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Love's Sure Dawn summary Love's Sure Dawn, series Love's Sure Dawn, book Love's Sure Dawn, pdf Love's Sure Dawn, Love's Sure Dawn 9e28b62e7f The Bestselling Eagle Harbor Series Continues With Book , Love S Sure Dawn No Matter How Hard She Tries To Help, Rebekah Cummings Always Ends Up Causing Problems Than She Solves This Time, Though, Things Will Be Different She Ll Find A Way To Pay Her Family S Debts, Even If Doing So Requires Leaving Eagle Harbor Maybe Then They Ll Start Treating Her As A Capable Woman Who Makes Her Own Choices Gilbert Sinclair Is Going To Marry An Heiress With His Latest Business Venture Sunk At The Bottom Of Lake Superior, He Needs Money To Replace The Steamship He Lost, So He Heads To Chicago Where His Father S Business Connections Should Land Him A Suitable Wife Like Most Things In His Meticulously Planned Life, Everything Goes As Expected Until He Discovers Rebekah Cummings Working As The New Cook On His Ship Rebekah Well Remembers The Pain She Endured The Last Time She Tried Trusting Gilbert, And Gilbert Can T Afford To Pursue The Love Of A Working Class Woman But They Can T Stop The Forgotten Feelings Swirling Between Them Or Ignore The Sacrifices They D Both Have To Make For A Future Together More Than Just A Satisfying Love Story Melissa Jagears, Award Winning Christian Author This Is The Best Book Series That I Have Found In Several Years Reviewer If You Like Inspirational Stories Of Love, Courage, And Drama, Then Get Your Copy Of The Latest Book In The Memorable Eagle Harbor Series Eagle Harbor Series Where Love Finds Its Anchor BookLove S Unfading Light Mac And Tressa BookLove S Every Whisper Elijah And Victoria Short Story Love S Beginning Elijah And Victoria BookLove S Sure Dawn Gilbert And Rebekah BookLove S Eternal Breath Seth And Lindy WinterBookLove S Constant Hope Thomas And Jessalyn SummerBookLove S Bright Tomorrow Isaac And Aileen Winter

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    .This was a well developed historical romance, with well defined characters, a progressive plot line, dramatic action, feudal conflicts, charity versus obligation, and some mystery It boldly lends an ear to scriptures but doesn t hit you over the head with them.There was a lot of conflicts based on the differences between the classes and the life long friendship between the heroine and the hero This Christian volume of the series that focuses the reader to the hero and the circle of people in his life He compares all women to the one woman that he longs for, but can never have Unfortunately, they were born in different stations in life Everyone perceives this man to be a cold hearted and non compassionate person like his father, but this book reflects a perception of him in another light.The I read about this series, the I detest brother Issac Cummings He is a know it all, bully, a dictator, AND part time preacher that doesn t even provide any assistance, monetary or otherwise, for his mother or siblings Yet, he is full of unwanted advice And he is not even the most villainous character in the book That place of honor is someone else s brother What a pig he was How they allowed such atrocities to exist without retribution is unbelievable, even though I understand it was how things were done in that era Thankfully, the scoundrel got a piece of comeuppance for some of his actions in this book.Personally, I am losing patience with storylines that involve a woman caught between the adoration of two different men It was an enjoyable tale based on the complexity of love, faith, and enduring strength This book is able to stand on its own, but if you read them in order, you will be familiar with some of the characters that carry over Each story does include its own H.E.A., which is always a good way to conclude a fictional adventure This is clean, but not wholesome It refers to prostitutes and rape without any explicit details on the actual acts involved It those subjects offend, it would be best to avoid this tale.There were some twists and turns that burst through old thoughts and beliefs to reach a new understanding I really wish that authors would include epilogues when writing romance novels, since the reader waits patiently to discover what the future holds, only to be presented with a small fragment of what might actually come to pass for the characters There is a H.E.A but I want to know I listened to this book produced by Tantor Audio through Hoopla, which runs about 9 hours and 28 minutes The narrator was Cassandra Campbell.

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    I will admit to some reluctance in starting this book, not because I had any concerns about the writing, but because I wasn t sure I would like the characters After reading about them in Love s Every Whisper, I didn t find much to recommend them But as they took center stage in their own novel I found myself irresistibly drawn into their story and I could not put the book down The writing was excellent and the story enjoyable as I returned to Eagle Harbor, all but rubbing my hands in glee as I saw the story and the romance taking shape.This is a continuation of the Eagle Harbor series while Rebekah and Gilbert are this novel s main characters, we still get some glimpses into what has happened to couples from the other books they may not be the focus, but it s nice to visit with some old friends in a familiar setting.Characterization is key in this novel as I mentioned earlier, both Rebekah and Gilbert play a role in the last book and I didn t care much for either of them during it To be fair, Gilbert was vying for the attentions of the heroine of that book, and he didn t come across as the right man for her, or even as a nice person how could he then become the hero of this novel Rebekah struck me as a petulant child, not very heroine like at all, so I wasn t very enthused about the romance between them, at least until I got a little ways into the action Both of these characters undergo an amazing transformation in this book, largely because we are able to get inside their heads and see part of what motivates them The depth is amazing and a fascinating study in how people grow and change over time it is realistic and illustrates that we never know how different experiences shape the people before us I love seeing both of the main characters vulnerable and out of control at various points and watching how God shapes their decisions and emotions as they journey on toward each other.I enjoyed the love story as it grew naturally from the childhood relationship into something as the two experienced several situations that brought them closer together, despite their individual desires to remain distant The spiritual content is quite good and the focus in this book is on plans, both God s and ours How do we respond when they don t match up What happens when we ve made a mess of our lives by going our own way In a bit of a twist, both characters can see where the other is falling short, but they have an almost impossible time of seeing the exact same failing in themselves.There is one word of caution I would offer about this book there are several disturbing scenes that play into the story, and squeamish readers may have trouble with them Several women are abused and one takes an unfortunate path as she attempts to deal with the result of another s sin against her For these reasons, I would recommend this novel for mature teens on up.This fantastic installment in the Eagle Harbor series will please fans of historical fiction and romance in general After reading it so soon after the previous book, I now have to wait for a year to read the next novel, which I will surely be picking up as soon as it is available I am eager to continue the story and read of from these lifelike characters I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for this honest review All of the opinions expressed are my own.

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    We get to know Rebekah and Gilbert in the previous books in the Eagle Harbor series, and they are both difficult characters I couldn t wait to see how their story would be told After some humbling experiences in the previous book, Gilbert is forced to reevaluate his strategy on accomplishing his goal of building the crane he engineered From an outside perspective, he seems selfishly bent on making this business venture successful at all costs, but as we learn about his real motivations his true character is revealed.Rebekah is a strong young woman, stubborn and desperate to prove to her family that she can contribute beyond what the norm is for women of the time Even though she acts hardened and tough, she is still naive about many things Her eyes are opened to harshness and cruelty on her journey, yet her compassion makes a difference in the lives of those she reaches out to.The overall mood of the book is anxious since there is so much injustice in the lives of the characters, but the fighting spirits of Gilbert and Rebekah propel the story forward The attraction between them is something they also fight against, but as they learn to turn to the Lord to direct their paths, they find that they are being led toward each other instead of apart I was happy to see how things came together in the end, and already can t wait to read the next book This is the third book in the Eagle Harbor Series, but it can be read as a stand alone However, we get to know the main characters and families in the previous books so I think they are best enjoyed being read in order Thank you to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review

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    In the third book in the Eagle Harbor Novel series, Love s Sure Dawn, the author develops the characters of Rebekah Cummings and Gilbert Sinclair Gilbert is in search of an heiress to finance his follies Gilbert s biggest interest is money, and he ll use anything and anyone to obtain the amount of money necessary to replace a sunken steamship and the crane he has invented and built Rebekah seeks a way to help her family, struggling to make ends meet Ms Rawlings has created an unpredictable and compelling story of Gilbert and Rebekah These characters are as different as night and day Rebekah is developing into a strong and compassionate woman as Gilbert portrays a selfish, money driven man.Settings of Eagle Harbor and Chicago are well described, and life aboard ship on Lake Superior is depicted with both splendor and the perils of a well known killer lake As the series develops I become intrigued and involved in the stories of the inhabitants of Eagle Harbor, and the beauty and difficult times that are portrayed A fast paced and deeply poignant story has once again left me wanting Don t miss any of the books in this series The development of characters and events is impressive.

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    Love s Sure Dawn by Naomi Rawlings is another delightful Christian historical romance in the Eagle Harbor series It is the third book but can be read as a stand alone I enjoyed catching up on the fortunes of familiar characters.The novel focuses on the theme of wealth Money can be used for good but it is never meant to be a foundation for anything You ll never have this loving family you speak of if you try building a marriage on money Money should never be the focus of one s life.There is the theme of family One family has love at its core, another, money Love has everyone s interests at heart The love of money is sure to bring a downfall What if he d been born into a family that cared about helping others than amassing their own wealth I found it wonderful to watch the character development of Gilbert Sinclair Introduced to him in book two, my opinion of him has altered drastically.Another character who has been developed is Rebekah She is a wonderful modern woman for her times with a huge heart Watching her grow is wonderful I really like her.The theme of taking care of others is present in the novel Needs are seen and met, as opposed to being passed over When his wife saw a need, she was determined to put others first The novel highlights the class divide It was unusual for the upper classes to concern themselves with the lower classes but the story shows how caring for others can jump all boundaries.There is the darker side to human nature presented in the form of physical abuse It is ugly and shows up ugly characters for who they are.God is a God who heals physically, spiritually and emotionally We need to bring our requests to Him.There is a contrast between the city and the country Isolation is found in the overcrowded city, whereas in Eagle Harbor there is a feeling of community.I am really loving this Eagle Harbor series Each story is unique and taking up residence in my heart The tales are delightfully written and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.I received this book for free A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.

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    See full review at www.joyofreadingweb.wordpress.comI really enjoyed reading Rebekah s story Growing up with brother s she is somewhat the tomboy She has a big heart for others and feels a strong need to pull her own weight and do her part Her inability to be patient and wait for God s leading took her down a path that brought her heartache, but also growth.Like most who have read the previous two books, I struggled at first to like Gilbert However, as I got to know the real person he is, not the persona he allows most other to see, I changed my opinion of him He is possibly the most misunderstood character from the first two books Gilbert had long ago learned to withhold himself from others, and he had to do some personal soul searching to uncover for himself who he was in Christ I enjoyed getting to know who Gilbert really is in this book I found him to be kind, compassionate, and willing to give of himself I appreciate reading Naomi s books and I look forward to reading from the Eagle Harbor series I received a complimentary digital copy of this book for review from author publisher I am not required to write positive reviews The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    Man, I love this series.

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    This is the third book in the Eagle Harbor series I highly recommend reading the first two so that you get a deeper understanding of each character the town of Eagle Harbor I think you would find it much enjoyable that way Rebekah Cummings has long been an unconventional tomboy who wishes to join her brother Elijah in the fishing industry She can easily outwork any man and sail any ship She knows the ins and outs of anything to do with the waters But does she really know her own heart For once in her life she wants to make her own decisions way in the world, so she takes off in the early dawn hours to join up with the crew of the Lassiter as a cook sailing for Chicago Gilbert Sinclair, having recently lost his ship the Beaumont with his crane aboard on the bottom of Eagle Harbor, sets sail again to find himself an heiress in Chicago He thinks marrying for money will solve his financial dilemma He ll once again return to Eagle Harbor, re build his crane to make the dockworkers jobs safer for loading unloading goods from the ships But is that the answer he needs Or is there a different plan God has out there for him And then he discovers who s the new cook on board Naomi once again outdoes herself with this story I ve loved coming back to Eagle Harbor and revisiting old friends and learning about Gilbert now that he has made his peace with Elijah God And seeing Rebekah wanting to be fiercely independent and make a life for herself There were times when I wanted to shake these two to make them see how much they care about each other They both have pasts they think they have to make up for, but in reality none of was their own doing They learn to not only forgive themselves, but each other as well I enjoyed watching Rebekah see Gilbert s true heart realize why he is the way he is And Gilbert realizing that true love isn t in money, but the people in his life Naomi brings this story to a highly satisfying end works all the kinks out for these two characters to come together A truly unique problem solved in a way I didn t see coming yet, realized was the perfect solution You will see faith threaded throughout this story each character grow in it I loved the various scriptures quoted appreciated the author including these A highly recommended book to other inspirational historical readers, especially to those who ve read her first two Eagle Harbor books I was provided a complimentary copy by the author in exchange for my honest review, which I have given here Thank you Naomi for another well written story and taking me back to revisit old friends

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    This is the third book in the Eagle Harbor Series I loved this book I was so glad to catch up with the characters from Love s Every Whisper again Rebekah Cummings is an independent minded young lady She is known for wearing men s trousers while assisting her brother on the family s fishing boat She prides herself in her capabilities She knows she is as strong or stronger than the other men on Elijah s Lake Superior Volunteer Rescue Team However, Elijah has forbidden her to go out on the rescue boat any Rebekah must do something to help Elijah After all, the fish are not bringing in the same high price as last year So early one morning she departs Eagle Harbor bound for Chicago aboard The Lassiter as the new cook.Gilbert Sinclair is in debt The insurance company will only pay a portion of his loss after the tragic sinking of his ship with the prototype of his new crane aboard during a winter storm on Lake Superior Sixteen thousand dollars His only solution return to Chicago and marry an heiress Then he can build another crane.Elijah Cummings and Victoria are now newlyweds sharing a cabin with Elijah s mother and sister Elijah is weighed down by financial burdens He not only continues to take out his fishing boat every day earning a meager living while the price of fish declines, he also works at the sawmill, helps to build the new building for the Volunteer Boat Rescue Station and continues to depart on rescue runs whenever the need arises The main message in this book is taken from Song of Solomon 8 7 Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned Naomi Rawlings has several surprises in store for her readers in this third installment of her series I m not going to ruin them but sharing them in this review I was not disappointed when I read this book I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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    The Eagle Harbor Series is quickly becoming one of my favorite series and Love s Sure Dawn is the best one yet I was so happy to be back in Eagle Harbor and to catch up with all the characters.I was a bit leery of Gilbert He wasn t the most likeable character in the previous books So, it was really nice to get a deeper look at him, to understand where he was coming from and why he acted the way he did He s a complex and misunderstood guy I loved seeing him in a new light and he quickly became my favorite character I ve been eager for Rebekah s story since her very first appearance in book one She s a feisty and stubborn tomboy who often acts without thinking things through So I wondered who would be her perfect match.At first, I couldn t see how Rebekah and Gilbert would ever be a good match They re complete opposites and come from completely different social standings Then all of a sudden, I realized how absolutely perfect they were for each other It was really great watching their growth.The characters in this series face seemingly insurmountable odds, always leaving me to wonder how things could possibly work out But one of my absolute favorite aspects of these books is Rawlings brilliant ability at shining a light on God s greatness and showing that anything is possible with Him I cannot recommend this series highly enough I received a complimentary copy of this book All thoughts and comments are my own honest opinion.

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