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    Wow This book blew me away The narrator s voice was so powerful and compelling, that even though the structure was atypical, it definitely worked for this story The characters, major and minor, are thoughtfully portrayed, and the science is so well described that it totally believable The plot was so twisty I could not guess what would happen next, and the ending was completely unexpected The spiritual aspect was deftly woven into the plot and felt organic to the characters I am anxious to read the next installment

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    I m going to admit I wasn t quite sure what to expect when I picked this book up And yet, it ended up not being quite what I expected, whatever that was But I think in most ways, that was a good thing Let s see if I can sort out some of my mixed up impressions.The style was definitely random and humorous than I expected I particularly enjoyed Gemma s internal dialogue and yes, I m purposely calling it dialogue instead of monologue, especially because of her tendency to argue discuss things with herself, which I can definitely relate to There were a few times when her confused, distracted perspective got to be a little much or certain bits of emphasis felt a bit over the top, but overall, I thought the style was unique and well done.Gemma herself I liked most of the time I appreciated her regular girl caught in a sci fi nightmare situation I felt for her with the trouble she d had in her past I liked her stubbornness once she d made up her mind to something Some of her choices and the way she justified them or didn t think through the consequences concerned me, although I did appreciate the fact that this was addressed near the end It s also worth noting that Gemma isn t a Christian and doesn t claim to be however, her Christian friends provide a strong witness, and she seems to be coming to a better understanding of her own need for God by the end of the book But the fact that she s leaning on generic morality for her justifications did make it a bit harder to decide whether she was in the right in some of her gray area actions.The supporting cast was well drawn and mostly non stereotyped, and there were several supporting characters that I liked a lot I really loved Gemma s friendship with Zander, although I was a bit concerned where that was going, considering their unequally yoked status view spoiler I thought it was handled pretty well in the end they know they have feelings for each other, but they both acknowledge that the relationship can t go any deeper because of Gemma s lack of faith If they keep to that until it changes, I think we ll be all right Also, I really loved the way her relationship with Emilio evolved hide spoiler

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    You think you re scared I m the invisible freak I liked it Well developed tale with a strong, if emotionally immature protagonist Self depreciating humor fits the character and story Everything breaks her way, even the bad breaks Too easy Italics overused Giggles a lot He s a hardcore Christian I couldn t keep seeing him any Christian literature, but protagonist realistically resists the initial gospel hard sell Christian characters well drawn Some antagonists border on caricatures I was where you are twenty years ago Different town, same drugs Different corner, same grave just waiting for me to fall into it Quibble masked from one angle is not masked from all angles The problems with real time, adaptive omnidirectional masking are enormous Invisible is not a word that belongs in real life Not so much concluded as finished the opening Was life even worth the never ending struggle

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    Very slow, interesting, if one skips several pages of extraneous information 3.5 stars

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO That s the sound of me realizing that I don t have enough gift card money to purchase the sequel to this book.This must be remedied.I need it.Okay, maybe I don t need it but I enjoyed this and I m anxious about what s going to happen next Which is good because I felt like this book had a sloooooow start There were loads of technical explanations combined with a snarky whiny narrator There were some annoyed yawns going forth from my mouth for the first quarter of this book, at least I would have put it down except that my mama recommended this to me and life in general and specifically Annabel Lee has taught me that I need to listen to my mama s recommendations, especially when it comes to books.So I pressed on I was heartened by the fact that it had to get better because 1 My mom was laughing out loud for realsies while reading this.2 Also, she doesn t usually read sci fi but she enjoyed this This is also Christian lit and kind of a spy thriller, two genres that she does read But I didn t realize all that until after the slow part was over Anyway, once it picked up OH MY Hold on for dear life Gemma went from annoying to likeable and hilarious and view spoiler invisible WHAT hide spoiler

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    This was the most unique novel I ve read in some time.Not only was it told both in first person, but also the entire plot was presented as though it were a letter to the reader Very, VERY interestingly presented The plot itself engaged from the beginning and held me to the last word I didn t skim once during the reading of it Unusual for me Rather than summarize the plot, I would rather just recommend this book to ANYONE who is intrigued by sci fi, and a plot that is not ashamed to present the name by which me must be saved Excellent Just excellent

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    Hey Pumpkin, thanks for recommending this book You do know what kind of TV shows I like And obviously books too Thank youuuuu What a cool book Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, and Pinterest references plus great Christian messages Then you throw in the suspense, technology, awesome characters I may or may not have found a couple to ship , and crime drama, and what could be better I NEED TO READ BOOK TWO.

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    This review is going to contain a ton of spoilers in case you couldn t tell by the fact that it was hidden because it contained spoilers You ve been warned SUMMARY Okay, so the story starts out right smack dab in the middle of some pretty intense goings on I don t usually appreciate that because I have NO idea what the heck is going on Gemma is babbling about them and it sounds important, but the reader has zero idea what s happening But this book reads like my friend wrote it, so I put up with being disoriented.Gemma works as an administrative assistant project manager for some super scientificy company I didn t really process all that stuff at the beginning and she said I didn t need to understand, so we re good But as a part of this job, she has access to some pretty secret information This gets her pulled into some intrigue that she d really rather not be a part of, since she, you know, has lived her life to be invisible.Gemma thinks she knows who s good Dr P and who s weird Dr B but actually she s been used Dr P and the uber evil General Cushings have used Gemma to spy on Dr B to try and steal his work Luckily, Dr B is a genius and is two steps ahead of them So when they try and kill him, Dr B escapes and hides out in a mountain fortress for three months Gemma has been fired because she knows too much and now she can t get a job anywhere in government thanks to evil General lady She s in a sort of limbo when she receives an email from Dr B Yep He s alive I already told you that, but Gemma didn t know yet He gives her directions to his hideout and thus begins a few weeks months of visits Gemma becomes Dr B s connection to the outside world buying fresh food, picking up orders delivered to his safe house, etc Not sure if the way Dr B and Gemma communicated is possible, but it s awesome But Cushings also knows that Dr B is alive and is working super hard to find him One day, she succeeds In the process of escaping and all that chaos, Dr B dies, and Gemma becomes invisible Not like before when no one noticed her, like NO ONE CAN SEE HER She discovers that the work Dr B was doing, that Cushings wants, those little nanobites, have hidden her They can do that, as explained in a very long section that was honestly way over my head The first half of the book was a little slow, but the second part picked right up Anyway, Gemma is invisible and now she has to figure out a how to live like this while not alerting anyone to her condition and b how to avoid Cushings and not letting her get the nanobites No problem, right Wrong.Gemma actually does an admirable job, but in the end, she confides in Abe, Zander, and Emilio about her situation And she was right to be worried about Cushings who does indeed find her The ending has you exclaiming WHAT because Dr B has lives than a cat, apparently Yeppers, he s still alive somewhere and the nanobites are going to find him MY THOUGHTS I know, I ve already sprinkled some thoughts above, but it s my review and I m calling this section MY THOUGHTS LIKED How it was written the POV I wouldn t be surprised if I discovered that the friend who recommended this to me actually wrote it It totally seems like something she d write DID NOT LIKE The prologue I don t like prologues because they just confuse me LIKED The references I got most of them Star Wars, Star Trek and this line that we say ALL THE TIME in my family not your circus, not your monkeys DID NOT LIKE It was a little slow at the beginning and the when Dr B is trying to explain his work to Gemma it was to technical for me.LIKED This line Some smart people in the government I don t think we have those any LIKED This other part I dislike religion, Gemma Religion does a lot of damage to people It takes what should be the simplest, purest expression of God s love, something even a child can understand, and replaces it with some kind of formula a complex and impossible set of rules and behaviors when it is really about God s give of grace and His power to transform us Totally true and I totally agree.I ve probably left out something that I wanted to mention, but I think this is good for now On to book two and then try to figure out how to read book three because of a stupid rule that says you can only loan a Kindle book once WHAT

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    Title Stealthy Steps Nanostealth 1 Author Vikki KestellPages 298Year 2015Publisher Faith Filled FictionMy rating is 5 stars.What a brilliant and well crafted story that will definitely keep you enraptured and turning pages until you either have to take a break or finish the book I simply sat down and over a couple of days lost myself in the multilayered, suspense filled thriller written by Vikki Kestell, who is a new author to me She has written other books if you look her up on Coming soon will be book one, Tabitha, from another new series called Girls from the Mountain In 2016, book two in the Nanostealth series will be released titled, Stealth Power.In this story, there are two parties who are vying for the scientifically created Nanomites One group is the military of the facility housing the science experiments run by a woman, General Cushing, who is nicknamed Shark Face The other side is the creator of the Nanomites, Dr Bickel.Gemma is working in one part as an assistant for a specific scientist The facility is huge so she hides herself well though she is attentive to what is occurring Gemma s twin sister Gina is a mean spiteful lawyer who thinks her sister is an idiot The story has many threads going on including drug cartels, murder, mystery, intrigue, faith, military, and so much .It will be so hard to wait for the second installment to be released, but until then I plan on reading Tabitha and then Vikki s other novels Her writing aims to bring honor to God by using fiction filled with faith In my opinion, Vikki has done this well It would be a shame if you pass up her books, especially if you enjoy suspense that keeps you on the edge of your chair Kudos to you Vikki Also available on Audible, iTunes and other formats on .Disclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    I didn t fully understand the premise of this book going into it, because the synopsis is like a boiled down excerpt from part of the book, with a little extra character introduction Most of the information is there, but it s cryptic Here s my synopsis though Gemma Keyes is a young woman fresh out of college, and takes a job as a project manager at a top secret lab She mostly organizes things and takes meeting notes, but this makes her privy to some classified information When she hears the wrong information not her fault , she is fired Months later, after an accident in the same lab claimed the lives of the 2 top scientists she was working for, she s contacted covertly by one of those scientists, Dr Bickel obviously not dead She ends up being asked to help him continue his work, which he s keeping secret from everyone at this point This work is in nanotechnology When the government, and in particular, a nasty military general who has no scruples about how she gets information technology for her military, closes in on Gemma and the man she s helping, an unexpected incident leaves her invisible Literally Some people see the invisibility aspect as a spoiler, but it s how the prologue ends, so I see it as part of the set up Sonow Gemma has to figure out how to live life completely invisible, which presents all sorts of problems, especially since she practically lives in a fish bowl Half of the book is about this, as well as her concern about being discovered by the general who went after Dr Bickel This half of the book is entertaining and interesting I liked the relationships Gemma developed both before and after her invisibility My favorite thing was the ways she tried to communicate with the nanotechnology that is responsible for her uncontrollable invisibility.The first half of the book had some interesting parts as well especially the relationship that began and or developed between Gemma and Dr Bickel, Gemma and the associate pastor of her old church on that below , and an established relationship between Gemma and an older neighbor However, the first half of the book was bogged down heavily by a lot of exposition and repetition.First, there is a long and tedious description of how Gemma first got into the secret, abandoned military based where Dr Bickel directed her to meet him It might not have been so bad, had we not already given given those steps most of them , but backward Then there are the 37 8 pages of Dr Bickel talking and explaining Explaining how he avoided dying in the lab explosion, explaining how he got himself set up in this mountain base, and longest of all, explaining how the nanotechnology works In detail That most of us reading aren t going to really follow Some of it did prove to be important to the rest of the story, but honestly, much of it wasn t At one point, after about 33 pages of explanation, Bickel says, Would you like to hear about the nanomites before you go, Gemma And I literally thought, I wish I could say no Since the book is told in 1st person, and Gemma didn t understand a lot of what he said, I have a very difficult time believing that when she wrote this account some weeks or months later, she could remember all of the science that he spouted It could have definitely been boiled down for us, and even so, would have then fit in with the style of narration that the rest of the book has.Much of the information in the first half of the book would have been okay on its own, but since it was all told together in the first half, it made it difficult to keep reading I totally understand why the prologue is a long description of the point when Dr Bickel is discovered in his secret lab by the general, ending with Gemma finding herself invisible It needed that action and intrigue to get people hooked Still, if I hadn t been recommended this book series by my mom who has recently been very anxious for me to read it so she could hear what I thought, I might have at least set it down and come back to it later As such, once you re past that half of the book, it does get interesting It s the first book in a short series, so some of the expositiony first part can be explained as set up to an entire series, and it does have an ending that left me wanting to know Still, I think setting up an entire series isn t an excuse for so much info dump all at once.The associate pastor I mentioned above, named Zander, is where the Christian aspect of the book comes in, for the most part He s invited to visit Gemma by her older neighbor, and he is a good example of a Christian in fiction He is generous, compassionate, flawed, and complicated Gemma sees a lot of sides of him, some of which draw her to him, but others of which push her away His very Christianity is the biggest obstacle to their developing relationship, though, because Gemma is quite against Christianity He speaks the truth in love, and shows Christ s love through his action, while still being a believable human being I look forward to seeing how this develops in the rest of the series.I was particularly bothered by some of Gemma s actions in this book, and the way she excused them, but I think that was intentional She also got angry, or at least upset, at weird things, which made her seem like sort of a petulant child to me sometimes I don t know if that part of her personality was intentional or not There were a few inconsistencies that stuck out to me like why Dr Bickel let Gemma take pictures in his secret lab, after the intense precautions he d asked her to take in getting there, and in their communications Also, I feel the need to give some trigger warnings domestic abuse, child neglect and endangerment, descriptions of or allusions to gang violence.So to sum up, yes, the first half of the book was slow, but the rest was good enough, and I have faith that the following books will pick up the pace, that I felt the book was worthy of 4 stars I would recommend the book to fans of Christian mysteries thrillers and lovers of this type of sci fi.

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Stealthy Steps download Stealthy Steps, read online Stealthy Steps, kindle ebook Stealthy Steps, Stealthy Steps 80b9637a8d8e Gemma Keyes Is An Ordinary, Unexceptional Young Woman With A Lackluster Life Until An Overheard Conversation Ends Her Budding Career And Her Loyalty To An Old Friend Puts Her Life In Jeopardy As The Truth Emerges, Gemma Discovers The Hard Way That Invisibility Comes With Its Own Set Of ProblemsMy Name Is Gemma Keyes Other Than My Name, I Am Utterly Forgettable So Those Who Never Paid Much Attention To Me In The First Place Haven T Exactly Noticed That I Ve Disappeared Vanished Oh, It S Much Complicated Than It Sounds And Let Me Tell You, The Adjustment Is DifficultI Should Tell You About Dr Daniel Bickel, World Renowned Nanophysicist We Used To Work Together, But I Ll Be Candid With You He S Supposed To Be Dead Well, He S Not Imagine My Surprise Instead Of The Proverbial Six Feet Under, He S Subsisting In An Abandoned Devolution Cavern Beneath The Old Manzano Weapons Storage Facility On Kirtland Air Force Base Here In Albuquerque I Need To Show You What I M Protecting Here, Gemma, He InsistedI Stared Into The Clear Glass Case I Could Hear Humming, Clicking, Buzzing A Faint Haze Inside The Box Shifted Dissolved Came Back Together Reminded Me Of How Mercury, When Released On A Plate, Will Flow And Form New Shapes Only This, This Thing Was Flowing And Forming In Midair Do You See Them Dr Bickel Asked Them I Was Confused My Mouth Opened To A Stunned O As The Silver Haze Resolved Into Blue LettersH E L L ODr Bickel Hadn T Pressed Any Buttons Hadn T Said Anything To Them Hadn T GesturedHe Grinned Ah They Ve Noticed You They Know They Haven T Seen You Before Well, I Wish They Wouldn T Notice Me I Choked On The Words, My Eyes Fixed On The Glass CaseAnd I Need To Warn You About General Cushing The Rank And Name Likely Conjure Images Of A Lean But Muscled Old Soldier, Posture Rigid, Face Cemented In Unyielding Lines, Iron Gray Hair Cut High And Tight Let Me Disabuse You Of That Impression General Imogene Cushing Is Short And A Tiny Bit Plump She Wears Her Silvered Hair In An Elegant Braid Knotted At The Nape Of Her Neck, And She Knows How To Smile Sweetly With The Deadliest Of SharksYou Wouldn T Suspect A Two Star General, An Air Force O , Of Being A Traitor, Would You NanostealthBook Stealthy Steps Book Stealth PowerBook Stealth RetributionBook Deep State Stealth Vikki Writes The Kind Of Faith Filled Fiction That Hooks You Within The First Few Pages, Will Not Let You Go Until You Have Finished, And Leaves You Wishing ForJanis Braun, Seattle, Washington Her Books Are Not Just For Chicks I Was Amazed How Engrossed I Became In The Lives Of Vikki S Characters, And How Much I Could Relate To Their SituationsEd Dunne, Los Angeles Be Prepared To Put Life On Hold That S All I Have To SayRebecca H New Jersey You Will Laugh, You Will Cry But, Most Of All, You Will Be UpliftedLaTisha Holland, St Augustine, FL