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    This was different from many of Ms Mala s books The man isn t a huge womanizer He is a man of God, though looking at it through the Evangelical eyes of the USA, it s a little jarring But like Joe says in the book, he s a Vicar not a monk The view here in the USA even pastors shouldn t indulge in anything pre marital So the fact that he does and isn t repentant and others in the church know about it and find it not disturbing is what is jarring for me as an American reader That s just counter to the Bible Belt philosophy That being said, it s a beautiful love story Joe is still devout to his faith and he s gentle with his nudges.Ms Mala s book was lighthearted than many of her other works Though there is some serious stuff going on, it s handled gently and with regard I will say that so far this is my favorite of her books I REALLY liked Joe from beginning to the very end He s a refreshing break from her typical main squeeze Most of them are like Ted I also love how she referred to Love s Foolish Punch in this book too, by mentioning Mr Mac LOVE HIM D This book isn t in the But I WANNA hate it but can t category This book I wanted to love and I did, even if it did give me moments of Is that even an allowed thing So would I recommend Read the rest of the review behind the link.

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Bless This Love summary pdf Bless This Love , summary chapter 2 Bless This Love , sparknotes Bless This Love , Bless This Love e69f952 Alternate Cover Edition For BPLLNSuri And The Church All Angels Have Never Seen Eye To Eye For The Past Decade, She Associates All Bad Things That Have Happened To Her Is Down To That Hallowed Ground And She Won T Ever Step Foot In It Again But Constantly She Is Drawn To The Spot That Changed Her Life And If The Lord Wasn T Winding Her Up Enough, She Notices A Handsome Jogger, Joe, Who She Thinks Is An Angel Of Temptation Redemption Is Not Her Thing After Splitting From Her Ex Lover, He Now Wants Her Back But Forgot To Tell Her That He Was Married Suri Is At A Crossroads In Her Life Even Her Career As A Television Continuity Writer Is Taking A Downwards Turn When She Is Told To Write And Voice The Links For A Porn Channel But Can The Church Turn Her Life Around And Let Her Lay To Rest The Past, And Embrace The Future Will The Stalwarts Of The Church Parish See She S Not The Bad Sheep Everyone Thinks She Is And Could She Find A Man To Love And Have A Future With Something She So Desperately Wants, But Can T Seem To Find A Touching Romantic Comedy About One Person Trying To Come To Terms With The Loss Of Love While Trying To Embrace The Spirit Of Divine Intervention

  • Kindle Edition
  • Bless This Love
  • S.M. Mala
  • 07 March 2019

About the Author: S.M. Mala

British born with a passion for film, television and reading I was never a bookworm, always preferring to see the vision in front of my eyes rather than in my head.But one day I realised the imagery and the stories needed to come out, so I sat there and wrote.Im not an overnight talent, not a secret creative genius I let it all unfold and even surprised myself what was going on in my head.I want