be expecting again around Christmastime and eager to fill the nursery with staff before the happy event occurs Ned s nursemaid Agnes recommends her cousin Polly for the job Unfortunately Polly s looks make her a regular Helen of Troy and all the men of the staff fight over her They also fight with the ostler at the inn, Bert Squeers, who is seen bothering Polly When Polly fails to return from her half day out and the footman, James, is also missing, Robert fears the youngsters have eloped When James is found safe but less than sound at his parents farm, the search for Polly continues until her body is discovered Robert and Lucy are determined to find justice for Polly but little do they understand what a tangled knot that will become Polly s secrets lead Robert and Lucy to London from the seedy slums to the theaters and townhouses of the wealthy then back again to Kurland St Mary where they must hope to catch a killer This plot defies the formula of the first 4 books and continues the original plot ideas of the last, yet I still found it easy to figure out who the killer was I was close to being right I knew it couldn t be someone obvious I didn t like the plot so much as some of the others I disliked how Robert kept bullying Bert and insisting Bert was a murderer He never let Bert speak or even considered that Bert could tell the truth Robert behaved exactly as a working class person would expect a toff to behave I was gravely disappointed in Robert for unleashing his temper I understand he needs to protect his family but he went overboard this time There isn t enough of Lucy s sensible guidance to balance him out More of the story is from Robert s point of view I also didn t care for the introduction of the child I was happy they were finally able to have children after their heartbreaking losses but the story lost some of it s charm for me I still stayed up later than I intended and woke up early to see how it all played out The minor characters I ve come to know and love are hardly in the story Penelope is still awful and luckily her dialogue is minimal on page I feel sorry for Lucy being shut up in a closed carriage with that woman though Dr Fletcher is absent for a large chunk of the novel and appears mostly in a silent capacity Anna appears briefly, as sweet and loving as ever Marriage seems to agree with Rector Harrington He s softened and is actually likable for a change I love Rose and she seems to be a good influence on Lucy s father Foley the butler is aging and thinking about retiring While he doesn t appear in many scenes, he plays an important role in the story I ll be sad if he retires The minor characters here are mostly of the working class and some from the nobility James, the footman, seems like a capable lad but still immature His head is turned by a beautiful face and he behaves badly Even Mr Fletcher is not immune I didn t like him much in this novel He comes across as cranky and kind of mean Robert suspects one may be a murderer, if only accidentally Mr and Mrs Jarvis from the inn are major players in the story I can see Mrs Jarvis preening at my statement Their new employee, Bert Squeers, a rough Londoner, is accused of murdering Polly He certainly was seen arguing with her and seemed to be infatuated with her to the point of obsession Bert is a nasty man and does seem capable of murder but I believe Robert should give him a fair chance to explain himself and not assume he s guilty The stories about his relationship with Polly change depending on who you ask That implies all may not be as it seems Polly s family lives in St Giles yet they live in a house with curtains on the windows They seem to be better off than most people in the neighborhood Her mother is timid and weepy I dislike timid and weepy women Her father is a massive bully who hides behind his Bible as an excuse to turn a blind eye to what is actually going on He believes the murder victim deserved what she got because she led men on He made me so mad I thought for SURE he was the murderer and really wanted him to be He sounds like he would murder a girl for being immoral Poor Polly She was just trying to survive in a cruel world She couldn t help being beautiful The MEN that constantly harassed her and threatened her are the problem but sadly, that s not the way men think in the 1820s or 2020s sometimes I disliked Polly for a minute when she gave a saucy smile to Robert when she was first introduced to him but she was a good nursemaid and Ned liked her Robert was a bit too harsh on her too She couldn t help it if the men choose to fight over her Why not fire them instead of her In London, Lucy s uncle the Earl of Harrington and his wife play host to Lucy and Robert I don t like her how uncle tries to involve Robert in crooked politics Shouldn t he know his niece s husband by now He clearly hasn t made much of an effort to get to know Robert but he seems to mean well and be kind enough in his own arrogant nobleman way The Gravely family are a bunch of creepy men who think nothing of using and abusing women and tossing those women aside Viscount Gravely spent most of his adult life in India He seems to be a nabob because he is wealthy and because he s a nobleman, he s well connected His two sons aren t much better One becomes infatuated with women a little too often and a little too much and the other will do anything to protect his brother The Gravelys illustrate the darker side of Regency life, how men could and often did abuse their power and get away with it.I found a couple of historical things that bothered me Orphanages as we think of them didn t exist in Georgian London Babies could be dropped off at London s Foundling Hospital but kids wouldn t grow up in an orphanage Kids old enough to work would be working, IF they survived that long Most likely, the orphans in this story would have been in the workhouse, working or indentured The word orphanage just wasn t used at the time the characters would have been living at such a place It doesn t really effect the plot TOO much but enough to really bug me Pretty Polly may have been sent to an an asylum for female orphans I know I shouldn t be reading historical FICTION as a historian It s difficult to separate that side of me from the side that reads for pleasure.https www.bl.uk romantics and victohttps www.history.org Foundation johttp www.bbc.co.uk history british I also found Ned to be too well spoken for a toddler but perhaps since the story is from Robert and Lucy s points of view, they re translating toddler speech into adult speech I still really enjoy the characters and their stories and would read about them.

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    The Kurland St Mary Mysteries are gems in the historical cozy landscape, and I have happily read each entry Some time has elapsed since the last book and, in the seventh, Lucy and Sir Robert are the parents of 18 month old Ned and are expecting their second child, necessitating hiring help in the nursery Help comes in the form of a beautiful young woman called Polly claiming to be the cousin of Agnes, the current nursery maid Polly has many secrets, and one of them winds up getting her killed Suspects include two of Lucy and Robert s trusted employees as well as a shady character from the village that Polly was last seen arguing with The couple s investigation takes them to London where suspects emerge and those who knew the murdered woman are strangely reluctant to share information that might help in the investigation.As always, the mystery is well written and not fully revealed until book s end My only qualm is that Lucy and Robert leave Ned in Agnes care while they investigate, even after discovering that she has been dishonest with them by accepting a bribe to help deceive them about Polly s identity Really I can t believe that such devoted parents would do this.Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book and spending time in Kurland St Mary again I look forward to the next visit.Full Disclosure NetGalley and the publisher provided me with a digital ARC of this book This is my honest review.

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    3.75 starsThis is a nicely done historical mystery series, set in a small English village and featuring the once irascible but now a bit mellowed Sir Robert Kurland and his excellent wife Lucy, daughter of the local vicar The pair are quite domesticated now as parents to a small boy, particularly with Lucy expecting again But they have an unusually and perhaps not quite realistic equal relationship and there s a fair amount of jousting for position which is quite fun to witness They decide to add nursery staff and take on the cousin of their nursemaid Agnes The new nanny, while than satisfactory with their son, is spectacularly beautiful and soon creates havoc with their male servants and even men in the village Fistfights erupt, jealousy appears, and Sir Robert is quite exasperated And then the young woman disappears and her body is discovered in a field It doesn t take them long to discover she was not related to Agnes at all but had assumed a hidden identity because she was scared of someone or something in London and needed a place to hide out.In their other investigations, Lucy has had an equal role, but Sir Robert is very protective of his pregnant wife, sometimes to her annoyance The search for the murderer leads them back to London and to the highest social circles.This is an engaging and enjoyable series Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    This is one of my favorite historical series set in the Victorian period After six books, this one may just be my favorite in the series Lucy and her husband, Sir Robert are the happy parents of a toddler and soon little Ned with have a sibling Another child will require staff so Lucy starts to look for an additional nursery maid When Agnes mentions that her cousin Polly would be a good choice the decision is made and Polly joins the family She brings chaos with her and soon every male with a pulse is paying a lot of attention to her Some even come to blows over her Sir Robert is at his wits end and knows he has to find a solution, fast, before his peaceful home devolves into a shambles Before he can put into action any plan he may have, Polly is found murdered So who would want the new nursery maid dead Then the questions lead Lucy and sir Robert to London and plenty of surprises await them there If Polly wasn t Polly, who was she and what became of the real Polly A wonderful twisty puzzle full of red herrings and surprises, well fleshed out characters and a very satisfying conclusion I have thoroughly enjoyed every book in this series and I already have the untitled 8 on my list of must read mysteries.My thanks to the publisher Kensington and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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    DeathComestotheNursery NetGalley Pre order now as Christmas gift Catherine Lloyd s Kurland St Mary series is a winner, this 7th book so far might be the best as the mystery was so eventful I did figure out that Bert was Flora s brother Very fast paced with added suspects, than one intended victim bringing in most of Lucy s extended family.OH When the last book ended Lucy s was expecting the couple s first child as this book opens that child, Ned, the apple of everyone s eye is almost 3 years old Lucy is interviewing a prospective assistant nursery maid, and tells her husband of another expected child Their joy turns to anxiety with the new hire, who is very beautiful but looks nothing like her cousin Agnes the current nanny The beautiful Polly is a flirt and soon has multiple men flocking around her which causes staff and family problems The biggest problem occurs when Polly ends up deceased in a neighboring field and Lucy and Robert Kurland learn that she was not Agnes cousin but an impostor Polly who was not Polly s death happened early in the book, and a series of crimes, violence and murders continue until the very end So very enjoyable and recommended to all historical mystery fans.

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    This is a very good Victorian series Lucy, the rector s daughter is now married to Sir Robert Kurland, and is pregnant with her second child Their son, Ned, has a nurse named Agnes, and they are looking for another nurse for the new baby Agnes recommends that they hire her cousin, Polly, which they do.The new nurse is very attractive, and they find some of the male servants and young men in the ub are fighting over her She is soon found dead in a drainage ditch, and Lucy and Robert have another murder to solve The soon find that she was not Agnes cousin, but a friend of Polly, who was frightened for her life, and wanted to leave the city Lucy and Robert go to Lucy s uncle in London to try to find out the background of their dead nurse They do find that she was an actress named Flora Rosa, and that she had been set up as a mistress for a wealthy aristocrat whose son had been in love with her The aristocrat refused to talk about Flora with Robert, but Robert got some information from the two sons, and they went home without as much information as they wanted When the aristocrat and his two sons arrive to visit the vicar, things begin to happen, and danger comes to Kurland Hall The ending is quite exciting

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