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The Secret Wedding pdf The Secret Wedding, ebook The Secret Wedding, epub The Secret Wedding, doc The Secret Wedding, e-pub The Secret Wedding, The Secret Wedding 6d1be7d2832 Luana Young Is The New Wedding Consultant At The Posh Kukui Wana Ao Resort, A Dream Job Or Is It One Of Her First Clients Is Jake Lawrence, A Handsome, Personable Man Who Wants Her To Plan A Wedding For A Couple Whose Identities He Refuses To Reveal With The Bride Absent, Luana Finds Her Task Difficult Than She Ever Bargained For What She Doesn T Expect, Though, Is The Way Jake Opens Her Eyes To The Wonders Of Her Own Island And Helps Her To Have Fun Despite Her Stresses At Work As The Plans Proceed, They Become Closer And Closer And Soon Their Feelings Deepen As Well Suddenly, Word About The Wedding Leaks Out To The Press And Luana Feels The Heat From Her Boss When Jake Isn T As Supportive As She Would Like Him To Be About Her Innocence, The Romance Is Quickly Put On Ice Can Their New And Fragile Romance Survive The Suspicions And The Accusations

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    Review posted on RomancingThePage.com by Laura Lynnhttp www.romancingthepage.com 2010 I love it when this happens I recently reviewed The Secret Beau by Annette Mahon, and I have to say I like The Secret Wedding even I admit I am a sucker for a good wedding, and this story is no exception.As in each book, Mahon does a wonderful job intertwining Hawaiian culture with the story I enjoyed the reference to the wedding cranes, as I watched my friend spend weeks folding her own golden origami birds It is a wonderful custom and the inclusion of it in the story created a local charm I enjoyed.Similar to the last book, the heroine is from Hawaii This time however, the hero is a hoale from the mainland I enjoyed the conflict created by their different outlooks on life and found their banter entertaining.Mahon writes books to help her readers escape their regular life for a few hours This story did just that for me I know I am enjoying a book when I want to finish it instead of falling asleep after a hard day I enjoyed it enough that I hopped up to write this review as well.If I had any complaint about this book it would be that the side characters are not developed as much as I would like I was interested in Luana s brother and friend as well as Callie and Tommy Mahon s descriptions of the surroundings left me with a wonderful mental picture of where I was, but I felt I missed a little of the relationship between the main characters and the people in their lives Of course I realize the side people are not really important to the story and nothing was lost with their limited appearances I do hope to see a few of them in future stories however.At 183 pages, The Secret Wedding can be consumed in a few hours The characters are simple and easy to believe The storyline follows the expected plan with the main girl falling in love with the main boy The landscape for the story is beautiful, and just enough miscommunication is thrown in to make you cringe at the right moments Once again, I have enjoyed a book by Annette Mahon and look forward to the next one on the stack.

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    I always enjoy the Avalon Romance novels This one was an easy read The only thing I didn t care for is how quickly the story developes and how many characters get forgotten by the time the story ends I like to connect to the characters and feel an attatchment to them I feel some of the stories leave important information out It was a cute love story.

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    Very cute, clean romance story

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