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Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) pdf Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) , ebook Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) , epub Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) , doc Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) , e-pub Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) , Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) 59326ef6a72 Bethany Thorne Has Secrets And She S Told A Few Lies But She S Hurt No One She Just Wants A Better Life, She Works Hard For A Better Life, A Life With Choices But A Chance Encounter At Her New University With Disturbing Stranger Daniel Stone Makes Her Heart Beat, Her Body Tremble And Rocks Her Very Foundation Reeling From The Intensity Of Her Unfathomable Reactions To This Man Her World Is Sent Further Spiralling Out Of Her Control When On This First Meeting He Casually Whispers That He Knows She S A Liar Bethany Begins To Feel Her Hard Earned Choices Start To Disintergrate Before HerHer Innate And Newly Discovered Submissive Nature Is Highlighted Further By Her Extreme Reaction To Each Encounter With Daniel Stone Dark And Dominant He Evokes An Instant Heat And Desire She Has Never Felt Before, But He Is Dangerous, He Is Powerful And He Seems To See Right Through Her Choosing To Try And Stay Under His Radar Proves To Be The First Choice To Slip Through Her Fingers

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    FREE on US today 7 13 2015 I have had my eyes on this one Book 1 in trilogy Series is complete.BLURB Bethany Thorne has secrets and she s told a few lies but she s hurt no one She just wants a better life, she works hard for a better life, a life with choices but a chance encounter at her new University with disturbing stranger Daniel Stone makes her heart beat, her body tremble and rocks her very foundation Reeling from the intensity of her unfathomable reactions to this man her world is sent further spiralling out of her control when on this first meeting he casually whispers that he knows she s a liar Bethany begins to feel her hard earned choices start to disintegrate before her.Her innate and newly discovered submissive nature is highlighted further by her extreme reaction to each encounter with Daniel Stone Dark and dominant he evokes an instant heat and desire she has never felt before, but he is dangerous, he is powerful and he seems to see right through her Choosing to try and stay under his radar proves to be the first choice to slip through her fingers.http www. Never Choice ChFREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 430 books

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    Mr Grey, Mr Ward, Mr Cross.Mr Stone will see you now Lucky you

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    This book should come with a warning saying do not read for any reason because it s stupid With that being said I will warn you this review will be loaded with spoilers.The first chapter was quite interesting Oddly enough you don t hear much about that individual 99% of the book Start the story about them then nothing For several chapters it was never ending data Not inner dialogue or facts even important to the story just filler Enter hero who comes off as having XMen capabilities since he can read her mind and know she is a liar Bets tries pushing him away by faking a relationship with bestie brother dude Hero immediately states she s lying because bestie looked like he just got kissed by his sister You quickly discover he is a alpha Dom, possessive and protective oh my The perfect hero for me Suddenly Bets evil sister enters picture and she wants the hero Daniel Daniel even calls evil sis a gold digger Gold digger tells Daniel a line of bullshit two feet deep and guess what He believes her without question He is doubting the heroine It s goes south quick Evil sis convinces Daniel Bets has been sleeping with her bestie you know the guy she tries faking a relationship with Wtf Obviously evil sister drained hero of his XMen abilities because he can t even notice how upset the sis makes her He chooses gold digger over the love of his life Our doormat suddenly gets a call from sir ordering into kinky outfit She goes She gets there and hero is not nice She asks if she needs a safe word This virgin before hero who has never done anything likes this lets him beat her raw He does it She later admits she felt better after He kicks her out again How much humiliation can one girl take She is attacked and almost raped Black eyes, bloody, broken nose running from attacker she shows up at Daniels place Daniel is in hospital room when she wakes I m thinking he has come to his senses Nope While standing in the hospital room of the love of his life who was attacked and almost raped, covered in bruises he cuddles her evilSister and tells her he doesn t do sloppy seconds How can anyone with a soul like this trash If he didn t care about her he should have left not stand in her room after being attacked and make that comment Before anyone jumps down my throat I know he was not referring to sloppy and being raped but you don t say anything like that to a woman who has just been attacked IDIOTs Apparently our hero begins to question some things like the pics of her with bestie his words I know every inch of your body but hero show thought his post virgin girlfriend was sleeping with her brother bestie and that was her ass in the pics The bestie was able to recognize the girl in the pics as his girlfriend even minus her tattoo Speaks volumes about the Dom alpha hero.not So he is suspicious about the attack Why didn t he arrange protection He thinks the love of his life was attacked,beaten and almost raped and he didn t think to get someone to keep an eye on her He left town and she is attacked again by evil sister It takes video footage and dna to finally be free of dark side Please I wanted to vomit with all this bs Because it was getting pretty thick After all that no groveling and she forgives him in 0.5 seconds I have no clue how woman against violence are not going ape shit at this story I have no clue how true bdsm individuals are not tearing this book apart Because it s a mockery I am so disappointed my XMen hero lost his powers, had a personality transplant and became a sniveling pathetic loser No thanks and this is just my honest opinion For anyone who wishes to argue I can produce pages and percentages to argue my points

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    A must read This was a great book and I could not put it down This book is a part of a series and does not end in a cliff hanger You need to read this one

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    I m going with 4.5 Mr Stone Stars I ll review this soon I need some time to collect my thoughts.Thoughts have been collected Review is finally here So, Daniel Stone is the new Christian Grey Only, I m pretty sure I d rather have Mr Stone in my bed than Mr Grey Stone doesn t seem quite as fucked up as Grey does Oh well Now, Bethany is a girl after my own heart I can t live without my Kindle, but really there is no comparison to finding yourself lost in a room with shelves stacked high, soft chairs scattered, and quiet secluded corners surrounded by tombs of literature So Fucking True Anyway, Bethany is a student at University yes, this is a British book so some of the terminology screwed with me, but it didn t take long to figure it all out The course load she is taking requires her to attend a lecture series by awesome people who are successful in their respected fields Enter Mr Stone They first see each other at a gathering for the mature students this is where my American shows and I have to Google what the fuck that means The heat is there The implication that something will happen is there Oh, and the truth is going to come out because Daniel Stone knows Bethany is lying The question is How does he know Thinking she won t see him again, she carries on about her business She enters the first lecture of the year and who should be headlining it Of course, Mr Stone He enters and locks the door His brief description does go into a bit detail than a Wiki page, and he is not afraid to sing his own praises It s lucky he did lock the door I don t think there is any room now that his ego has landed Obviously, we know these two will just have to hook up But to what extreme What are the circumstances Does it really matter No Just know that this book has some hot sex Dee Palmer proves she can write a hot, dominating alpha with the following scene Bethany, I am going to drive you insane, I am going to make you come so many ways, so many times and you re going to scream my name so fucking loud, you won t be able to speak after Which will be a shame because you re going to be begging me to stop and baby, I won t be able to hear you Yep Pretty sure dirty things are happening below the waist with that line Where s my Mr Stone Dayum This book is hot There are always issues in romance novels and this one does not disappoint with the angst The surprise in this story is the antagonist behind the scenes The person you don t see coming until she slaps you in the face almost literally Or maybe literally I can t remember Read this book if you re into the D s scene This has some of that Oh, and did I mention that Bethany is a phone sex girl No Well, she is and it s kinda hot Yeah Hot.

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    Well,I was so honoured to be given an ARC of this book and I was not disappointed If you looking for a male who always gets his own way no matter what and has enough power and money to turn your head then look no further then the hot alpha male that is Daniel Stone This book although from a brand new author will leave you counting the days for the next one there are so many twists and turns it will make your head spin but you will not be able to put the book down it is totally addictive and has one of the best storylines I have read in a long time So don t hesitate to read it

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    This book was amazing I could not put this book down I really didn t have any words to give this book It made me mad, love, sad, and NO Why did that have to happen which I said a couple times If anyone needs a good love story, don t go any where else I am waiting on pins and needles for the next book Well done, Dee I am looking forward to of your work It was an honor to get this book for free, for an honest review

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    Never a Choice gives lessons in forgiveness and selflessness along with cruelty and malice It shows that, literally, for some there is no choice but surrender Do I agree Not exactly Probably because I m not one to back down.It just scrapes the surface of BDSM, I d say it s vanilla with spice, with a promise of in the future There is a chase, there is submission There is fun and intensity Nonetheless, the most important factor is mystery You never know what to expect, what to think of any of this Is this a charity case or is it simply lust ridden adventure Will there be or are we expected to be satisfied with the way it is At the beginning the story is disguised in black and white.Bethany tries to get her life organized Get a degree, better job to be able to provide for her sick mother, fight the ghosts of the past altogether with the skeletons in the closet She has a secret she tries to keep hidden She fools everyone but him.And here come the shades of grey.Daniel is a controlling, demanding and frustrating alpha man He always gets what he wants Not that his looks and prosperity are any obstacles Beside that there is not much we get to know about him Well, maybe that he s got a taste for discipline I admit, it s scorching hot, yet many things are hidden in a fog of uncertainty Moreover, what s astonishing are the games they play, in many of forms Hush hush late night calls Unidentified mystery lingerie deliveries The whole big deal was ridiculous if you ask me Domineering head games all over the place Another one Grabbing cash and go Check.For bystanders these games of deny are hard to believe in, when everything, every little pointer fits right into the puzzle, so convenient it s almost stupid Forgive me my being so dramatic and blunt That s just the way I see it Maybe it was supposed to be that way, for us to be the wiser ones and all.Excruciating pain and unfairness, twisted family ties and backstabbing sisters Another aspect.Obedience and resistance, to and fro, up and down Just like the emotions It is quite a ride.Still, I m blood thirsty I have admired and simultaneously been shocked by Bethany s understanding, if not magnanimous behavior Privileged asshole, when he wasn t hot, he just pissed me off If I was her, I would probably kick him out on his ass and grow a backbone to finish it off Not to mention I d start with pouring some acid on what s her name s face Oh yes, I m feeling violent That s unfortunately true Possibly I m a masochist because I quite liked it, sometimes a lot Angsty, with a promise of retribution I m waiting for that And the man himself He has some groveling to do I wonder what the author has up her sleeve next.To sum up I liked how it started, mysterious and exciting The second part of the book frustrated the hell out of me, boiling my blood and chilling up my bones I give it 4 stars It has potential view spoiler Note to self I ve been offered an ARC and not being sure how the final version will look I d like to point out the few inconsistencies I ve noticed, the biggest ones are as follows all of a sudden they start messaging each other but wait here how did he actually get her number Did he break into her mobile phone and took her number or did he get it from Sofia It s not that hard for me to imagine it myself but the point is as a reader I d like to know how it happened And another one security problem, the one installed in her room, it was said it s actually a motion sensor when in reality it appears to be a camera, no sound Or was it intended hide spoiler

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    I do love a good debut novel and Dee certainly gave me that Firstly I thought wow this is a big book but I literally flew through it I couldn t read it fast enough I had to moan when I put my kindle down to make dinner Can my family not see I m reading a gripping book lol Secondly I thought I was jumping into a story about a rich alpha male and a broken girl Ok maybe that s true That s the jist of the story However the author threw so much at me Just when I thought I knew what way the story was going it changed Bethany s a really lovely girl She s struggled for the last few years but thankfully her head is screwed on and she has goals she wants to achieve She s not afraid of working hard to get what she wants.Daniel Stone is drop dead gorgeous He s the ultimate alpha male He knows what he wants and he s determined to get it He s not afraid to fight dirty to get what he wants.The sex scenes between these two is real hot The chemistry was jumping off the kindle at me I felt as if I was going through emotions with them and at other times I just wanted to bang their heads together If your looking for a well written hot story that will make your pants melt then I highly recommend this book This is book one doesn t end in a cliffhanger Looking forward to jumping into book two now.

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    I don t often leave reviews but since I was so surprised by this book I felt it deserved to have some attention brought to it I actually got this book for free on I m always skeptical about new authors because I can be quite hard to please But I was very pleasantly surprised by Dee Palmer s novel I loved the characters almost instantly and the plot kept me hooked throughout While not exactly a dark romance it definitely had enough of an edge to keep me sated I m very interested to know where Daniel and Bethany s relationship takes them next so I will absolutely be picking up the next book in the series Because another series obsession was just what I need I also feel I should mention that there were quite a few editing issues with this edition, mainly spelling and grammar errors Which while not serious are mildly irritating and will hopefully be taken care of in the rest of the series However it was not nearly enough to stop me from enjoying the book.

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