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    I actually bought this book thinking it was another book with the same title, but this is a good book I did experience somewhat of a culture schock, however I ve lived in a few small towns, some of which were controlled by a small clique, but I ve never lived in one so small it had only one church, nor would I have expected there would be a town where most people attended church this book was published in 2000, so I presume the events are based loosely on the 90s, but the US must be very different from other countries.I was also bothered by this snippet from one of the prosecution team at dinner with one of her colleagues She is narrating how her father was taken by the Nazis Even if they had wanted to resist the government, my father and grandfather had no means to do so There was no Second Amendment technicality barring the government from outlawing the possession of firearms, and it had done so the author seems to be suggesting that citizens can resist the government with armed force Most civilised countries have strict control over firearms, but I rather doubt a gun would help you against the government even in America.Despite these reservations, I have to say I enjoyed the book and, in particular, the insights we were given into the way the lawyers, both prosecution and defence, prepared their cases.

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