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The Doll People pdf The Doll People, ebook The Doll People, epub The Doll People, doc The Doll People, e-pub The Doll People, The Doll People 55337bbd5bf Annabelle Doll Is Years Old And Has Been For Over Years Nothing Much Has Changed In The Dollhouse During That Time, Except For The Fact That Years Ago, Annabelle S Auntie Sarah Disappeared From The Dollhouse Without A Trace After All This Time, Restless Annabelle Is Becoming And Curious About Her Aunt S Fate And When She Discovers Auntie Sarah S Old Diary, She Becomes Positively Driven Her Cautious Family Tries To Discourage Her, But Annabelle Won T Be Stopped, Even Though She Risks Permanent Doll State, In Which She Could Turn Into A Regular, Nonliving Doll And When The Real Pink Plastic Funcraft Family Moves In Next Door, The Doll Family S World Is Turned Upside Down In Ways Than One Fans Of The Borrowers And Stuart Little Will Love This Exciting Story Of Adventure And Mystery The Relationship Between The Two Doll Families, One Antique, One Modern, Is Hilariously, Wonderfully Drawn The Funcrafts Are Reckless And Raucous, With Fearlessness Born Of Their Unbreakable Plastic Parts The Doll Family Is Reserved And Somewhat Prim, Even Though They Occasionally Break Into S Tunes Like Respect In Their Sing Alongs Annabelle Is A Heroine With Integrity And Gumption Ann Martin The Babysitters Club Series And Laura Godwin Create A Witty, Intriguing Tale, Illustrated With Humor And A Clever Eye For Detail By Brian Selznick Ages To Emilie Coulter

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    Aww, I wish my kids liked this than they did I mean they did like it, definitely, but they didn t like like it, you know And this review is going to have to reflect their reaction to it, not mine, because personally I think this book is cute But evidently they have different tastes than I do, and who am I to judge Just for the record, though, those little jerks wouldn t know a good book if it bit em in the ass The Doll People is the story of a bunch of anthropomorphic dolls who ve lived with the same real people family for several generations The premise of this is adorable for freaking real, if it were my house those dolls would have been put to curbside the minute my kids had outgrown them Who the hell keeps dolls around that long So the dolls have taken a sort of oath to keep secret the fact that they are alive, and if they fail in that endeavor then they enter a frozen state of lifelessness called, appropriately, Doll State The main doll character Annabelle has to solve the mystery of her aunt s disappearance without getting caught in Doll State, or without being discovered and carried off by the household cat.I think what ruined it for my kids, though, was my boring monotonous voice If I could have put a little life into the reading it might have been improved for them, but I don t enjoy reading aloud and I couldn t always muster the vocal enthusiasm I m sorry kids but it s all about me This has been a miserably hot summer and Daddy is a little bitch when he overheats Anyway, they can read it again when they get older if they want to They are 5 and 7 now, and this book is probably targeted at a 7 to 9 year old reading level It is 250 pages intermittently dispersed with small black and white sketches, so most of the page is text, but it is of a large enough font that it should not be too intimidating for this age group Personally, I wouldn t take the advice of my kids See what yours think.

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    If you are looking for a story that you can share with your chapter reader that doesn t include first loves, cliques or mean girls than this is the story for you This was a sweet, delightful and clever story about adventure, friendship and mystery Annabelle is part of a doll set that is over one hundred years old The set has been passed down from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter Annabelle is curious about what happened to her Auntie Sarah who disappeared from the doll set over 50 years ago No one in her family seems to remember what happened or is willing to talk about it When a new doll family moves into the humans house to appease the human s younger sister who s always playing her older sister s doll set , Annabelle is excited learn the new dolls have a young daughter, too, named Tiffany Annabelle and Tiffany both team up to solve the mystery of what happened to Auntie Sarah WARNING SPOILERS I loved the premise of bringing in a new doll family to keep the sisters from fighting over the current doll set I liked that the new doll set was plastic, which enabled Tiffany to do dangerous tasks on their adventure than Annabelle, who is made out of china and may break I loved that Auntie Sarah was a Jane Goodall type character who disappearance happened because she was chronicling the wonders of the outside world spiders, dust bunnies, etc I loved that once Sarah was found safe and sound the dolls had to figure out how to let her be discovered by the family, so her reappearance wouldn t raise any suspicion I loved the ever present danger of The Captain, the humans cat, who would abscond with a doll at a moments notice, taking them to who knows where Ann Martin and Laura Godwin weave all these elements together seamlessly to create a fantastic tale Brian Selznicks drawings bring visual interest to the story and life to the characters Very deserving of every single star.

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    This is the first book in the Doll People series, but I unknowingly read them out of order, starting with the third book which is the only one my library had on audiobook I loved it so much that I asked for the first one for my birthday I loved it, too.Here is the story of Annabelle Doll and her family Created over 100 years ago in England, the Doll family came to live with a little girl in America and has been passed down from mother to daughter over the years Annabelle and her family now belong to eight year old Kate, whom Annabelle loves They are also occasionally played with by little sister Nora, who has a special fondness for playing Rancher Family and bringing all sorts of dirty farm animals into the Doll s lovely home Oh, the horror Fortunately, Nora gets a new doll family for her birthday the non breakable, plastic, ultra modern FunCraft family This alleviates some of the Nora stress for the Doll family and also provides them with some new doll acquaintances I chuckled so much over the proper Doll family visiting the 21st century FunCrafts in their plastic overwhelmingly pink home Still, all is not quite well in doll land as Auntie Sarah, Annabelle s aunt, has been missing for 45 years When Annabelle discovers Auntie Sarah s diary, she gains a new appreciation for the brave, adventuresome woman Auntie Sarah was always sneaking off to explore new parts of the human s home, or to find a new species of spider to study and a profound desire to set out to find her, much to the chagrin of her family who would much prefer to stay safely ensconced in the doll house, and for Annabelle to do the same Here, the story takes on an unexpected complexity as the family argues and tries to come to terms with what to do about the Auntie Sarah situation Mama and Papa Doll want to protect Annabelle Uncle Doll is confronted with his own feelings of cowardice as he was too afraid to look for his wife before It s the first time Annabelle has ever seen adults disagree, and the first time she has felt truly compelled to do something independent of her family s wishes Their fears are compounded by the looming threat not only of The Captain the human s cat but of Permanent Doll State if they break too many rules of dollkind Annabelle has been in Doll State before slipping into an immobile condition for a day if one of the humans sees her move but PDS is much serious, causing the doll to lose her freewill forever This raises lots of great conversation points if parents read this with their children What obligation do we have to rescue others if it puts our own lives in danger What if the person left willingly, knowing the danger, versus was lost in an accident To what extent should adults protect their children versus allowing their children the freedom to explore Etc Etc Despite the occasionally weightier issues, the story is quite breezy and fun on the whole with a wonderful sense of adventure and excitement, as well as cozier moments The audiobook narration by Lynne Redgrave is absolutely wonderful like ones very own British and immensely talented grandma reading you a bedtime story I highly recommend these stories to children who enjoy dolls and cherish the possibility that their dolls might be real, as well as to adults who have never quite outgrown their love of dollhouses and the wonderful world of make believe.

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    Although this book is a favorite on my bookshelves, many of my eighth grade girls seems reluctant to pick it up by fourteen, you apparently should be over dolls, in the eyes of my students and enthralled within the first few pages The story about is about an old porcelain doll family who is bombarded with the arrival of a new plastic doll family, who do not respect their dated ways of life and The Doll Code of Honor This brought to my mind memories of my mom forcing her old Chrissy doll I think her name was on me I hated the way her eyes were painted on and the funny yarn looking hair she had I found myself sidetracked often thinking about my doll days and how much imaginative energy goes into playing with these toys Like so many other personified toy stories, I feel that one of the reasons this book appealed to me so much was my constant connection back to creating interactions with my own dolls Our textbook relates this idea to the concept that if we are making our toys talk like people, as readers, we are interested in seeing these toys talk on their own without our direction I compare it to the curiosity we all have about what our toys our doing when we are not around a theme also present in books like Corduroy and Toy Story I also frequently found myself lost in Brian Selznick s illustrations The creative perspectives of the dolls in action keep the reader moving throughout the story and are very appealing to interested eyes I must say that the illustrations make the text far less intimidating to struggling readers, without compromising the quality of the story in the book.

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    If you are looking for something in depth and intellectual, this isn t the book for you, but if you are weary, tired and simply wanting something smooth, delightfully creative, imaginative and unique, then by all means, take a journey through doll land where magic occurs.A porcelain family of dolls have inhabited an antique doll house for four generations They come alive during the day when the house is empty and at night when the house is quiet.There are funny adventures, both inside the doll house where the 100 year old family bangs away at a old fashioned wooden piano singing Aretha Franklin s Respect sockittome sockitome, sockitome and outside the doll house where they hesitantly wander down the dark halls, sneaking under the sofa, hiding from the family cat who is ever lurking to catch them.The book is uniquely illustrated by Brian Selznick and would not be as wondrous without the stunning creative art work.When the young daughter of the real life people family receives a gift, the 100 year old doll family meet a brand new, modern, adventurous plastic bunch of characters who are not as rigid, up tight or breakable.The author delightfully intertwines the personalities and the cultural differences of the older and modern doll family members.I liked this book for many reasons, primarily for the imaginative wonderment of it all.

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    This book is one of my favorites from when I was younger I love the mystery of trying to find Auntie Sarah and all of the adventures that Annabell goes on to find her aunt and get around the house Annabell is a doll, who has been passed down in the same family for generations Fifty years ago, Auntie Sarah disappeared and Annabell s doll family has never found out where she disappeared to When another doll family moves in, Annabell befriends the daughter and they decide that Annabell needs to solve the mystery of her aunt s disappearance This book is great for grades 3 5 It has a lot of different elements to it, which is why I would recommend it to an older grade level The illustrations on the cover, inside the cover and inside the book are fun The cover is the only colored illustration but it really captures the historic value of Annabell and her family as well as the modern doll family Inside the cover there are ads from the early 1900 s of the doll house and family members of Annabell s doll family, in the back is the same for the modern family This really adds value to the book as an introduction and something fun for the reader to have in addition to the story.

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    Another book I read during my childhood that I can remember

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    We really liked this, but were sort of weirded out by it Plus, an ongoing weird thing would happen where, toys that make music would go on mysteriously in the middle of the night Throughout my daughter s childhood it would happen now and then This one ball with knob like things sticking out that was really loud, and this one horse with a purple mane. So, given that, we were perhaps a little bit sensitive Anyway, great book, the sequel as well A bit dark, but still..

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    I ve read this book five times I love it

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