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A Legacy of Preaching pdf A Legacy of Preaching , ebook A Legacy of Preaching , epub A Legacy of Preaching , doc A Legacy of Preaching , e-pub A Legacy of Preaching , A Legacy of Preaching da949885d67 A Legacy Of Preaching, Two Volume Set Apostles To The Present Day Explores The History And Development Of Preaching Through A Biographical And Theological Examination Of Its Most Important Preachers Instead Of Teaching The History Of Preaching From The Perspective Of Movements And Eras, Each Contributor Tells The Story Of A Particular Preacher In History, Allowing These Preachers From The Past To Come Alive And Instruct Us Through Their Lives, Theologies, And Methods Of PreachingEach Chapter Introduces Readers To A Key Figure In The History Of Preaching, Followed By An Analysis Of The Theological Views That Shaped Their Preaching, Their Methodology Of Sermon Preparation And Delivery, And An Appraisal Of The Significant Contributions They Have Made To The History Of Preaching This Diverse Collection Of Familiar And Lesser Known Individuals Provides A Detailed And Fascinating Look At What It Has Meant To Communicate The Gospel Over The Past Two Thousand Years By Looking At How The Gospel Has Been Communicated Over Time And Across Different Cultures, Pastors, Scholars, And Homiletics Students Can Enrich Their Own Understanding And Practice Of Preaching For Application TodayVolume One Covers The Period From The Apostles To The Puritans And Profiles Thirty Preachers Including Origen Of Alexandria By Stephen O PresleyJohn Chrysostom By Paul A HartogAugustine Of Hippo By Edward L SmitherGregory The Great By W Brian SheltonBernard Of Clairvaux By Elizabeth HoareFrancis Of Assisi By Timothy D HolderSaint Bonaventure By G R EvansMeister Eckhart By Daniel Farca John Huss By Mark A HowellMartin Luther By Robert KolbJohn Calvin By Anthony N S LaneJonathan Edwards By Gerald R McDermottJohn Wesley By Michael Pasquarello IIIGeorge Whitefield By Bill Curtis And Timothy McKnightand Many Volume Two Covers The Period From The Enlightenment To The Present Day And Profiles Thirty One Preachers Including Catherine Booth By Roger J GreenCharles Haddon Spurgeon By Thomas J NettlesHenry Ward Beecher By Michael DuduitJohn Albert Broadus By Hershael W YorkD L Moody By Gregg L QuiggleBilly Sunday By Kristopher K BarnettKarl Barth By William H WillimonDietrich Bonhoeffer By Keith W ClementsD Martyn Lloyd Jones By Carl TruemanJohn Stott By Greg R ScharfHarry Emerson Fosdick By Dwayne MilioniAimee Semple McPherson By Aaron FriesenGardner C Taylor By Alfonza W Fulwood And Robert Smith JrBilly Graham By John N AkersMartin Luther King Jr By Alfonza W Fulwood, Dennis R McDonald, And Anil Sook DeoJ I Packer By Leland Ryken And Benjamin Hern Ndezand Many

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    Every preacher will want this set Occasionally, a book about the history of preaching will come along and serve as a mighty motivating force for preachers Dedication, zeal, power all put on display in the lives of the best preachers of days gone by It s been at least 20 years since a book that blends biography and preaching counsel in a way that makes you want to grab a biblical text and get going has come along This set, edited by Benjamin K Forrest, Kevin L King, Bill Curtis, and Dwayne Milioni, has filled that lacuna for our generation.Improving on the works of previous decades, this book employs a winning design First, specialists on the subject were secured to pen each entry Second, each writer had to follow the same format historical background biography , theology of preaching, methodology for preaching, and contributions to preaching There s even a helpful bibliography for each entry This format was particularly helpful You got to know the preacher and his preaching You could say that the approach maximized the impact you could glean from each one.Volume One covered the Apostles to the Revivalists You got to think of Paul and Peter as preachers before heading into some of the Church Fathers Next, Medieval times were covered including Bernard of Clairvaux, John Huss, and Girolamo Savonarola The Reformers including Luther, Tyndale, and Calvin as preachers were given a look next Puritan greats Perkins, Baxter, Owen, Bunyan, and Henry were great selections in that group of preachers Only four revivalists were covered including Edwards, Wesley, and Whitefield, but they were preaching giants.Volume Two that covered the Enlightenment through modern times was even better I love Nineteenth Century British preaching and so was Part One here was my favorite in either volume Alexander Maclaren and Charles Spurgeon are two of my favorite preaching heroes and real insights could be gained from their entries I ve read much on both of them, but I learned here The story of Gipsy Smith surprised me too.Many outstanding entries finished out the book You might quibble over a few selections or omissions, Where was G Campbell Morgan , but these volumes are pure gold Mark them off as must have books for the preacher I ll be consulting my set many times in the coming years I m sure.I received this book free from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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