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Dreaming August files Dreaming August , read online Dreaming August , free Dreaming August , free Dreaming August , Dreaming August 7b9ff2dd6 Welcome To Bitterly, Connecticut, Hometown Of One Wistful Widow With A Very Big SecretShe Should Have Been Off Limits After All, Benedetta Benny Grady Is His Best Friend S Widow But In The Space Of A Whirlwind Week, Daniel Greene Went From Strong Shoulder To Lean On To Benny S Ardent Lover Now Dan Is Determined To Make Benny His Bride He Hasn T Waited This Long For Love To Let It Get Away So Easily But First, Benny Has A Few Ghosts To Contend WithWhen Benny Finds Herself Pregnant With Dan S Child, Telling Him Should Be Easy After All, She S Fallen Hard For The Wise Cracking Bachelor But How Can She Love Another While Remaining True To Her Late Husband S Memory Could The Past Hold The Key To Their Future Happiness

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    The core story of Dreaming August by Terri Lynne DeFino is about Benny who has been widowed for six years and finds herself falling in love with her husband s best friend, Dan But it s so much than the romance.Benny s journey to reconcile her feelings for Dan and her husband, Henny, lead her to unexpected meetings and conversations with people, alive and dead, people she thought she knew, but found out otherwise, i.e., her mother, and even Dan This book has many secondary characters that pop up for a chapter or so, but make a huge impact on Benny and her issues Everyone has a story Everyone has had experiences good and bad, had to make choices, good and bad and Benny learns eventually, that if you just be and listen to those who have made an appearance in your life, lessons will be learned and you just might find the understanding you need to help in your own life.Auggie and Harriet were two of my favorite characters no spoilers but with a few twists and turns, everything comes full circle.Dreaming August is Book II in the Bitterly Series and one not to be missed.

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    DREAMING AUGUST took me on my second trip to Terri Lynne DeFino s Bitterly, Connecticut I hope to take many trips to Bitterly via this author s skillfully written stories.Benedetta Grady Benny has been marching in place since the sudden and accidental death of her husband Henderson Parker Fredericks Henny Recently, Benny connected with Henny and Benny s best friend, Dan and Benny has a secret that she can t seem to find a way to share with Dan or anyone Benny s discovery of herself and her feelings take the reader on an enjoyable tale of the present and the past It is discovery with a twist that kept me reading late into the night as Benny s friends August Augie and Harriet guide Benny on her path to happiness.The very first paragraph of this book connected me heart, mind and soul Ms DeFino crafts books with heart that have the reader quickly pulling for a happy ending I m looking forward to my next trip to Bitterly and Savannahs Story, and many .I received an ARC through Net Galley for an honest review of this book.

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    Review also found at starsI received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is April 12, 2016.This story really wasn t what I expected Although I approach each story I read with little expectations so that I can enter with an open mind, I still have some idea of what direction the story should take I was expecting a romance You know the kind.they love each other but must pine for each other as they battle their inner demons While this story has that, it was what I will say a little different from the norm.I must be careful to not disclose any spoilers but if I were to give a hinttake the synopsis literally Yes, every word Ok enough of that.While this was a sweet love story I have to admit it was a little bit hard to identify.Take Benny She lost her husband six years ago and was still grieving to the point of tears daily and visiting his grave daily While I can t even imagine what it would be like to lose the love of my life, I am pretty sure that while the pain may never subside, the daily tears would eventually She was forty years old and read as a character much younger, like a teenager Maybe because she lived at home made it seem worse but by the way she acted it was like someone who has never seen the world outside the comfort of her own home.Also, her relationship with Dan was just weird to me The story discusses their time together very short in which she becomes pregnant She know Dan will be happy but is afraid to tell him weird His reactionalso odd Their whole relationship just had a weird vibe to me that I could not completely get on board with.Then there is the whole piece that I can t discuss regarding Auggie This was actually the best part of the story in my opinion, although seemed way out in left field when it first began I could say a lot but that would spoiling the story.Altogether this story was just ok for me.

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    Benedetta Benny Grady was widowed six years ago, but she is finding it difficult to let go of the past, still defining herself as the wife of Henderson Parker Fredericks Her friendship with Dan Greene is an old one, and he was an important part of her support system after Henny s death For a brief period recently, he was than a friend, but Benny s guilt over being unfaithful to her husband s memory soon had her retreating from that relationship Now she s pregnant, and her guilt magnifies She can t bring herself to tell Dan that he is going to be a father.Dan understands Benny s grief He grieved the death of her husband and his best friend too But he is in love with Benny now, and he is persistent Will his love be strong enough to hold on to the promise of the future until Benny learns to make peace with the past With a little ghostly help from August, these two may find their HEA.DeFino s second book in her Bitterly Suite following Seeking Carolina is a bittersweet tale that complicates a friends to lovers story with the story of grief and recovery Some readers may find Benny s extended grief extreme, but grief is such an individual experience that I had no difficulty sympathizing with Benny I adored Dan, a true large hearted, good guy hero I ve enjoyed the first two books in this series and look forward to revising Bitterly.Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.

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    Dan sometimes just needs direction from his woman, Dan Benny placed a finger upon his lips How about your brain shuts it the hell up now so you can kiss me I liked this book, I really liked Dan.

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    Benny is stuck in a rut She promised to love Henny forever and that is what she is doing even though he died six years before She squashes happy feelings as wrong almost as if she wishes she were dead, too She seems to have been marching in place for six years and only going through the motions of living Dan is a good man and into Benny though she squashes the good feelings he brings out in her because she is stuck in that rut of her own creating Benny is a bit quirky and spends quite a bit of time in the cemetery This felt to me to be a story of loss, grieving, awakening, love, family, friendships, caring, sharing and community I enjoyed this story and the side story of August I enjoyed the idea of Benny getting to know her mother better on the trip to Brooklyn and I also enjoyed Dan s story of his family, too This was a well crafted very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading books in the future by this author Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the copy to read in exchange for an honest review.

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    The past mingles with the present, and the meaning of true love will you keep you turning the pages in Dreaming August Ms DeFino has woven a beautiful tale about a Benny, who isn t sure when it is acceptable to move on after losing her one true love As Benny follows her journey, she gets some guidance from a surprise visitor to the cemetery by the name of Augie or is it her imagination But the best part is, this story was not only about love It s about family It s about the ghosts that haunt us It s about coming to terms with the past And it s about where you fit into that mix If you like romantic women s fiction, you ll love this book

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    Ms DeFino is a remarkable storyteller Her writing style is as beautiful as it is original.Read full review in the

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