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  • Hardcover
  • 343 pages
  • When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams
  • Bob Greene
  • English
  • 02 October 2017
  • 9780312375294

10 thoughts on “When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams

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    Another terrific Greene book Our interests are so much alike it s scary I would have loved to tour with Jan Dean or any other group, for that matter.

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    Gold is where you find it Bob Greene Very enjoyable memoir written by a veteran journalist who most serendipitously finds himself a 40 something regular guy upgraded to volunteer guitarist status for the pop duo Jan and Dean as they pinball around America playing their 1960 s surf and car songs at county fairs, corporate events, and the occasional sports stadium for adoring fans of all ages During this decade or so spent enduring long summer days of travel and tedium awaiting the reward found in one hour of exhilarating evening play, the author s keen observational eye and skilled writing ability produced hundreds of short narratives that reveal much about the American experience, mostly good but occasionally sad As the title says, it s a journey through America in pursuit of rock and roll, friendship, and dreams All things I enjoy very much, BTW But it s also a look back at life with the wisdom and understanding that comes with age and hindsight While Jan and Dean weren t well known to me they were successful predecessors contemporaries of the Beach Boys in the early 60s before my arrival, and before tragedy struck one of them I was fascinated by the behind the scenes reveal this book provides of everyday life on the touring road, especially for a group that didn t regularly enjoy the luxuries afforded a mega successful act This book makes clear that, aside from the rush that comes with singing in the spotlight each night to a crowd of hundreds or thousands of happy fans, their music life on the road is about as monotonous and lonely as what a travelling business professional might endure for the similar need of earning a living and supporting loved ones back home.I ll end this review with one of the author s observations that made me pause for further contemplation though this happened often and throughout the book It takes place when he finds himself feeling disappointed in an empty, desolate Yankee Stadium, wondering where the grandeur was that he dreamed it contained when he was a kid listening to baseball games on the radio If there is, indeed, a top rung of that ladder if there is a finish line then perhaps you re never supposed to see it If you see the finish line, it s not really the finish line Which is a good piece of knowledge to have For all the people who spend their lives trying to make it to the metaphorical Yankee stadium, it s not so bad to find out that, when you get there, it s not there at all FWIW, that brought to mind the Wizard of Oz film, in the sense that while you may seek fulfillment somewhere over the rainbow, you may get there and realize it s not that specific place or accomplishment that gives you what you thought you needed in life, but perhaps it s something else that s been near or inside you all along and just waiting for your recognition Or, as the author also opined Gold is where you find it Or maybe, and likely, I just had too much coffee this morning

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    When We Get To Surf City A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock Roll, Friendship, Dreams by Bob Greene St Martin s Press 2008 973.9209 Another NPR contributor has written a great book I ve come to dislike and mistrust the A Journey Through America in Search Pursuit etc genre, but this book demands my highest rating As a sixteen year old, Bob Greene adored the Beach Boys and Jan Dean when they first hit the radio in 1964 1966 As a forty five year old many years later in the course of a story, Greene met and was befriended by Jan Dean s current drummer on the oldies amusement park tour and became a pal of the band and an unpaid official band member on rhythm guitar for ten years This is funnier still because I heard Jan Dean do a promotional radio interview in Emerald Isle, NC in 1980 Jan Berry had been a wonder boy, brilliant, ready to move on past the number one hits He had already been accepted to medical school in the mid 60 s when a car crash his fault, rear ended a truck while speeding in his convertible crippled him and left his speech and communication hard to understand This was made ironic by the titles of some of Jan Dean s hits they wrote and sang Dead Man s Curve years before this wreck At any rate, during the 1980 interview, I didn t know their background I didn t know whether Jan was drunk or epileptic but I do know that, on the air, he tried to pick up a girl after inviting her to the night s show, he asked her age and she replied Thirteen They also spoke to a young man who, after the singers blustered on about their former fame, when asked if he had any questions for Jan Dean, asked Yeah What are some of your songs Aside that s akin to Knoxville DJ Phil Williams in the 1980 s doing a pre New Year s show with a Knoxville Police Officer with a breathalyzer on air to measure and demonstrate the loss of control when one drives while drunk. Phil drank a shot of whiskey every fifteen minutes all morning and got well beyond wasted he talked through and over the songs, his cohosts etc After three plus hours of this which included periodic breathalyzer tests to demonstrate his ever increasing blood alcohol content , they prepared to roll Phil out of the studio, pour him into the back seat of a car, and take the poor drunken sap home As he was departing, Phil was asked if he had any final comments for the listening audience to wrap up the show about the dangers of drunk driving Our intrepid host said as follows Well, I want ya ll to know that even though I m drunk, I can tell you one thing I can still drive That was one of the funniest and most inappropriate things I ever heard in my life My rating 8.75 10, finished 2011.

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    On the road with Jan and Dean Bob Greene joins the summer tours as Jan and Dean sing at many a rock and roll revival at state fairs and music fests There are lots of laughs and times to celebrate, fairly counterbalanced by Jan s health decline or the kind of diss that occurs when the one time Surf City kings have to open for the Monkees The best part of the memoir is when Bob meets old rock and roll stars whom we get to know better Frankie Avalon, the Everly Bros, the Beach Boys, Chad and Jeremy Give me It s a refreshing change from the usual sex and drugs brag books The closest they get to that is the occasional beer that goes with supper or the man who asked Can you sign my daughter s ass Easy reading Mostly recommended for rock and roll fans who d remember Gene Pitney or Gary U.S Bonds.

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    A perfect evocation of an old guy s experience of rock and roll.

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    90 of 120 books pledged to read in 2017

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    If you know the music you ll love the book So much that I didn t know and Bob Greene is simply amazing to share these stories with us

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    When We Get To Surf City is Bob Greene s story of his multi year odyssey as a member of Jan and Dean s touring band Greene is a long time columnist for the Chicago Tribune and Esquire, as well as the author of several previous books The opportunity to play with Jan and Dean came about as a one time event, but the surf rockers saw how much fun he was having, and invited him back Soon Greene was flying across the country to join the band whenever he could, a gig that stretched on for many magical summers.Jan and Dean were pop music stars of the early 60s, and topped the charts in 1963 with the hit that provides the title for this book The Jan and Dean story appeared to come to an abrupt end in 1966 when Jan Berry, who also produced their albums and wrote many of their hits, was involved in a near fatal auto accident He spent years battling back from those injuries, and well over a decade after the accident, began touring with Dean Torrence again.Greene is a marvelous storyteller, and the most poignant moments of the book unfold as he portrays Jan s heroic struggles to get through each day Fans of a certain age will remember the made for TV movie, Deadman s Curve, which told the story of the first phase of Jan s comeback But even those who remember that film will find themselves moved by the degree of struggle Jan Berry faced every day for the last 38 years of his life Greene observes Jan before shows and wonders why he is listening intently to and singing along with recordings of the hits he wrote decades earlier It turns out he has to re learn the lyrics every single time due to the lasting brain damage he suffered in the accident.Greene s gift is to interweave the nostalgia for innocence and youth with the realities of the present day He does a wonderful job of evoking the beauty of a warm summer night, with music and laughter in the air and that mythical place called Surf City just around the next curve in the road.As a long time fan of Bob Greene s books, and of Jan and Dean, I couldn t pass this one up, and once I started it, I couldn t put it down.

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    Bob Greene wrote an outstanding book about life on the road with an oldies rock group Greene, known as a Chicago newspaper columnist, used his reporter s keen eye to take the reader behind the scenes in the world of rock and roll, which may appear glamorous on the surface, but takes a lot of sacrifice, hard work, and humility Greene was invited to play with the band over several years He admits that it was a dream come true, especially since he grew up listening to their music Jan and Dean were one of the top acts in music in the early 1960s That ended when Jan Berry was involved in a near fatal car accident Jan never fully recovered from the accident, but through sheer perseverance, returned to the stage And Greene s tells us his story of courage and heartbreak inspirational and sad And he shows the compassion and quiet determination of Dean Torrence in taking care of his longtime band mate and keeping the show on the road Along the way Greene introduces the reader to the likes of Freddy Boom Boom Cannon, Gene Pitney, some of the Beach Boys, Frankie Avalon, the Monkees, and even Frank Sinatra This book is much than about music It s about life on the road and the importance of friendship.

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    I wanted to read this book for 2 reasons The author grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where I live, and I have enjoyed several of his other books I also wanted to read it because of my job in the media biz at an Alternative Rock radio station which gave me an inside look at the rock roll lifestyle, not to mention the opportunity to meet many well known entertainers, and all the rock band tee shirts I could handle Greene s vivid pictures of being on the road with the band very entertaining.

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When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreamscharacters When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams, audiobook When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams, files book When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams, today When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams, When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams a75cd In A Dazzling And Exhilarating Display Of Narrative On The Road Reporting, Award Winning Journalist And New York Times Bestselling Author Bob Greene Takes Readers On An Unforgettable American Journey Of Music, Memories, And Universal LongingRunning Away To Join The Circus Is A Dream We Re Told To Put Away Once We Re No Longer Young But, As Bob Greene Writes, Just When In Our Lives We Give Up On Capturing The Freedom And Bright Mornings Of Our World When It Was New, Sometimes Something Happens To Keep The Sun High In The Sky A While Longer Sometimes We Find Something We Weren T Even Aware We Were Looking For For Fifteen Years Beginning In The S, Greene Stepped Into A Universe That, Out In The Country Every Summer Night, Is Hiding In Plain Sight The Touring World Of The Great Early Rock Bands Who Gave America The Car Radio And Jukebox Music It Still Loves Best Singing Backup With The Legendary Jan And Dean As They Endlessly Crisscross The Nation, Greene Takes Us To Football Stadiums And Minor League Ballparks, To No Name Ice Cream Stands And Midnight Diners, To Back Roads And Carnival Midways As He Tells A Riveting Story Of Great Fame And Lingering Sorrow, Of Unexpected Friendship And Lasting Dreams, Of The Things That Keep Us Going In The Face Of All The Things That Threaten To Stop UsStriking Chords Of Recognition And Yearning, When We Get To Surf City Glistens With Cameos By The Men And Women With Whom Greene Traveled The United States On His Deliriously Unlikely Journey, Including Chuck Berry, Martha And The Vandellas, The Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beach Boys, The Monkees, The Kingsmen, James Brown, Lesley Gore, The Drifters, Little Eva, And The CoastersAll Of Them Not Just The People On The Stage, But The People In The Audiences, Too Are Seeking Their Private Versions Of The Mythical Destination Jan And Dean Came Up With All Those Years Ago Surf City As The Perfect, Cloudless Place We All Believe Is Out There, If Only We Can Find ItHilarious And Heartbreaking, Moving And Brilliant, This Is The Trip Of A Lifetime, A Travelogue Of The Heart, Accompanied By A Thundering Guitar Chorus Of Fender Stratocasters It Is A Story Destined To Touch Readers Not Just Today, But For Generations To Come, As Long As The Music Itself Echoes

About the Author: Bob Greene

Robert Bernard Greene, Jr., who writes as Bob Greene, is a journalist Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.