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My Side of the Mountain Trilogy files My Side of the Mountain Trilogy, read online My Side of the Mountain Trilogy, free My Side of the Mountain Trilogy, free My Side of the Mountain Trilogy, My Side of the Mountain Trilogy 007f799b0 In , Jean Craighead George Published My Side Of The Mountain This Coming Of Age Story About A Boy And His Falcon Went On To Win A Newbery Honor, And For The Past Forty Years Has Enthralled And Entertained Generations Of Would Be Sam Gribleys The Two Books That Followed On The Far Side Of The Mountain And Frightful S Mountain Were Equally Extraordinary Now All Three Books Are Available In One Deluxe Yet Affordable Volume For Veteran Devotees And Brand New Fans Alike

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    I first read this book as a teenager and dreamt about going and living in a hollowed out tree myself in the mountains As a youth it seemed so romantic Now my teenage kids read it and it is a favorite of theirs.

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    I loved this book because it tells you how to survive in a forest, and It tells you a story about a boy who I think was lost in a forest, so then he made a house in a tree, and made clothes out of leather For my opinion when I read this book I felt cozy for no reason.

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    My Side of the Mountain was an excellent book I felt like I could relate to it so much It s about a boy who runs away from home and goes to live in the Catskill Mountains He has heard stories of an old family member who used to live in these mountains My favorite character is Sam Gribley, the boy who has run away I feel like I am him in real life, I want to run away and live in the mountains somewhere I don t have a least favorite character, but I do have another favorite, Frightful Frightful is a falcon that Sam took from a nest and raised himself Sam has taught her to hunt for smaller animals, such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, even some snakes I could never stop reading this book Every line on every page kept me reading I would recommend this book to people who love the wilderness, and an adventure I wish they would make a movie for this movie I think I would play the part of Sam Gribley, the wilderness boy I just feel like I relate to him so much Everything he does I would do, hunt, fish, build a house out of a tree Jean Craighead has truly written the perfect If you haven t read this book, I strongly recommend you do You will be entertained throughout the whole book The story only gets better in the sequel Sam s sister joins him and something happens to his beloved falcon The trilogy is about frightful perspective on the mountain How she has to hunt for Sam and live with him I think it was a good idea to have the last book about frightful, you learn about her It was great book and I recommend it for all.

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    It was amazing, I love how a boy learns how to survive in the woods, he shows great courage, and it even teaches you a few things about the woods, I must say if I was him I would not do it.

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    Imagine Leaving your home for an entire year, to live off the land In the realistic fiction book, My Side of The Mountain, by Jean Craighead George, that s exactly what the main character Sam Gribley does Sam is a 12 year old teenage boy from New York City His father had always told him about his grandfathers land, and Sam knew it was time to go find it, and leave the loud, packed, and stressful city Over his year long journey, Sam encounters many different struggles, and other things in the wilderness, and meets several new people along the way I believe Sams message was always live life to the fullest, but to a certain extent Page ix in Author s Preference I packed my suitcase and told my mother I was going to run away form home As I envisioned it, I would live by a waterfall in the woods and catch fish on hooks made from forks of tree limbs as I has been taught by my father I would recommend this book to anyone in a teenage age group, is very adventurous, and likes extremely realistic fiction I give this book an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 because it could include a bit detail and description in some parts, but otherwise it was a significant novel.

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    I read the book My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George I did not like this book at all I thought that it was really boring and that not much happened in the whole 177 pages of this book I felt like the author just got bored with this book half way through and just wanted to finish this book My Side of the Mountain starts off as him just surviving in the wilderness with his pet falcon named Fightfull Then one day he notices that he is running out of food This gives him the idea to go to town and buy some food When he is in town he makes some friends and his friends tell there friends about him and then the word gets out that there is a boy living in the wilderness all by himself That gets all over the news and his parents end up seeing it on the news His parents go to rescue him and bring him but he does not want to go home He ends up getting his parents to let him stay in the wilderness His parents build him a cabin in the woods and they let him be free I would not recommend this book to anyone I very much didn t like this book I would only have someone read this book if they have to do a report on Jean Craighead George.

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    This book was great There I said it This book really just kept me busy over the past couple of weeks It is a great Survival book and gets the reader quikly From Blizzards to Storms, this is one of the best books I have ever read.Sam Gribley lives in New York, a shy boy but adventurous He hates the city, it s just not him, so he escapes to the Catskill Mountains, the start to his adventure He soon learns how to find shelter, make fire, and catch fish to cook them over the fire Soon he finds these crazy huge trees and comes up with an idea I m going to carve out and light the inside of this tree on fire and carve it out like the Indians did He goes to the Library, finds out how to do it and he makes a perfect little House.So many cool things happen in this book, like he meets a hawk and trains it and calls it Frightful because it almost killed him He meets new people along the way and becomes the best survivor anyone has ever seen I hope alot of people decide to read the book because it is amazing.

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    A childhood Fav Totally wanted to be Sam Wanted to live in a tree not now though I like my little house, bed, oven and running water As an adult kept wondering where in the heck are his parents In spite of absent parents, I still loved this book.

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    I LOVED IT NO SWEARS AND ITS AWESOME A MUST READ Makes me wanna run away but i wont cause i love my dog to much lol

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    My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, is an extraordinary book about a young man, Sam Gribley, who leaves his cramped family home in New York City, to survive off of the family land in the Catskill Mountains The book itself is written as if it is Sam s journal and is in first person point of view,and is a record of all of the things that Sam goes through as a result of surviving off of the land This story if one of my personal favorites due to the fact that it is about survival and nature, not from an adults point of view, but from a young person s point of view apart from that it is an easy read that also contains really detailed drawings which are actually Sam s diagrams of what he is doing or seeing One thing that I also find very interesting about the book is the fact that it creates a very beautiful relationship between Sam and his little companion, Frightful, a falcon that he took from a nest and raised from a young chic This relationship is one of the most important aspects of the story because it is a driving force behind Sam s success and ability to survive through the difficulties of living off of the land This also leads into one of my favorite parts of the book.There are two different parts in the book that I absolutely love, one of them being how Sam ends up with a falcon companion I won t go into much detail, however I will say this, I enjoyed how it wasn t something randomly put into the book and actually was linked into the story, and I also found the way that he went about retrieving Frightful very funny and unique My second favorite part of this narrative is the end and the twist that occurs, which happens to be a very sweet heart warming addition to the story I love how the author made sure there were no loose ends in the story by the way he connected everything at the end It was one of those Awwww moments that put a smile on my face.One thing that I wish would have been different is if the author made the transitions between one event to another a little smoother I understand that the book is written as a series of journal entries, however, in between some of the events that take place there seems to be an almost abrupt pause that some what bothered me Other than that, this was an amazing book that really captured my attention and made it nearly impossible to put down.

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