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  • Kindle Edition
  • 298 pages
  • Security Binds Her (Thalia, #1)
  • Jennifer Bene
  • English
  • 21 August 2019

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    4 STARS I m not sure if I should be embarrassed or not my dark smut bender continues DSo, the first 30% or so was just the usual for this kind of read the hero does unforgivable things and the heroine hates likes it a.k.a the author takes things too far in the name of sensationalism to grab the reader s attention Eye roll inducing, basic 3 star, non review kind of stuff.But then somewhere around that mark the characters hit their stride and began to show some depth The psychological push and pull entered into their relationship and suddenly it was much interesting.It turned out that I really liked this one And that cliff hanger was kick ass Suck on that, you bastard Book 2 here I come Warning non con kinky fuckery that revolves around sex trafficking

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    shrug I got bored The whole kidnapping scenes was not plausible The hero was kinda, bleh Just very bland and boring Most of the time I read dark erotica because the male character and how they carry that mysterious yet cruel and enigmatic air about them pulls me in But it didn t happen with this one The heroine was weak and kind of meh I mean, she doesn t seem like she wants to put up a good fight and seem to be just going along with it despite her protests So yeah A no for me Blog Click here for of my reviews

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    I want you to know that with me you could have something consensual, but I will be honest that my appetites are very similar to his What would change is your right to stop it You could stop me with a word Book 1, Part of a Trilogy Thalia has a temp job at a corporate company as an encoder thus making her stay at the office at odd hours and late into the night It has become a norm, what with the security guard walking her to her car every night for the past few weeks A smile, some small talks about a movie and whatnot, a joke here and there But it never occurred to her that that guard would soon be her worst nightmare.I actually had a hard time connecting with the characters, Thalia and the guard It maybe because I can t help, but compare the story to another dark read Capture in the Dark or twist series by anna zaires Yeah, so sue me I find Thalia as foolish, stupid at some point, or mostly stupid and she is expecting too much I get it, she was kidnapped and then she woke up to whole new world where there are rules and every wrong move, or every move there is punished Although, some actions of her were downright brave, and at least she is feisty.The guard, though I don t really get him Or maybe I do, but I didn t take into liking his character nor hate it That s just the point, my feelings were all neutral I don t really get why he finds Thalia special or unique I find him unstable, as rules change depending on his moods and he is indecisive.I keep thinking, I know where this is going I can feel it I am reading just to finish it but at 14% left, I just thought everything has had a purpose and damn, but my blood became alive.I met James, and now I really want to know what happens next I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Warning Not for the faint of heart This book contains graphic punishments, disturbing situations, scenes of dubious consent, and very strong language Intended for mature audiences.

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    This book was so fantastic I mean it had so much mystery and suspense that I almost couldnt control myself It was edgy and just downright sinful and sexy.It starts when Thalia is abducted from her office by a psychotic security guard who turns not to be a security guard but someone evil who sells girls to the highest bidder She goes through hell and back in the hands of the man The guy is evil Trust me there are no roses with this man Just pain and misery I loved the characters and go to know a little bit about each character of the book Thalia is a lonely girl living a lonely After she is abducted I saw a someone who is strong Even all the pain and suffering she was enduring she was still strong I found that engaging She didnt back down and she was always finding a way to flee I admired that She was a lilttle bit emotional which found out to be a flaw But I was cheering her on Next is the evil security guard I will not reveal the name because the author reveals the name at the end to give out a air of mystery so I will keep you in suspennse is evil I wanted to stab him with a big knife He is very commanding and controlled He also was a confused soul especially towards Thalia He was just hot and cold all the time Very confusing.The writing was superb I love when an author is very descriptive in her writing Jennifer Bene was able to let me visualize everything in the book I could feel every emotion and I could just see what everything looked like just by the writing Thats what I loved the most.The book as a whole was dark and twisted I love a good dark and twisted story So be warned This is not a love story or a fluffly book This is dark but I urge to read this book because this is fantastic What could you ask for I cant wait to read the next.ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW5 DARKLY TWISTED STARS

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    FREE on today 8 3 2018 Blurb I ll break you down It may take time, but I will And if I don t break You will Taken from work one night, Thalia is thrust into the violent, controlling world of a man she thought had been the security guard for her building, but she quickly learns that this was only a cover to get to her, to take her As her old life is erased, the guard pushes Thalia to recognize the darker sides of herself, while Thalia endeavors to hold on to who she is.Trapped alone with her abductor, can Thalia fight to retain her self, or will his small glimpses of kindness cause her to finally submit to him Security Binds Her is a brutal journey that leaves readers breathless and waiting to turn the page to find out if Thalia will break, or be lost forever to the darkness around her.

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    It was enjoyable for the first 30% or so, thereafter not so much It s just the usual captive sex slave story nothing to make me want to read it ever again nothing to stand out from a million others The he cries all over the place, and it s just too much She confused me, as I just couldn t figure her out, where she was coming from The Alp is hot and cold tough and then not He is never consistent, and is pretty soft at times He lets his brother push him around, telling him what to do, and it comes across as if he is totally scared of him Not how I like my Alps to behave The characters left me pretty cold I did not like any of them The writing is just okay The pace is slow at times, and I found lots of it boring I had to grit my teeth to finish it It also didn t seem right to me that the slaves were branded with tattoos the meanings of which were not explained BEFORE being sold That scene made little sense for me, as I wasn t sure what the point of it was The only sex scene that I found remotely hot and delicious, was at the beginning, thereafter, I found them all repetitive and same old Won t be bothering with the next two in the series life s too short.

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    This book started out well, but I quickly got bored mostly due to not connecting with the characters I just got annoyed with Thalia constantly flip flopping between enjoying what the guard was doing and then hating him She ended up being a TSTL heroine I didn t find the guard s POV scenes endeared me to him at all I admit to being curious about what happens next after the ending, but I won t be continuing because I know I will probably end up hating Thalia I can t stand stupid, wish washy heroines and she was one.I usually like captive dark romances with dub con, but this one fell short for me.

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    This is an updated review for my second reading of the book The first time I tried to read this it proved too dark and non consensual for me It was a DNF and whilst I appreciated the quality of writing the content proved too much However since then I ve been corrupted by the writings of Addison Cain and Cari Silverwood, who both write IMO excellent dub non con stories but in the Sci Fi fantasy genre For some reason I find it easier to accept non con in a not reality setting.Since this series was repeatedly mentioned and recommended I entered a competition on FB and won an e book copy of this story This time, knowing about the story AND being fully prepared for the non con elements, I not only read all the book but I enjoyed it This is NOT and never will be an easy read It has some very difficult and challenging scenes, but what makes the difference is Thalia s strength through out You can t help but like Thalia and hope she gets a HEA of some sort Marcus The Guard is a complex character, obviously twisted and evil or mentally unbalanced to think it is ok to snatch women off the street and force them to be sex slaves However he shows real moments of tenderness and care for Thalia too You would need to have lived under a rock, or not have Facebook, to not know the huge twist at the end of this book Just in case you ve missed it I won t spoil things but I will say that I loved this unusual approach to resolving the story.I read this in two sittings, and that was only because I literally couldn t keep my eyes open last night to finish it then Whilst in some ways you could read this as a stand alone, the story does continue in other books and once I ve finished writing this review I will be purchasing them.

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    You are mine, Thalia Mine I am not letting you go, and I will break you and enjoy myself while I do it The sooner you give in the happier you will be OMG where to start the authors warning, it is there for a reason You ve been warned When I first started reading this book I wasn t too sure what direction it was going to take This is a story about a girl who is abducted from her place of work by the security guard and forced into the world of human trafficking As we read the book we find out that she s never really been sexually satisfied in previous relationships and although she s been abducted and raped, she s surprised to find that her body and mind can t agree on her predicament During Thalia s training period she finds her body responding differently than she would have expected, leaving her to wonder if certain aspects of her training are what her body secretly desires You haven t accepted it yet but you were always meant to be a slave, I know you re not ready to hear that yet, but you need this No other relationship would ever fulfill you like submitting will I couldn t put this book down It sucked me in from the first chapter and I couldn t stop until it was done OMG the ending all I ve got to say is thank GOD that they rest of the series is already out This book took me on such an emotional ride, and I love how the author was able to capture and describe all the motions and emotions that took place in this book At times it was gut wrenching hence the dark part of the genre , and then a few pages later, you are back to having hope that Thalia would survive her ordeal and find her freedom I loved how the author left her captor Guard as a wild card as the reader you re never really sure who he is or what his intentions are All of this combined made for a page turner of a story and I can t wait to continue on with book 2

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    Dark, deviously decadent and exciting NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED SERIOUSLY DARK STORY I really enjoyed this dark bdsm story, it was unexpected with turns I couldnt predict, as simple as the main male character not being who I expected I was genuinely surprised by it Well written and had a story that hooked me from start to finish Such a surprising story with a finish that left me speechless I loved how I couldnt work out how it was going to pan out as it went along I really enjoyed reading Thalia s story and that she never loses her spark even in the most desperate situation There was a good deal of intrigue, particularly with the anonymity of her Master which I felt worked really well with the story, reinforcing the themes in the book His partner is a terrifying character that I cant decide if I want to read of or not Looking forward to book 2 Note the length of time it took me to finish is due to a period of illness that hit me shortly after starting the book.

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Security Binds Her (Thalia, #1) characters Security Binds Her (Thalia, #1) , audiobook Security Binds Her (Thalia, #1) , files book Security Binds Her (Thalia, #1) , today Security Binds Her (Thalia, #1) , Security Binds Her (Thalia, #1) 08956 I Ll Break You Down It May Take Time, But I Will And If I Don T Break You Will Taken From Work One Night, Thalia Is Thrust Into The Violent, Controlling World Of A Man She Thought Had Been The Security Guard For Her Building, But She Quickly Learns That This Was Only A Cover To Get To Her, To Take Her As Her Old Life Is Erased, The Guard Pushes Thalia To Recognize The Darker Sides Of Herself, While Thalia Endeavors To Hold On To Who She IsTrapped Alone With Her Abductor, Can Thalia Fight To Retain Her Self, Or Will His Small Glimpses Of Kindness Cause Her To Finally Submit To Him Security Binds Her Is A Brutal Journey That Leaves Readers Breathless And Waiting To Turn The Page To Find Out If Thalia Will Break, Or Be Lost Forever To The Darkness Around Her WARNING This Book Contains Graphic Punishments, Disturbing Situations, Scenes Of Dubious Consent, And Very Strong Language Intended For Mature Audiences

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