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Knight of Aslath (The Dreaming God Chronicle #1) txt Knight of Aslath (The Dreaming God Chronicle #1) , text ebook Knight of Aslath (The Dreaming God Chronicle #1) , adobe reader Knight of Aslath (The Dreaming God Chronicle #1) , chapter 2 Knight of Aslath (The Dreaming God Chronicle #1) , Knight of Aslath (The Dreaming God Chronicle #1) 97b492 The Temple Of Shirith Kah Is Coming To Arkavia, To Destroy The Old Gods, Burn The Land And Blacken The Sky In The Shadows Of The Velderwood, Unwitting Guardians Defend A Forgotten Hope Against A Demon Sent To Destroy ItTermaris Is A Surly Mercenary With A Talent For Killing, But He Cares Little For Wars, Gods, Death Or Even Life He Takes One Last Job To Escape Prison, Then Reneges On The Deal When The Journey Draws Him Back To An Older, Higher Calling, And Threatens To Lay His Past Treachery Bare Ethn Has Unique Powers She Can T Understand Or Control She Wants Answers, But Her Talent Has A Terrifying Price Which Could Leave Her Alone In A Sea Of EnemiesOn A Desperate Mission They Carry A Holy Vial South In Search Of Alliance With The Empire Of Teth Kiran But Arkavia S Old Master Is An Insular Nation Of Conspiracies And Deadly Intrigue, And They Care Little For The Lives Of Barbarians In The North As A Shadow Of Ancient Evil Falls Upon The Empire, Few Dare Hope To Bring The Two Nations Together Once , As A Last Bastion Against The Dreaming GodKnight Of Aslath Marks The Birth Of A New Epic Fantasy, And Chronicles The Return Of A Forgotten Magic Which Can Shape Worlds The Rise Of An Enemy Whose Dark Power Has Cast Down The Old Order, And Reduced Kingdoms To Bones And Dust And The Beginning Of A War Which Threatens To Devour All Life, And Challenge The Gods Themselves

About the Author: Scott Foley

Scott Foley is a British fantasy writer based in Manchester He is author of Knight of Aslath and the Dreaming God Chronicle Brought up on a steady diet of Tolkien, roleplaying games and a never ending fascination with the question what if , writing fantasy novels seemed the only sensible and worthwhile thing to do with his life Knight of Aslath is his first novel, and he is currently working

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    Knight of Aslath marks a return to fantasy fiction for this reader after a long hiatus And I ve been well rewarded Fantasy novels can be stuffed full of tropes stilted faux Olde Englishe language, characters that are too good, or too bad, to believe, predictable set pieces pitting magic against mere mortals Scott Foley s Knight of Aslath casts off these tropes of fantasy fiction Dialogue is naturalistic, comfortable and believable The characters are people you could imagine passing an evening in a albeit very dodgy pub with It s a testament to Foley s skills in character development that the reader genuinely mourns one character introduced and killed off in a mere handful of pages at the start of the novel As the story unfolds, reader and characters alike develop a difficult relationship with Termaris, our erstwhile hero distrust and exasperation is only slowly replaced with a grudging respect It might be easy, at first, to dismiss Ethn , the heroine who discovers she possesses astonishing powers, as a cipher of goodness, self sacrifice and chaste femininity It s clear before the end of the novel that there are complicated things happening within Ethn than either, she or the author, is keen to reveal How far is Ethn willing to go to develop her powers How far will she go to stop the evil that threatens just far enough, or too far, indeed One of the most convincing characters is not even human or not entirely Termaris, Ethn and their companions are being stalked on their quest by one the most genuinely frightening creations that ever leapt from a page.Scenes and scenery are richly textured full of sound, colour, depth and interest The chase sequence involving Termaris, his companion, Malosh, and some very unpleasant creatures called ulegrym in a cave system is suspenseful and exciting At no point is the outcome a giveaway to a nail biting reader The pacing is adept the author knows when to race through a scene at full tilt and when to slow down so the reader can savour the details.There is the occasional misstep in language archaic senses of coin and steed sit uncomfortably with the otherwise modern, crisp and fluent writing style Such niggles are than offset by the spellbinding narrative and compelling cast of characters My only disappointment is having to wait for the next instalment

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    I don t normally leave reviews but I have just finished reading this book in a mere two days and I must say I have greatly enjoyed my experience The authour has a strong imagination and manages to build a unique world that avoids many of the common trope traps that a lot of other authours fall into His writing style makes it easy to loose yourself in the book and I found myself reading well beyond the time when I should have gone to sleep The characters are extremely well portrayed and have a good depth to their personalities and they interact well I particularly like Termaris as you find yourself drawn into his past history as it unfolds throughout the book Likewise Ethne the other main character also has her own very interesting story to tell All in all Knight of Aslath is a great read I especially love the battle scenes which are well written and really stir the blood The different take on magic is also interesting Political intrigue during the second half of the book has been handled well The book draws you in and doesn t let go from start to finish and leaves you begging for the next book I don t like to make comparisons with other authors but if I had to describe it to someone who hasn t read it, I would say it s in a similar style of writing to early Raymond E Feist especially Magician and Brandon Sanderson, also a little like James Clemens the Banned and Bannished series So if you are looking for a new authour and a great read I would really recommend this book.

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    A great read I was hooked from the opening chapter There are some interesting characters in the book, including Termaris, a jaded mercenary who wants to turn his back on the world, who has tried and mostly failed to extinguish his own sense of honour Ethne is a young woman struggling to learn magic, who gets dragged into a dangerous plan to save the kingdom of Arkavia Then there s Sigmana, sister of the emperor of Teth Kiran She s an interesting older character who faces some difficult moral decisions along the way to securing her grandson s future place on the throne The descriptive writing really helps to bring the story to life There are a few twists and turns, which make the plot unpredictable and pacy An action packed novel with a great mix of humour, magic and intrigue I can t wait for the sequel.

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    Fantastic book, it kept me gripped from the start which is rare these days I would highly recommend this book if you are a fan of Tolkien or Game of Thrones This book crosses both of these themes my favourite characters being Termaris a mercenary with many facets and a dark history as well as Ethne a girl with untapped magical ability and a dangerous destiny a curious encounter brings these two characters together leading to a deadly adventure great story can t wait for book number 2

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