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    I read this after my friend had a major psychotic episode It was fascinating, but I m not a Lacanian so my grasp of the text is probably severely lacking Unfortunately I can now identify a psychotic discourse when I see read itso i guess it s kind of like learning knowledge that contains a curse One should always keep these things in mind.

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    It s one thing to assert that Schreber s psychosis paraphrenia evinces an etiology of the foreclosure of the Name of the Father and altogether an other thing to witness Lacan work toward that notion over the course of months While it s possible some of the steps along the way could have been clearer or tighter laconic I don t think any can be omitted The theoretical assertion posited as the conclusion is void without presupposing the labor of the practical exposition To match the specialization of the psychological topic of the psychoses, Lacan insists upon a coterminous specialized analysis of the signifier, which for him is an unsurprising move that yields surprising results Psychoanalysis should be the science of language inhabited by the subject From the Freudian point of view man is the subject captured and tortured by language Condensation and displacement are contiguous with metaphor and metonymy The quilting point slash button tie slash point de capiton facilitates a meticulous analysis case by case than the wet blanket assumptions endemic to object relations theory and supposed stages of development I won t go into here because Lacan does, and does again In the last instance, why should one be determined to read The Psychoses if not training to be an analyst or to soothe a psychotic Because, entranced by the shadowboxing of madness and reason, the gaps revealed in the psychotic loss of reality afford a glance at the rhetorical bob and weave by which we each claim to gain on reality Nothing goes without saying LE MOT ME MANQUE

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    This seminar is still fairly early in Lacan s development, but a lot of important elements of his theories are elaborated The most famous is probably the quilting point, the signifier which fixes meaning in place and works like a ballast to keep it from drifting endlessly Lacan concludes that not lacking enough of these is key factor in bringing on psychosis There s a heavy debt to Saussure s linguistics running through this text It s also noteworthy because of his in depth focus on Schreber, perhaps the most famous case of insanity in history, and his book, Memoirs of My Nervous Illness Deleuze and Guattari make the same book a focus of Capitalism and Schizophrenia Anti Oedipus After reading all of this I feel as though I understand Schreber a lot better than I am comfortable with.

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    Lacan s works will be always the hardest most demanding reads ever.

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    All about Schreber and psychosis It was great Though provoking Unconventional Insightful.

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    A foreclosure of the name of the father eh Sounds pretty radical but I m going to believe you because you are Jacques Lacan I can only imagine trying to explain this one to the shitty mental health system of which I am a part Helped to clarify the meaning and the function of the father though which is great.

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    Uma maneira surpreendente de trabalhar os conceitos Freudianos, abrindo novas perspectivas de abordagem da psicose Seu conceito de Nome do Pai e de Foraclus o trouxeram possibilidades para a escuta e tratamento da psicose.

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    Lacan s reputation precedes him I ve read reviews of his books that say his books are purposefully obscure, difficult, and not worth the tedious effort I am finding this reputation must come from short attention spanned professors who are barely literate.

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