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    3.75 5 Well written with likeable protagonists Patriotic American, Natalie Fanshawe, does not think highly of the English, especially not the English nobility And that was even before she lost her close friends to the violent war atrocities committed by English soldiers And yet, here she is on English soil, accompanying the orphaned child of the friends to unite him with his titled grandfather Turns out, the task is easier said than done, because the grandfather and his family perfectly live up to Natalie s low expectations of the aristocracy by treating both her and the child with disdain and distrust Enter Hadrian Ames in all his ducal glory He reluctantly comes to the rescue of this frank woman and the lively little boy while on his way to meet the young lady earmarked to be his wife As it turns out, the orphan s grandfather is the sire of the potential wife in question and so his compulsive chivalrous nature demands that he accompanies them to their joint destination Of course, his marital plans get derailed pretty much at first sight of the beautiful Natalie and suddenly the thought of marrying a young and timid debutante is as distasteful as the knowledge that Natalie intends to sail back to America as soon as her promise to her deceased friend has been accomplished I like both protagonists and the little boy is a cutie It was amusing that she was revulsed by his incestuous marital intent the girl was his 2nd cousin as well as the age difference 11 12 years I like her egalitarian attitude and refusal to genuflect or show deference to anyone else and I adore his unwavering support for her beliefs You are the equal of any noble I won t have you acting against your principles I would have loved for him to start off with being the haughty man, he and his acquaintances all referenced We just never saw any evidence of this arrogance and snobbishness from him He was nice and supportive from the start He set his jaw Society will accept you I ll make certain they do Smiling wistfully, she shook her head in gentle exasperation You have it all wrong, Hadrian It isn t whether English society will accept me It s whether I will accept English Society This was an ARC from NetGallery.

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    I did like the premise of this one, but sadly, was fairly bored I liked Natalie and Hadrian well enough They re both good people, even if a little bland I enjoyed her loyalty to Leo and her friend He never really acted like a Duke, except for the entire part of being 31 looking at a 17 year old to be his bride Leo absolutely stole everything scene he was in and I also really liked Hadrian s sister and mother They brought some levity Plot wise, it was meh I never really saw the chemistry between them and didn t care enough about the situation to root for their HEA There were a lot of odd to me word choices and some of the sex scenes were just plain icky And I know this is sort of a jumbled mess of a review, but I ve rewritten it four times, so there s that Overall, something kept me reading, but I m not sure what it was I doubt I ll be reading the next book in the series FYI there s a fight scene with between a man and a woman with the intent to rape if she doesn t comply Huge thanks to St Martin s Press for providing the arc free of charge

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    Hardrian Ames the Duke of Clayton is on his way to propose marriage to 18 year old Lady Ellen He is held over at an Inn because of an Ice Storm He meets Natalie Fanshawn when her 6 year old charge is hidding in his rooms Natalie is 26 year Ameican who promised Leo s mother when she was dying to bring Leo back to his family in England Hardrian and Natalie have an immediate attraction The story is Okay Its just didn t have the romantic sparks I like It didn t ring true to the era I know its just fiction but something was missing Even with that it was a good story just not great ARC KINDLEY PROVIDED BY NETGALLEY FOR AN HONEST REVIEW

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    NB ARC review expected publication 31st December 2019 Tropes Opposites Attract, Class Difference, Forbidden Love I found this book to be quite heavy on clich s, and while the sexual attraction and tension is well written, this book brings nothing new to the genre I found Natalie s critique of the English aristocracy system to be apt, but unbelievable of its time Her observations are quite vocal, and while I don t disagree with her, timing and audience is critical You re a guest, no one is forcing you to stick around Mind your manners.Cue plot obstacle Unlike the ladies of the ton, Natalie was a free spirit who had no interest in marriage to a man of wealth and power A man who belonged to the aristocracy that she scorned Love What balderdash He assuaged his irritation by listing his standards for the ideal wife She must be attractive, of course, and a blueblood of impeccable background A modest young lady who wasn t overly chatty He had no intention of wedding a sharp tongued shrew Here, one s class depended upon heredity instead of hard work The concept of possessing such wealth and power by a mere accident of birth disturbed her innate sense of fairness Natalie disliked the curtsy But perhaps the was duke was right, and she ought to embrace the local customs She certainly didn t wish to make the girl uncomfortable Susan had been trained to show deference to those she regarded as her better, as were all English servants Wouldn t his London friends laugh if they knew that after a string of elegant mistresses, he could feel so drawn to a provincial spinster That he found well worn flannel to be titillating than a filmy negligee That having selected his blue blooded bride, he lusted instead for an eccentric lively, and outspoken American All too soon, he broke the contact, and then she lifted her lashes, a molten silver blaze burned in his eyes Her heart skipped a beat at that passionate look even as his hands dropped to her shoulders His tense jam and sudden stiffness of manner contradicted the naked desire on his face Natalie, he said in a gravelly tone, it s time for you to go In the midst of it, Natalie knew she would always remember this moment The captivating pleasure of being clasped to his male for, the dark taste of brandy in his mouth, the shivery excitement of his caresses, all of those impressions were seared into her mind Knowing that their embrace could not last, she would tuck it away in her heart and hold it there forever It was a dispiriting thought Imprudent though it might be, she wanted to matter to Hadrian She wanted him to toss and turn at night, dreaming of her She wanted him to miss her when she departed for America As much as she herself would miss him. Society will accept you I ll make certain they do Smiling wistfully, she shook her head in gentle expiration You have it all wrong, Hadrian It isn t whether English society will accept me It s whether I will accept English society 2.5 starsI received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    I won this in a goodreads giveaway It s a good book Typical romance novel nothing overly exciting or unique but a solid book

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    OMG Sensual and passionate and with an unconventional, intriguing storyline that was utterly captivating Beautiful writing, intricate characters with scorching chemistry that made FOREVER MY DUKE another winner for me Deliciously tantalizing that will have you begging for and weak in the knees Hadrian Ames the eighth Duke of Clayton, is ready to get married, and put his days of being hunted as society s biggest matrimonial prize behind him He has the perfect bride already in mind His second cousin, Lady Ellen She fit his criteria and standards for the ideal wife, she is attractive, a blue blood of impeccable background, and is not overly chatty Now he just needs to see how they get along But on his way to meet with her family and his prospective bride, he is delayed by an ice storm Forced to take a room at an Inn for the night, where his dinner is interrupted by a little boy who quickly hides under his table When a woman steps in to the room looking for the little boy, he can t stop staring at the beautiful, fascinating woman in front of him When she reaches forward to shake his hand, he felt as giddy as a school boy, meeting his first pretty girl It made no sense Natalie Fanshawe has been acting as Leo s guardian since his parents were killed in a massacre in America As her best friend was dying she begged her to bring Leo to her family in England She isn t sure what type of reception awaits them since she had never received a reply to her letters But Natalie knew she didn t like British aristocracy, her whole life her father had told her about the class system in England and she felt it was all just based on the luck of your birth She was used to equality for all Hopefully his family would welcome Leo into their home and give him all the love he deserved But what will happen if they don t Is Natalie and Leo destined to go back to America Or will a new ally give them everything they never knew they wanted American and English cultures will clash in the parlor as well as the bedroom, when these two come together for the sake of a little boy Get ready for intense desire, delicious shivers, passionate kisses, tempting touches, as these two opposites captivate and seduce one another As Natalie a woman of character, warmth, and charm, not to mention great beauty, and Hadrian a enthralling, enticing Duke, that under all his cool hauteur, is really a kind chivalrous gentleman, who can tempt a woman with one smoldering look, fall hard for each other Because nothing in all the world could be better than Forever with a Duke It seemed the both of them had needed to learn that love was the most precious gift of all and that all else in life paled by comparison Complimentary copy received for an honest review.

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    Forever My DukeUnlikely DuchessesOlivia Drakehttps www.facebook.com Olivia DrakeRelease date 12 31 2019Publisher St Martin s PaperbackBlurb Hadrian Ames, the Duke of Clayton, needs a bride He even has the perfect one picked out That is, until he meets the lovely, free spirited Natalie Fanshawe She s the opposite of what a man of his high rank should desire in a wife an outspoken American who has never even set foot in a London ballroom.But Natalie doesn t have time to be swept off her feet by a handsome duke who must be a spoiled scoundrel like every other British lord And she couldn t care less about Hadrian s title After all, it s not as if he actually worked to attain his wealth and status He surely can t understand what it s like to be a busy woman, planning to open a school while trying to reunite a six year old orphan with his English relatives Nevertheless, Hadrian launches his campaign to win her heart Can the utterly delightful American beauty ever find a way to love him despite his being a duke My review Can an American commoner and a english peer find a mutual ground when everything seems to set them apartThis is my first read by Mrs Olivia Drake and once I began my reading, it was quite impossible to put this book down.Sure I have a few reservations but I was quickly engrossed in this story, and needed to see what would come after.The first chapter introduced Hadrian as a haughty person, but how wrong I was.What an arse he appears at the beginning when in fact he is just the result from his upbringing and he could have been much worse His requirements for the perfect bride is what was imprinted in him since his childhood, he had known nothing else, and is expected to follow the society s rules.He might be lofty but never conceited, plus he is kind too From the very beginning, he shows respect to Natalie, always trying to help her when he could have turned his back to her troubles At every turn, he is there to support Natalie, his overbearing presence is only due to his breeding And rather quickly, he sets his cap on winning her over, she a woman who has very few to recommend her He even fears he might fail.Natalie in fact is the one bearing a grudge against him, she faults him for his birth While he can t change it, he tries to show her she can relate on him.She is a strong willed woman, what she went through made her tougher, but she is still a caring woman with dreams to help the weaker and poorer Her main flaw is she needs time to see beyond the facade Not every commoner is good nor every peer bad So when Hadrian realized he has no interest in a perfect bride and is much enthralled by the very woman who might reject him for his rank, she learns the world is not white nor black.I liked that for a change, the arrogant duke was in fact from the beginning a fair man with a noble heart He just needed the right woman to open himself and let his true self free I do love Leo, he is a fun little boy and for once not presented as a precocious child, he acted like a little boy of 6 and was quite a naughty sweetheart.My reservation is during the first part of the story it looked out of character for them to lust so much after one another I do prefer when there is an attraction which evolves to a slower pace than insta lust rendering the women knees weak and the men driven by the brain in between their legs So I was glad when at a time, when together they were finally able to think straight.Mrs Blake has drawn up a spirited tale of fighting one own biases to comprehend the true power of love.4.5 starsI was granted through Netgalley by the publisher an advance copy, but also purchased my own.Here is my true and unbiased opinion.https www.facebook.com 429830134272

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    This is my second book I ve read by Ms Olivia Drake and I thought it was okay Forever My Duke started offa bit slow but then it picked up I thought the Duke of Clayton was a bit pushy but understandably so in order to assist Natalie Fanshawe who is see by her best friend s family as some imposter The only thing she wants is to return the orphan, Leo to his rightful family I love Natalie s independent, carefree attitude with regards to the rules of Society Natalie and Hadrian make a wonderful pair and this story has it share of plots and twists I found myself wanting at times to wring the necks of quite a few people but glad the story had its HEA in the end A nice comfy read and I enjoyed it.Thanks very much to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my fair and honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own.3 Stars

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    Hadrian doesn t take hints very well, you know very well it s improper for us to be alone in a bedchamber You ll have to leave at once Hadrian made no move to depart Hadrian is often times irked by his woman, I am steadfast, dammit A regular stick in the mud, remember I liked this book, I liked Hadrian.

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    Review Coming Soon.eARC was kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you For this review and , check out

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Forever My Duke download Forever My Duke , read online Forever My Duke , kindle ebook Forever My Duke , Forever My Duke 2d41f690a5ef I Find Miss Fanshawe To Be Quite Charming For An American The Prince RegentHadrian Ames, The Duke Of Clayton, Needs A Bride He Even Has The Perfect One Picked Out That Is, Until He Meets The Lovely, Free Spirited Natalie Fanshawe She S The Opposite Of What A Man Of His High Rank Should Desire In A Wife An Outspoken American Who Has Never Even Set Foot In A London BallroomBut Natalie Doesn T Have Time To Be Swept Off Her Feet By A Handsome Duke Who Must Be A Spoiled Scoundrel Like Every Other British Lord And She Couldn T Care Less About Hadrian S Title After All, It S Not As If He Actually Worked To Attain His Wealth And Status He Surely Can T Understand What It S Like To Be A Busy Woman, Planning To Open A School While Trying To Reunite A Six Year Old Orphan With His English Relatives Nevertheless, Hadrian Launches His Campaign To Win Her Heart Can The Utterly Delightful American Beauty Ever Find A Way To Love Him Despite His Being A Duke