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    i love how much this cover looks like it would be friends with one of

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    In this novel by Veronica Roth, it consists of six riveting short stories Each story has its own unique and interesting plotline, setting, a different planet, and different universe.Many of the short stories contain betrayal, manipulation, vengeance, and broken aches The characters have something very similar to all the others in the short stories They all have difficult pasts and are desperately trying to escape from the inevitable until they realize too late, they can t outrun fate If you re looking for an interesting read with a new genre of writing, then this book should be on your order list Amazing, riveting, unique, and innovative I received an ARC for The End and Other Beginnings by Edelweiss for an exchange of an honest review.

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    Yes I don t have to wait two years for new Veronica Roth material.

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    5 stars I am a bit of a Veronica Roth fangirl so when I saw this new book I got instantly excited and nervous Would it be good as the divergent and carve the mark series I can thankfully say that yes, it is.This book is made up of short stories, a few based in the Carve the Mark world, which I loved as I am always happy to learn about my favourite worlds and characters and they did not let me down I also adored all of the other short stories, which were all completely different to the others It was an absolute treat for me, I just wish I had read it as a physical book and not an e book as it looks like the illustrations would be awesome I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review from netgalley.

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    I firstly want to say that I was a huge fan of the divergent series so I was very excited to be reading new Veronica Roth material I m not generally a fan of short stories simply because I like immersing myself into the story and you can t do that in just a few pages series girl here however I really enjoyed most of the stories in this collection and didn t feel cheated Each story Has it s own unique setting and storyline with my favourite being Hearken I would love to delve into that world I also really liked the illustrations and found that they explained things within the story that I otherwise wouldn t have fully imagined I received a free copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    4.75CW PTSD, Child Abuse, Depression, parental death

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    3 6 19 Hm, interesting cover Why does it look so much like the Wayward Children books I haven t even read those yet it was a shock to see Veronica Roth s name on this cover.Haven t gotten to Carve the Mark yet, but hey, it s Veronica Roth And did literally anyone read Carve the Mark I swear, it s like it was never written no one talked about it at all I loved Divergent I ll read this But I should probably get to the CtM duology first

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    .This is short story collection by author Veronica Roth.There are six stories In each story their is different setting and circumstances near future, different planet and different universe.If you have not read Diveregent series or her other books, connecting to characters and places can be little difficult and also their names are tough to get familiar with.But emotions painted by author on its pages are easily identifiable and easy to connect withThere is pain, betrayal, revenge and silent suffering.Characters are young minds who have troubled pasts and are trying to escape their inevitable and uncertain fate..Each story has a different color but canvas of painful uncertainty is common Inbetween there are saviours in the form of siblings, cousins snd friends.Extreme focus on feelings of characters at every moment of story is highlight of the book.I liked story most which is about the boy who is in rehabilitation centre and gets prison breakIf I like to summarise it is not a simple read but new backgrounds and perspectives make the stories novel and Innovative for anyone looking for new genre of writings..Thanks edelweiss plus and publisher for review copy.

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    I am not a fan of short stories I don t like being teased by a little piece of text, and then not getting to know the characters further But it is Veronica Roth, so I gave it a shot And I am glad I did each of these stories focuses on that pivotal moment when something ends often painfully The End and Other Beginnings has a lot of stories that deal with depression, child abuse, isolation, death, and overall love too But endings always create space for new beginnings For transformation For falling in love Love between siblings The Spinners , between ex best friends Inertia , between seeming strangers The Transformationist.While a lot of the stories are very sad they also incorporate uplifting parts Veronica Roth manages to capture your attention from the first sentence of each story, not wasting time and plunging you into the heart of the tale Her writing make the stories super readable, and her exploration of fascinating futuristic gadgets and talents keep things interesting A list of my most loved story to least loved 1 Inertia, and Hearken These two stories compete for the number one spot, and I can t quite decide which is better Inertia is just so beautifully written at the end of her best friend s life, Claire must say one final goodbye By joining her consciousness with that of her best friends they are able to talk one last time and come to terms with their feelings It is painful, and beautiful, and it made me tear up terribly While Hearken is just fascinating Hearkens are people who are able to listen to other people s either life or death songs In a post apocalyptic world, where people are determined to decimate humanity by way of bio weapons the Hearkens are a ray of sunshine and hope amongst the uglyness of every day life The only thing that could have made that story better would have been to have an audio file of the songs written about in the story 2 The Transformationist Truly a sad story that deals with child abuse, and the complicated ties of family bonds I believe this is one of the two stories which are set in the Carve the Mark world Makes me want to read the novel Otho, must deal with the consequences of being abused his entire life by his extremely strict mother For being such a short story it is incredible how quickly Veronica Roth can make you fall in love with her characters 3 Vim and Victor another story that deals heavily with depression A group of friends are traumatized when they lose one of their own, so much so that they start to drift apart, until their own common interest brings them back together and allows them to start to heal.4 The Spinners A story about two sisters seeking revenge for the death of their mother The setting of this story is the highlight for me a world where humans and aliens co exist a la futurama The leeches an alien species which our protagonist hunts down as a career choice remind me heavily of The Host by S Meyer The characters are okay, though it does introduce a very hot interesting male character who I wouldn t mind getting to know better love you EON 5 The Ard Ones a two part story that felt like the sample chapter to a bigger tale It is one of the two stories set in the Carve the Mark world, so maybe I should be getting to read that one book soon A story about going through rites and coming out stronger and ready to bring change upon the world revenge, loss, complicated villains and complicated heroes Though one thing is for sure this is very light sci fi It is about how it feels and what it allows to explore than the technicality of sci fi you will find no explanations as to how any of these occurrences or gadgets came to be or are even possible It is of the line of thinking do you want to hear the story or not I did want to hear the story, and I don t mind not having explanations to how everything works That is not why I came to the party, I came to have my emotions punched in the gut by Veronica Roth And she delivered.

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