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The Play pdf The Play, ebook The Play, epub The Play, doc The Play, e-pub The Play, The Play 478cb9847cf A Brand New Standalone Novel In The New York Times Bestselling Briar U Series What I Learned After Last Year S Distractions Cost My Hockey Team Our Entire Season No Screwing Up No Screwing, Period As The New Team Captain, I Need A New Philosophy Hockey And School Now, Women Later Which Means That I, Hunter Davenport, Am Officially Going Celibate No Matter How Hard That Makes ThingsBut There S Nothing In The Rulebook That Says I Can T Be Friends With A Woman And I Won T Lie My New Classmate Demi Davis Is One Cool Chick Her Smart Mouth Is Hot As Hell, And So Is The Rest Of Her, But The Fact That She S Got A Boyfriend Eliminates The Temptation To Touch HerExcept Three Months Into Our Friendship, Demi Is Single And Looking For A ReboundAnd She S Making A Play For MeAvoiding Her Is Impossible We Re Paired Up On A Yearlong School Project, But I M Confident I Can Resist Her We D Never Work, Anyway Our Backgrounds Are Too Different, Our Goals Aren T Aligned, And Her Parents Hate My GutsHooking Up Is A Very Bad Idea Now I Just Have To Convince My Body And My Heart

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    Mar 14, 2019 I WAS RIGHT This is officially Hunter s book announced on Elle s IG.Feb 21, 2019 It s definitely not about Rupi or Hazel Elle has said we ve never met the girl in The Play It s someone new.Feb 10, 2019 My best guess is that the guy in this book will be Hunter Davenport the freshman Dean works with in The Score Fitzy and Summer s roommate in The Chase or Brooks Weston Summer s friend from prep school mentioned in The Chase Jake Connolly s roommate in The Risk I am leaning toward Hunter based on nothing but a hunch and possibly the tagline I could be wrong, and I m cool with that.Feb 6, 2019 I m only about 20% into The Risk, but I already know I want this one, and I am DYING to know who our main characters will be I have some ideas

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    After that sucky last season Hunter wants this year to go perfectly At least when it comes to school and hockey He doesn t need any distractions in the form of girls and or sex He s going to be celibate for a whole year Enter Demi She s beautiful and funny and perfect And she s going to be his study partner for the whole year They can just be friends, right She s got a boyfriend anyway But what if she s suddenly single And looking for a rebound Nope Not Hunter No way Right LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN EEEEEEP HUNTER We re finally back in that amazing Elle Kennedy hockey world Time for Hunter to finally get his own happily ever after But he s not looking for it at all What do they say You ll find it when you least expect it And there she is Demi.I just adored those two They re just hilarious and so perfect for each other But of course we know that it s not going to be easy what with Hunter being celibate LOL I LOVED every single moment of their love story.Perfect New Adult romance With some very adorable and some serious and heartbreaking moments And soooo many funny moments many of them thanks to Rupi and Hollis LOL they are just the best They need their own Netflix show And what is it with amazingly hilarious pets these days in romance books We have one in here too LOL Nothing to say I LOVED THIS BOOK Well, there were some moments where I wanted to hit some parents over the head with my kindle but most of them were good again towards the end I can t wait to get from this world or any other world written by Elle Kennedy GIMME THE PLAY was such an adorable funny sparky New Adult Hockey College Romance I adored every single moment Run to your nearest for your own Hunter this one is MINE

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    Yasssssssssss One of my most anticipated fall reads I m so excited

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    My gosh Already the third book is coming this year as well SOMEONE HOLD ME I AM NOT OKAY

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    Oh my gooosh Can t wait to get started on this bad boy HUNTER Thanks to the author for generously providing me an ARC to review.

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    So my guess is this book is going to be about Rupi, As an indian woman I REALLY HOPE this book is going to be played out well,I liked her character but I really hope she does not fall into the typical Indian girl stereotype it does not seem like it Also Elle Kennedy if you have any questions about wacky but loving Indian parents, hit me up I got tons of suggestions Also its so funny that Rupi makes this face mask for the girls and herself because I make it too LOL PS this is the face mask but with stuff I use 1 part chickpea flour0.5 part rose water optional 1 part yogurtAnd for the dusky to dark toned girls 1 part of turmeric is super beneficial Be careful it stains everything

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    The Play is definitely the best part Briar U series, at least for me.

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    4 STARSYou can t go wrong with Elle Kennedy, I love her books so much and this one is another fantastic read I adore this series and the characters The Play is refreshing and I loved the connection between the characters Everything felt realistic and I liked how things started The romance was one of the best parts in the story Demi and Hunter stole my heart, I enjoyed their sexual tension I had a smile most of the time If you are looking for a captivating story with some funny and sexy moments that will make you swoon and smile this is the book you need

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