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Calling the Dead chapter 1 Calling the Dead, meaning Calling the Dead, genre Calling the Dead, book cover Calling the Dead, flies Calling the Dead, Calling the Dead b3705ccc2341e Six Months After Hurricane Katrina Has Devastated New Orleans, Detective Sept Savoie Is Battling The Nightmare Of Everything The Storm Has Taken From Her When A Brutalised Body Turns Up Behind One Of The Restaurants, Run By Keegan Blanchard Soon The Clues Are Pointing To Keegan, Making The Relationship Growing Between Them Very Awkward

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    Ms.Vali created an intriguing story by skilfully interweaving the thriller and romance plot.Sept and Keegan s courtship progressed rather quickly but other than that, the hate turned yummylicious pairing was written beautifully They had loads of page time filled with great old conversations, flirtings, banters, trust and faith in beginning developing a relationship I bookmarked almost every page and highlighted some of the hotter than jalapeno steamy acts for future reference. ehem, ehem These two ladies were really lucky to have solid family roots where they received plenty of love and support from Sept had some rather interesting sessions with the Blanchard s matriarch and I wished that Keegan had page time with the Savoie clan especially with Sept s mum Cause this is thrillerThriller nightAnd no one s gonna save youFrom the beast about to strikeYou know it s thrillerThriller nightYou re fighting for your lifeInside a killer thriller tonight, yeahAhahahahahahahahaI m gonna bring it tonight Thank you MJ for the intro DThankfully, the serial killer was present and a recurring character in this story His thoughts and methods of killing were pretty tame at first but as the story progressed, they became sinister and brutal Unfortunately, I was not creeped out but I felt sad for the victims as most of them were victims of hardships and making their way to a better life only to be taken away by an asshole Sept and Keegan called him that Book two is out and thankfully available on Scribd Saving it for Borneo trip along with 17 other books

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    Trigger Warning Graphic violence portrayedWhat an excellent read The only Ali Vali I have read before this book was an unmemorable romance novel Now I see why everyone loves her Cain Casey series if it is done as well as this crime thriller police procedural I loved everything about this book The two mains, Sept Savoie seventh child in a French family and Keegan Blanchard are women you want to meet and women you don t want to cross The cop and the cook go from enemies suspect to lovers and it s a beautiful thing to watch Since this is primarily a crime thriller there is no need for the makeout breakup makeup scenario necessary to flesh out a standard romance novel and that is refreshing As a couple they sizzle The author knows her way around New Orleans and the post Katrina devastation is easy to visualize and add authenticity to a story with a serial killer able to hide in multiple abandoned buildings and commit his foul crimes You can feel the lawlessness and challenges faced by local law enforcement many of whom are living in FEMA trailers Another kudo goes to the author who created a monster with a fascinating desire to please the gods of a religion brought to New Orleans by slaves from the Caribbean called Santeria It made for a fascinating and difficult case and Vali did an excellent job of keeping the killer a mystery Well done.Plenty of tension, some great sex and even some families to love Great book.

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    A book that grabs you on two levels the romance that I loved and the thriller detective story that had me hiding behind the sofa Loved the family both MCs surrounded themselves with highly recommended but I ll need some space before I start on book 2.

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    Another enjoyable Ali Vali book I love her Devil series and it was nice to see Sept, a secondary character, get her own book While this is a crime book, it had a romance throughout that went at a nice pace And the mystery of the book had some twists which made it a great crime thriller also I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys books of those categories.Ali Vali really is a great author When you read her books you know shes the author, even if she used a pen name Just like someone who reads a lot of F F books could probably pick out a Radclyffe or a Geri Hill book Ali has an unique voice that makes her books great and this one is no exception

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    This is the first in a, so far, two book series starring a character readers of Ali Vali might have spotted in other books Referring, of course, to Sept Savoie Who happens to be one of the few people on the legal side of things who is not shown to be a complete moron in Vali s Cain Casey series I m trying to figure out who to word this hmms While there is mystery elements in the Casey series, the series is about watching Cain Casey operate her criminal enterprise and, when mysteries pop up they are mysteries for the people in the book, not for the reader While here, in this particular series, the emphasis is on a whodunnit kind of mystery, with the reader both kept in the dark, and given hints and clues here or there.For those who care about such things the mystery is was quite well constructed, and I only knew I had things wrong when revelations started to occur though I think I realized I was wrong about three pages before the revelations occurred There s a good mix of watching a cop do their thing, police investigation wise watching a cop live their life keeping up the mix of off duty and on duty life going and watching a cop romance and be romanced Good solid book mystery romance.Rating 4.45May 11 2019

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    4.5 stars.A great book and an enjoyable read Thank you Ali Vali.

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    If you are looking for an absolutely compelling and engrossing murder mystery romance, you don t have to look any further than Calling the Dead by Ali Vali I was in awe at how skillfully Ms Vali wove such an intricate and complex story together with the perfect setting for the story early post Katrina in New Orleans and characters that were so well drawn that you could swear they were real people.It has been a while since I have read a mystery where I couldn t figure out who done it by at least two thirds of the way through the book, but Calling the Dead kept me guessing almost until the very last page There are so many twists and turns and so many characters with opportunity and motive, that it really keeps the reader guessing until the end.The romance between the two main characters, Sept Savoie and Keegan Blanchard was incorporated perfectly into the murder mystery story line and was refreshingly sweet and hot I also loved how the two very Southern New Orleans families were portrayed in the tale Sept was so cute interacting with Keegan s family She was the perfect Southern gentlewoman I just couldn t help but Awww at those moments in the story.Get this book and read it Just remember to clear a day or two for the reading because once you begin, you will not want to put it down until you finish.

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    This was a decent thriller romance, which I enjoyed reading I really liked the developing relationship between Sept and Keegan, but although the investigation into the ritual murders started well, it seemed to drag towards the end In fact the investigation didn t really get anywhere and the case was finally solved by luck than good judgement.I also thought there were too many sessions with Novice and the Teacher and although I understand they do give an impression of Novice s mental state they became quite tedious after while.

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    I read this book last year I loved it Mystery and Police Procedurals are my first love Lesbian fictional love stories snuck in when I wasn t looking Detective Sept Savoie, a character from Vali s Cain Casey series, comes from a family of NOLA police officers There is a horrific murder behind a famous restaurant, one of the chefs is carved up This restaurant is owned by a New Orleans matriarch whose Granddaughter is head chef and Savoie s first suspect The story unfolds from there and pulls in many artifacts and superstitions special to NOLA The characters are eccentric and grow on you Ali Vali is a great crime romance author, enjoy the read.

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    Really enjoyed this as I love a good thriller with a romance thrown in The book is brutal and gory which made me cringe at times but the romance broke it up nicely I really want to read the sequel Answering the call but as I read the first page it was quite graphic so think a break needs to be taken and not to be read one after the other.

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