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Full Throttle chapter 1 Full Throttle, meaning Full Throttle, genre Full Throttle, book cover Full Throttle, flies Full Throttle, Full Throttle 6202628e58c58 In This Masterful Collection Of Short Fiction, Joe Hill Dissects Timeless Human Struggles In Thirteen Relentless Tales Of Supernatural Suspense, Including In The Tall Grass, One Of Two Stories Co Written With Stephen King, Basis For The Terrifying Feature Film From NetflixA Little Door That Opens To A World Of Fairy Tale Wonders Becomes The Blood Drenched Stomping Ground For A Gang Of Hunters In Faun A Grief Stricken Librarian Climbs Behind The Wheel Of An Antique Bookmobile To Deliver Fresh Reads To The Dead In Late Returns In By The Silver Water Of Lake Champlain, Two Young Friends Stumble On The Corpse Of A Plesiosaur At The Water S Edge, A Discovery That Forces Them To Confront The Inescapable Truth Of Their Own Mortality And Other Horrors That Lurk In The Water S Shivery Depths And Tension Shimmers In The Sweltering Heat Of The Nevada Desert As A Faceless Trucker Finds Himself Caught In A Sinister Dance With A Tribe Of Motorcycle Outlaws In Throttle, Co Written With Stephen KingFeaturing Two Previously Unpublished Stories, And A Brace Of Shocking Chillers, Full Throttle Is A Darkly Imagined Odyssey Through The Complexities Of The Human Psyche Hypnotic And Disquieting, It Mines Our Tormented Secrets, Hidden Vulnerabilities, And Basest Fears, And Demonstrates This Exceptional Talent At His Very Best

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    I m mostly into novels and short stories are not my first choice to read but when it comes to evil genius thriller writers, like MY ALL TIME KING that I take a bow and THE PRINCE HILL create something new, I jump up and down to perform my happy dance, grabbing the book, turning off my phone, gathering my munchies and soft drinks, locking myself into my bedroom and starting to flip the pages nonstop Don t get me wrong After saying some many highly things and expressing my dedication to those writers, I still gave FOUR SHINY, THRILLING, SHORTY STARS but this is average point for the stories I ve read But if it s only for LATE RETURNS story, I ll give ten gazillion stars I honestly say this is one of the best stories I ve read in my whole life It s about grief, time paradox, unfinished business of the people trapped in limbo and it s about books It s about real good books and their importance for the people who need their own closures I love books and I know how to deal with compelling grief so this is my dream mash up story My other favorite stories which deserve than five stars with their fantastic plots, great characterizations and mouth widening parts All I Care about is you , taken place at the 22th century, Iris who celebrates her 16th birthday with Clockwork boy named Chip she d rented for an hour But things are getting nastier, twisty eventually Murdergame is a masterful invention and story s sucker punching memorable ending is a blast In the Tall Grass Father son collaboration to write this eerie, nerve bending, ominous story that already has sold to Netflix as a movie Something is hiding in Kansas grass Aliens Monsters Cannibals I highly suggest you not to stop your car as you hear a child s scream for help and please do not dare to walk into the grass if you ever want to find your way out You are released You re cruising at 37.000 feet as the Third World War begins What With memorable characters and their fears, their perceptions, their urge to find against the common enemy even they have racial, national, political differences This is the final story and I couldn t choose a better one to end our whole journey Still good ones Twittering from the circus of the dead Your family from hell real and hot one held you captive in a road trip and you write tweets about them Interesting concept Dark Carousel This story reminded me of Body It adapted as Stand By Me , I still remember little River Phoenix s memorable performance with eyes filled in tears and It , a group of boys adventurous spirit to discover the enchanted I think cursed is the better definition carousel at the Cape Maggie Pier We get vibes of Goonies and Stranger Things In my opinion they re all same story s different versions, tomato, tomahto Not enjoyed so much and made me give lower stars Throttle King and prince collaboration but this one didn t work for me I hope they don t expel me from kingdom or send me to the dungeon for writing these words Hail for my king and prince Wolverton Station I m not into wolves stories, thanks By the Silver Water of Lake Chamberlain another version of Body but this one is not my favorite Faun Hunting game for fantastical creatures Pass Thumbprint Scary stalker stories normally work fine with me but this is too disturbing and I couldn t connect with the characters Devil on the staircase Sorry but I prefer Zeppelin s Stairs to Heaven or Ac Dc s Highway to hell Mums Resurrection of a mom with seeds by turning into mummy It s too nerve binding, disturbing one Ending part is also not quite satisfying.As a summary I enjoyed my full throttle thrilling crazy ride And I really loved the intimate prologue of the author who told us about his relationship with his father, meeting with George A Romero, struggling years of his writing experience till he found his way what he really wanted to write about were fantastic beginning of our journey They re natural, honest, emotional, genuine words which warmed my heart I love my KING, my PRINCE And I loved this book so much Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins Publishers William Marrow for giving me early Christmas present and lighting my day by sharing this amazing ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review.

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    a child has only the two parents, but if you re lucky enough to be an artist for a living, ultimately you wind up with a few mothers and fathers When someone asks a writer, Who s your daddy the only honest answer is, That s complicated You might need some version of Ancestry.com to label all the literary influences at play in Joe Hill s latest story collection Or maybe not, as Hill gives us a pretty good idea right off the bat, in the introduction Pretty obvious who influencer number one might be In fact, dad is listed as co author on two of the thirteen stories But the writerly genetic material that feeds these stories comes from some pretty heavy hitters, like Ray Bradbury, Bernard Malamud, Lawrence Block, Stephen Spielberg, George Romero, and the publication Fangoria Fango to fans Part of the fun of reading this collection is to think about the influencers noted in the intro and suss out what manifests where Hill adds some further explanatory comments at the end of the collection, which furthers our appreciation a bit Fangoria cover compendium image from Mental FlossHill offers an interesting take on the structure of a short story collection, one he derived from the writings of Bernard Malamud A book of stories isn t a novel and can t have the simple narrative drive of a novel I think it should still try to have a feeling of progression, of connectedness It s like a road trip You re staying in a different inn every night One evening it s a romantic Victorian BB with a supposedly haunted gazebo out back, the next it s a cruddy Motel 6 with what looks like old bloodstains on the ceiling The places where you stop to rest and dream are unique but the road is the same, always waiting to carry you on to whatever s next And when it s over, you ve arrived someplace new, someplace you hope with a good view A place to breathe deep and take it all in Or maybe kiss your ass goodbye This is Hill s first short story collection since 20th Century Ghosts, which came out in 2005 Strange Weather being a collection of novellas But it is not like he stopped writing stories in the intervening fifteen years The stories here come from as long ago as 2006 Several have been published elsewhere, sometimes in surprising formats.The author, appearing as Billy in the 1982 George Romero Stephen King film, CreepshowSo, the stories any good You betcha And they cover a range of sorts, from warm and fuzzy to gut punch, Holy Sh twists, from highly stylized to familiar There are many references, homages, or influences take your pick to be seen here Hill points them out for you in the intro In realizing so well the feel of the work of the masters, Hill yet again reinforces his place among them.Just when you think you ve read what absolutely has to be the best story in the collection, along comes another that makes you think you have, for sure this time, read the best story in the collection until you read the next I am not saying that I loved all thirteen tales In truth, I did not While there is a considerable diversity in their sorts, what impresses me most is the feeling for people that Hill clearly possesses He has a talent tor writing believable characters, and the creativity to come up with interesting situations in which to manifest their humanity.Joe a bit recently image form WikimediaThis is not flash fiction OK, except for that bonus nugget at the very end The stories in Full Throttle range from 24 pages Wolverton Station to 49 Late Returns , so, depending on how long your train to work takes, or how much time you allow yourself for reading before bedtime, you should be prepared for the possibility of not getting through every story in one go But if you are someone who plops down into a comfy place and has at your book du jour for however long, no worries THE STORIESThrottle picks up Richard Matheson s classic story about a truck bearing down on a hapless everyman A very young Steven Spielberg made it into a pretty good film Hill was asked to write a story for an anthology honoring Matheson s work Throttle is the result Instead of an everyman beset by a dark force, a group of bikers are returning from a particularly dark deed when they are pursued with evil intent Pop s expertise with hogs came in pretty handy here Dark Carousel takes place at a rundown seaside resort The air was redolent with the cloying perfume of cotton candy, an odor that doesn t exist in nature and can only be described as pink smell There was always a puddle of vomit on the boardwalk that had to be avoided There were always soggy bits of popcorn floating in the puke There were a dozen sit down restaurants where you could pay too much for fried clams and wait too long to get them It also featured a carousel called the Wild Wheel Clearly not their first rodeo, this group looks like they have been burned, and are screaming Enjoy the ride A group of 19 year olds, full of themselves and a bit too much alcohol, behave badly and get an unexpected something extra A couple of the characters are named for the hitman in dad s Battleground Look also for a reference to a Hill novel tucked in between the animals The story was released as an audio book, on vinyl, read by Nate Corrdry Wolverton was inspired by a UK town Wolverhampton Hill and his PR man passed while on a book tour, prompting a loop of Warren Zevon s Werewolves of London running through his head A Wall Street wolf comes across a different sort while riding a train in Jolly Olde By the Silver Waters of Lake Champlain was written for a collection honoring Ray Bradbury, but was as much inspired by a childhood interest in the Loch Ness monster as it was of Bradbury s story The Foghorn Shift to Lake Champlain, and engage a group of kids to catch than a glimpse of an ancient beast But who would believe them Hill has dad s gift for writing kids, and shows it off here This is one of the stories being dramatized in the 2019 Shudder network production of Creepshow, a series.Faun No, not Tumnus mixes Bradbury inspiration, from his story A Sound of Thunder with a bit of Narnian trans world portal But what if, instead of curious children crossing over, it was people of a mercantile, heartless, armed sort Totally captures Bradbury s feel, while expanding it, and offering a contemporary perspective The tension here is palpable, and there is a killer twist Also, a creative spider who may or may not be named Charlotte weaves an invitation to a web.Late Returns offers a tale that seemed somewhere between Rod Serling This could soooo be an episode of the Twilight Zone and Bradbury again After his elderly parents pass away, a truck driver returns to his hometown to see to their affairs, which includes returning a very long overdue library book It seems the library just happens to be in need of a driver for their Bookmobile, and voila, our guy has a gig, however part time But there is something strange about the bus and the clientele who avail of its services There is a bit of scary in here, but mostly it is a heart warming homage to readers of all ages and all times I get choked up just thinking about it Hill says he wrote it because he hates the idea of dying when only halfway through a book.All I Care About Is You maybe the most horrifying story in the book Hill was asked to write something for a collection being put together by Dave McKean, based on an illustration He already had a draft of the story in hand before the request, but filled the request nonetheless What is frustrating is not knowing the image on which he based the rest of the tale, or if he just ignored the illustrations completely The future set story tells of a young lady who is very disappointed at her lack of wealth relative to her friends She comes across a pay as you go robot, pops in a few coins, and Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship More sci fi than horror in the telling, Hill brings us back to the roots with a gut punch of an ending Have your albuterol handy for the end of this one You will be gasping for air.Thumbprint was written in 2006 and published in Issue 10 of Postscripts Magazine It was later adapted into a graphic novel.Graphic novel cover image from IDWMal s father had served in Viet Nam Mal s war was in Iraq, her darkest battle taking place in Abu Ghraib She s back home now, but has become hardened, someone her father, were he still alive, would not respect She is haunted by her experiences and crimes abroad When pages of large thumbprints start turning up, in her mail, on her car, under her door, Mal is spooked Fabulous tension building in this one, with another outstanding resolution.The Devil on the Staircase Ok, straight up, my least favorite of the bunch The central image in the story is a staircase that may lead down to hell, inspired by the vertiginous stairways on the Amalfi coast, where Hill was vacationing when the notion struck The form of the story is made to mirror the story itself, so, using a monotype Courier font, the text appears as stairways going up and down In the story a young man commits a serious crime in order to win the girl he loves It is mostly about selling one s soul, and has a nice, sharp finish But I never felt engaged.Twittering From the Circus of the Dead Hill says of this one, here in 2019 it s clearer than ever that social media won t save us from zombies it s turning us into them On the road back to Cali from a vacay in Colorado, a family turns off to go to The Circus of the Dead Not The Greatest Show on Earth, I can assure you, but possibly the last A snarky teen reports events as they happen, on Twitter In fact, the entire story is told in her Tweets Some LOL material in here We get what is going on pretty soon, but going through all the steps to the end is still wonderful It offers a take on the importance of actual, you know, reality I was reminded a bit of the 1962 film Carnival of Souls no laughs in that one Bon appetit Mums Anti government zealots in the Ozarks are up to no good in various ways Our young teen every boy, Jack McCourt, tries his best to make sense of a crazy and maybe supernatural situation Or has Jack inherited the family gene for being batshit nuts His father, Hank, is a domineering sort, keeping his family virtually imprisoned on his many acres of Separatist heaven Jack begins to see between the lines and the seeds of his newfound awareness are planted when he learns some things he was not supposed to know In the afterward, Hill says that he fears the national crop is neither wheat nor corn, but paranoia Clearly there are some people we should be paranoid about In the Tall Grass siblings Beck and Cal Demuth are driving cross country, in Kansas, radio off, windows open, when they hear a call for help It came from the tall grass near a church parking lot A boy s voice But then another voice, his mother s calls out telling them not to go in What s a kindly hearted pair of sibs to do Seems the tall grass has something going on than transforming sunlight into chlorophyll I could tell you the tales this one made me think of, but then I would have to devour you So, if you have already read the story, go ahead, but otherwise, probably not view spoiler It, and Children of the Corn by pops, and The Call of Cthulhu, by H.P Lovecraft hide spoiler

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    I m not the biggest fan of short stories but I am a fan of Joe Hill and he was able to draw me in with this collection of short stories I had previously read the two short stories in this collection which he co wrote with his father Full Throttle and In the Tall Grass There are quite a few short stories in this book with my favorites being Late Returns and Dark Carousal and my least favorite being Faun But in all honesty, I have to admit my very and I mean very favorite part of this book was the Introduction by Hill titled Who s your Daddy where he talked about his parents, his father reading to him every night and their combined experiences on the set of Creepshow Be sure to read this part as well Be sure to read the end of the book as well There Hill talks about his inspiration for each short story and tells how this collection was written over the course of ten years He also has another tiny little short story at the very end titled A little sorrow If you missed it, you haven t read far enough.All in all, a very enjoyable, creepy, entertaining, and thrilling ride.Thank you to Harper Collins Publishers William Morrow and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    I m writing up a review for Scream Mag My last of the 4 reviews for the October issue I m so disappointed in this collection If it wasn t for IN THE TALL GRASS, THROTTLE and like 2 others, this would have been a DNF or maybe like a 1 or 2 star for me Details later.

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    The masterful Joe Hill returns with FULL THROTTLE, a collection of thirteen short stories The thirteen tales range from dark fantasy to horror to sci fi, but they all share the same relentless drive and sense of momentum that Hill has become known for The book opens with a lengthy introduction, which reads like a chat with really interesting friend Hill relates several anecdotes about his career, childhood, and growing up as Stephen King s son, including one story that he means to be funny, but is actually quite alarming The story involves King driving his young son around while drinking beer and throwing the cans out the window Hill also include story notes at the end of the book, which range in length from one sentence to a few pages apiece The stories themselves vary in quality, with the worst of the bunch opening the collection THROTTLE is a collaboration between Hill and Stephen King One of two in the book , and is the weakest story in the collection Originally published in a Richard Matheson tribute anthology, THROTTLE is a tribute to Matheson s DUEL, with a vengeful trucker stalking a motorcycle club along a desolate stretch of desert highway The characters are all despicable and interchangeable, and if you ve seen read DUEL, there s nothing new to see here.DARK CAROUSEL and LATE RETURNS are Hill channeling his famous father, which he does perfectly Both are pure Stephen King DARK CAROUSEL tells a pitch black tale of supernatural vengeance that could have been penned by King early in his career, while LATE RETURNS is a gentle remembrance of the ghosts of the past, which is reminiscent of King s recent output THE DEVIL ON THE STAIRCASE and TWITTERING FROM THE CIRCUS OF THE DEAD both play with form as they tell their tales DEVIL is formatted in such a way that the sentences and paragraphs resemble ascending and descending staircases, while TWITTERING is told entirely in a teenaged girl s tweets, as she slowly realizes the the out of the way circus that her family stumbled upon may have going on than meets the eye FAUN and BY THE SILVER WATERS OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN both have their literary roots in other authors BY THE SLIVER WATERS was originally published in a Ray Bradbury tribute anthology, and is a beautiful tribute to the legendary author Hill tells a wonderfully understated story about two children who stumble upon the corpse of a lake monster, and debate what to do with it Bradbury would have been proud FAUN is a spin on C.S Lewis NARNIA books, and features a millionaire who leads rich hunters into an enchanted wonderland to hunt mythical beasts FAUN is the most frustrating story in the book While almost every story is outstanding, this is the one that I most wanted to continue..If Mr Hill were to expand this into a novel, or sequelize it, I would not object in the least THIUMBPRINT and MUMS both have a militaristic bent to them THUMBPRINT follows a disgraced vet who comes home from the desert to find herself stalked by a mysterious person sho is leaving papers with thumbprints on them in and around her home, and MUMS follows a young boy whose father is planning an act of domestic terrorism WOLVERTON STATION is a whimsically dark story that evokes echoes of English folk horror, while ALL I CARE ABOUT IS YOU ventures into futuristic sci fi, as a young girl, depressed about how her family s recent financial downturns will effect her birthday, finds solace in the company of a robotic friend for hire The book includes a second Hill King collaboration, IN THE TALL GRASS, another story that has the King family DNA written all over it If the story is a little too derivative of Scott Smith s THE RUINS, well..at least it is a well told, riveting derivation Another story that ended with me wanting Hill closes out the collection with YOU ARE RELEASED, which really hit me hard The story follows a plane full of people who discover that World War III may have broken out while the were airborne He doesn t take up a lot of space with this tale, but he manages to create a plane full of real people, and avoids the easy stereotypes Closing the book with this story really gave me a lot to think about This book also includes the literary equivalent of a motion picture after credits scene, so stay tuned Hill writes a great novel, but his short stories are where he really excels In his introduction, Hill surmises that he probably has another few dozen short stories in him before he calls it a day..I hope it turns out to be a lot than that HarperCollins provided a review copy.

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    A real mixed bag An average of 3.2 for these stories In the Tall Grass was definitely the stand out Full review to come.

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    Thanks to Edelweiss for the eArc I love Joe Hill and first fell for him because of his short story collection 20th Century Ghost Like his father, Hill writes a damn good short story I have read a few of these before, but I liked them even better upon rereading The newer to me tales, especially You Are Released, were wonderful discoveries.But I also love what Hill says in his forward and Author s Note he is as fascinating as his characters although he probably wouldn t agree and I loved the peeks into the origins of the stories he s written.

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    My review of FULL THROTTLE can be found at High Fever Books.First, a word of warning Readers going into Full Throttle expecting a collection of balls to the wall horror stories in the vein of Joe Hill s sublime NOS4A2 may be disappointed, and perhaps even bored While Full Throttle does have a couple good scares among its thirteen stories, it is, for the most part, surprisingly gentle Rather than packing in an assortment of blood and guts goodies strong enough to make papa King proud, the majority of the pieces here are softer, quieter explorations of characters and moods, with several of the stories having been written as odes to Ray Bradbury for various anthologies, with dashes of C.S Lewis, and a couple of experimental shorts Those looking for some vicious thrills, though, will likely be pleased with a couple of Hill s stories, including two collaborations with his father, Stephen King, but those seem to be the exception rather than the rule here.In his introduction, Hill writes about his various influences, including those of his highly regarded author parents, Tabitha and Stephen King While Hill writes that Dark Carousel is probably the most shamelessly Stephen King thing I ve ever put down on paper, one can still feel the influence of his father throughout the book, particularly in other stories like Late Returns, a decidedly non horrific ghost story that is positively rich in characters, concept, and, most of all, heart I couldn t help but wonder just how much of Hill s creativity is genetic, how much of it is pure nature rather than nurture Obviously, having Tabitha and Stephen as parents, there s plenty of their shared DNA baked right into Joe, and being raised and read stories by them, it s certainly a given that their fingerprints would ease into Hill s writing Maybe it s equal measures of genes and influences, perhaps it s one than the other, but whichever you shake it Hill is clearly the sum of all these various parts You can feel the various influences he discusses in his stories, like spending time on the set of, and acting in, Creepshow and watching laserdisc movies with dad and playing out fantasy sequences on the road, like Spielberg s Duel When he was invited to contribute to an anthology paying respects to the works of Richard Matheson, it s only natural that Hill would return to those fond childhood memories and tackle a recreation of Duel, co writing with his father, for the story Throttle As in Matheson s original, an oil tanker truck is the central antagonist, but this time it s gunning for a biker gang, and the bloodlust is high here Throttle is a pretty straight forward story, and a clear ode to its source material, thriller than horror, with dashes of revenge and a nifty father son dynamic Those who want their horror bloody will be pleased with Dark Carousel, this collection s second entry Originally produced as a vinyl record audiobook, I was delighted to see this make it into print I d heard good things about the original recording, but since I don t have a record player, I had to pass on the audio version This printed edition, though, is one of the easy highlights of Full Throttle for me, and as Hill states, it s definitely his most Stephen King like story This sucker is most definitely the product of King s child This one has an excellent throwback horror feel to it, and strikes a mood reminiscent of a great slasher flick, only without the slasher don t worry, you ll find out A night out at the local carnival at the pier for a group of teens goes completely sideways after they lose some money, and the result, for us, is one damn good horror story Wolverton Station is a horror by way of metaphor, a dog eat dog sort of narrative in which a rich American aboard a London train finds himself in some unexpected company It took a bit for this one to click with me, but I ended up enjoying it, particularly the ending By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain is an ode to Ray Bradbury s The Foghorn, and involves a group of children finding a dead lake monster This one s being adapted for Shudder s just released Creepshow series, and I m curious to see what they do with it Frankly, it s not the story I would have picked for a Creepshow adaptation that honor would have gone to Dark Carousel, one hundred percent , but I m open to being proven wrong here This one s got a particular bit of whimsy to it, guided largely by the overactive imagination of children And hot damn, Hill absolutely positively knows how to write children, and it makes for a fun story, which makes the small doses of tragedy woven throughout all the impactful Also inspired by Bradbury, particularly his time travel story The Sound of Thunder, is Faun, which sees a group of hunters passing through a small doorway and into a land of fantasy, where they can hunt and murder fairy tale creatures This one s definitely a morality play, and I can t particularly say I disagree with the message, even if I would have liked action and some lingering on the much justified violence that inevitably plays out This isn t a bad story overall, but it s also not really a very exciting one either I kept waiting and hoping for these big game hunters to get their just desserts, but by the time that happens its execution is practically a blink and you ll miss it event Late Returns Holy hell, you guys This story right here is worth the price of admission alone While there are most certainly a couple other stories I would include in this category, this one in particular is absolutely marvelous And there s nary a single bit of horror about it This is a magnificently gentle story about books and ghosts and the needs of a reader to find one last good story before they die Goddamn, I loved this one Although Hill says Dark Carousel is his most King like story, I actually think this one helps show just how truly Joe is his father s son and just how much of that writerly DNA lives on in Hill This story taps into the tragedies and sweetness of life, and it s a really precious, and moving, story Easily one of my favorites here, this is a story about book lovers for book lovers Dig it All I Care About Is You is another piece that shows off Hill s knack for characterization, and it s a light sci fi story no less, about a teenage girl and the rent a friend robot she buys for an hour It s a decent enough story with a powerful ending, but it didn t grab me the way Late Returns did Thumbprint, however, was a great little thriller Mal is former military, and her time in Iraq saw her torture a number of captives, including those at Abu Ghraib Now discharged and back at home, somebody is following her and leaving blank envelopes with a sheet of paper inside, each containing only a single thumbprint Mal s a pretty awful human, but the story is damn good The Devil on the Staircase is the first of two experimental stories that sees Hill playing with the formatting for his delivery Inspired by the steep staircases of the Amalfi coast, this one involves a jealous man s oh so brief descent into hell Visually, it s typeset so that each paragraph resembles the ascent and descent of a staircase It s a neat gimmick, but ultimately one that this did nothing to improve the story for me Better is Twittering from the Circus of the Dead, which unravels like a prolonged Twitter thread While I found it to be interesting than Staircase in terms of story, it runs on a few tweets too long for me and the payoff regarding the circus was a bit too lazy and cliche for me I pretty well enjoyed Mums, a story of a boy trapped with his militia nutjob daddy after his mother dies There s a neat supernatural element here that pairs well with the following story, In the Tall Grass Hill plays around with the old is it real or just in the kids head trope, but it works pretty well with whichever way you go, and it delivers a few neat scenes and concepts over the course of its page count In the Tall Grass is just absolutely brutal Readers looking for some hardcore horror, this is the one for you, man A couple hear the cries of a boy asking for help and, thinking he s lost in the tall grass, step into the field What s so scary about grass, you might wonder Well, in this particular field, lots Things get incredibly fucked up fast King co wrote this one, and it s got some real jagged teeth on it, and both writers let themselves completely off the chain for this outing It s positively savage and dark as pitch You Are Released closes out Full Throttle, and follows a group of travelers aboard a flight to Balti when a war breaks out and missiles start flying Hill, again, shows off his knack for characterization and brings in some great shades of humanity amongst the various POV characters, as well dashes of conflict and reconciliation Like several others stories here, it s packed with plenty of social commentary, particularly as the world s worst, and easily imaginable, fears regarding the Trump presidency play out on the land and air outside this story s Boeing 777 It s a neat little bottle episode in its own right, a timely bit of thriller paranoia coupled with possibly too real life horrors, and a solid end to this collection.As somebody who was a bit disappointed in Hill s last release, Strange Weather, a collection of four novellas, I m happy to report that I was largely satisfied by Full Throttle While some of these stories feel a bit bloated, Faun especially, and The Devil on the Staircase feels a hell of a lot longer than it actually is, I enjoyed most of these thirteen stories Others, like Late Returns, In the Tall Grass, Dark Carousel, Mums, You Are Released, and Thumbprint, highlight Hill at his best for me These stories just groove along nicely, and I think Late Returns will be sticking with me for a good long while Note this review is based on an advance copy provided by the publisher via Edelweiss.

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    And you re not an envoy from the lord You re not an angel Nope Just a librarian.Ah, well That s close enough for me Full Throttle is like a shot of adrenaline These short stories were some of the best that I have ever read With short story anthologies, you seem to get some you like and some you hate But I enjoyed every single one of these They were weird and definitely on the spooky side You ll want to add this anthology to your collection, you won t be disappointed At the beginning, we get a tiny glimpse at the life of Joe Hill and his Dad It was like getting a look at behind the madness Things we knew and most things that we never knew It really made me want to watch Creepshow again Late Returns spoke to me the most because I also delivery books to patrons who can t make it to the Library It made me hope that someday I run into something like in that story and I live to help people find the perfect book But In The Tall Grass will be something that haunts me for the rest of my life.

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