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Jacques Lacan: Esquisse d'une vie, histoire d'un système de pensée summary Jacques Lacan: Esquisse d'une vie, histoire d'un système de pensée , series Jacques Lacan: Esquisse d'une vie, histoire d'un système de pensée , book Jacques Lacan: Esquisse d'une vie, histoire d'un système de pensée , pdf Jacques Lacan: Esquisse d'une vie, histoire d'un système de pensée , Jacques Lacan: Esquisse d'une vie, histoire d'un système de pensée 84752cff03 Years After His Death, Jacques Lacan Remains Not Only One Of The Foremost Intellectuals Of The Century, But Also One Of The Most Controversial The First Major Biography Of Lacan, This Is A Fascinating Portrait Of The Man S Life And An Illuminating Explication Of His Complex Liasons And Unorthodox, Often Perplexing Ideas

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    i am heavily indebted to versions of lacan, so I trudged through the 500 pages that comprise this, the only is that possible biography of his life, but I m not sure it was worth the effort This book is like following the assorted life scenes of Lacan in a gritty paparazzi clip, captured through the hedges A continuously streaming feed, it follows around all those he came in contact with as well and indeed, vignettes with contemporaries like althusser, Sartre and francoise dolto and as well as with his patients, were often illuminating than things Lacanian intermittently, when this film stubbornly dereels, we are shoved copy of roudinesco s work on the history of French psychoanalysis not exactly my thing these are some pay off being pretentious, neurotic, hypocritical, self aggrandizing, self idolatrizing and plagued by the spectre of plagiarism, it became clear to me that fidelity to the truth ie Practicing what you preach was not especially paramount for this Frenchman and after years of wailing to myself but how can I traverse the fantasy , this gives me a little humility Also, the oft occluded fact by cultural studies appropriations of lacan is that although his writings never included case studies proper, his thoughts were firmly grounded in clinical practice and the small circle disputes of psychiatry along with of course, currents of philosophy and surrealism The other influence I was searching for, and found, was lacan s connections with the east these appear both in his near travels to, and research on, russia and china we find here lacan working on texts like lao tzu s the original Tao engenders the One The One engenders the Two The Two engenders the Three, The Three produces the Ten thousand beings The Ten thousand beings lean on the Yin and embrace the Yang Harmony is born of the breath of the Median Void This book is also helpful in that trivial details of his life can stand in as mnemonic devices, like Not only did bataille and Lacan exchange philosophical ideas in their formative years, they shared a wife Or, while conducting ultra short sessions in his lavish offices referred to infamously as punctuation, much to the delight of literary critics lacan simultaneously saw barbers, pedicurists and tailors Or better still, that the late Lacan topological graphs took the literal shape broaching senility of obsessions with little colored pieces of paper, inflatable tubes, napkins, plastic curtain rings, and string Here is a very pleasant exchange on these matters that purportedly went on between lacan and Salvador Dali I make knots, said the psychiatrist Yes, of course, said the painter The Borromean Islands Lacan grabbed a napkin Dali snatched it away from him Let me, said Dali You have to draw them in a certain order, otherwise it doesn t work you can t separate them I learned all about it in Italy If you go to Charles Borromeo s tomb you ll see what I mean Then, remembering the famous meeting about critical paranoia, he asked Why didn t you say anything that time we met and I had a bandage on my nose Because I knew there wasn t anything wrong with you Fantasic You re the only one who didn t say anything I think this tragic comic quote, too, goes to explaining confusions of post structuralist praxis when lacan went deaf, some of his pupils refused to admit that the great and idolized ear could have failed He s not deaf, they said He s just pretending not to hear Similarly, when the first signs of cardiovascular troubles appeared in 1978, Lacan s blanks, his silences, his sudden rages and thumping with his fist were sometimes regarded as subtle interpretations in the technical sense of an analyst s attempt to convey to a patient the latent meaning of what the latter has said or done

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    I dont know if it s a good idea to read a biography of an intellectual before you have a firm grip on that intellectual s work, but I enjoyed reading this book if for no other reason than the cast of characters that pop up throughout this book Somewhat unbeknownst to me, Lacan led his life right in the thick of the French intellectual elite including the Surrealist movement and it s offshoots Pretty much anyone who s anyone from the French intellectual Left, the 20th C Psychoanalysit movement, and 20th C Continental Phil shows up in Lacan s life, often in person This book is comprehensive but does a good job of moving around As Kant himself juxtaposed Kant with Sade, so too in this book you get the sordid details of Lacan s life along with his ever evolving philosophy I don t know enough to doubt whether the author s, Elisabeth Roudinesco, portrayal of Lacan as both something of a consummate narcissist and often a huge asshole eg., vis a vis his first wife and their children, Louis Althusser, to name a few is true, but the feeling one gets from Roudinesco s portrayal reeks of something like a biased opinion at best Also, Roudinesco is clearly hostile to Lacan s later formalization of his work typified by her negative opinion of Jacques Alain Miller which is also bore out in her opinion of Miller s leading role vis a vis Lacan s legacy after he Lacan died Additionally, Roudinesco definitely does some hack psychoanalysis of her own on Lacan vis a vis his ideas eg., Thus at the end of his life he still felt the same hatred toward mothers and the same fascination for women who were mad or mystical It was as if his own family continued to invade his teaching, despite his attempts to provide that teaching with a basis and formalization that would free it of all affective content Such passages are debatable at best and at worst intellectually irresponible or even lazy Still, a book like this adds a human face to an otherwise unreservedly daunting philosophy, one completed under conditions ranging from dangerous to favorable, sometimes both at the same time see Lacan s involvement in the late 60s radical student movement in France.

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    This book isn t about Lacan so much as it is around him Lacan is the subject and the signified His Other is Elisabeth Roundinesco or he is hers Ha I enjoyed the chapter on Bataille I have a lot of time for his antics and Lacan did too though he had time for his wife evidently Biography aside, somewhat, Roudinesco s account of psychoanalysis leaves something to be,ah, desired She knows what she s talking about no doubt but when it comes to theory, particularly Lacan s, her style remains anecdotal bearing in mind that this is a translation But you wouldn t read a book on Lacan without knowing who he was He s that kind of guy What s this book is part of a series on French psychoanalysis it s no beginner s guide And I am a beginner.

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    Fantastic Not only does it contain a compelling and thorough portrait of Lacan, but it also contains mini portraits of several other prominent French intellectuals and a sense of the whole, quasi cult leader status Lacan attained amongst his disciples It also explains why so little of Lacan s work has been published and or translated so far Apparently, Jacques Alain Miller s kind of an authoritarian douchebag, that s why.

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    pretty cool whatevs do i really need a bio to know lacan was a charlatain who ripped off other people s ideas i mean, that s why I love his shit.

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    O livro com que venho lutando faz coisa de seis meses

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