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    Nice pictures and good facts on hibernating animals for young readers.

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    Hibernaci n or Hibernation is an excellent is an excellent science book for young children It talks about a science concept where different animals hibernate and shows examples of different kinds of animals while they are hibernating with excellent photos This is a favorite book in our science center and also a good example of a nonfiction book that gives us information rather than tell as story My copy is a bilingual English Spanish copy, which is great as my preschool is about half English home language speakers and half Spanish home language speakers.

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    Tis book is short but offers so much informatin to open the door to learning about hibenation We would look at the different types of animals that hibernate ad where they hibernate and discuss why animals do hibernate.

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    Use for science to help with the understanding on living things and organisms Have it out during the teaching of that cluster so students can use it in independent reading if they choose.

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