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Food And Culture: A Reader chapter 1 Food And Culture: A Reader, meaning Food And Culture: A Reader, genre Food And Culture: A Reader, book cover Food And Culture: A Reader, flies Food And Culture: A Reader, Food And Culture: A Reader 8066a45d818fa Food Touches Everything Important To People It Marks Social Difference And Strengthens Social Bonds Common To All People, It Can Signify Very Different Things From Table To TableFood And Culture Takes A Global Look At The Social, Symbolic, And Political Economic Role Of Food The Stellar Contributors To This Reader Examine Some Of The Meanings Of Food And Eating Across Cultures, With Particular Attention To How Men And Women Define Themselves Differently Through Their Foodways Crossing Many Subjects, This Innovative, First Of Its Kind In The Field Includes The Perspectives Of Anthropology, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Politics, And Sociology This Is The Classic Text In The Field, Updated For The First Time In A Decade, And Hailed As The Bible In The Field A Must Use For Any Course On The Anthropology Or Sociology Of Food This Book Comes With A Companion Website, Which You Can Visit At Routledge Textbooks

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    Food has been underrated as political, economic, social, cultural force shaping human events history The culinary divide between northern southern India partially reflects the historical impact of the coming of the Mughals from the Khyber Pass and butting heads against the indigenous populations in the south The economics of pig rearing manifests itself in the religious divide that logically conforms to the geographical terrains that either permits or punishes such Today, the poor are likely fat whereas the fit are likely rich, an inversion of the millenniums past a reflection of class inequality FoodForThought

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    I found this book to be very informative It expanded on various ideas and viewpoints that I had not thought of before Read this for my Culture, Cuisine, and Power course and thought it was a nice compliment.

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    Counihan is a food anthropologist with great insight into economics, politics, social implications of the way we eat.

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    Tons of information on cultural ideals and religious beliefs and the food that accompanies them There is so much that goes into what is eaten, when and why that it can really shape lives Even in what is not eaten, which would be an even bigger category in some cultures This book even formulates ideas on how to change negative lifestyles in the world by switching their diets It s not a comfy window seat type of book, but you will gain some very pertinent information on how to live healthily and a new understanding into less analogous ways of life.

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    A good collection of articles on the intersection of food and culture, although it would seem that the medically oriented articles need to be updated or contextualized Overall, enjoyable, but an updated version would be a better addition to the beginnings of a food library Best articles Time, Sugar and Sweetness by Sidney Mintz The Abominable Pig by Marvin Harris.

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    I quite enjoyed this one it s got a bit of everything, so even if you re not a true cultural anthropologist, you ll still find historical cases that are intensely interesting

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    This book was pretty good as an interesting reader for Food and Culture class.

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    This is a truly delightful, robust, and challenging compilation of food studies articles a treat to read as a student and surely to teach as an instructor.

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    This is an interesting read It s a lot of information, but some articles are definitely better than others.

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