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Just One Regret (Just One Song #3) explained Just One Regret (Just One Song #3) , review Just One Regret (Just One Song #3) , trailer Just One Regret (Just One Song #3) , box office Just One Regret (Just One Song #3) , analysis Just One Regret (Just One Song #3) , Just One Regret (Just One Song #3) 2e84 MMA RomanceWith Spin Off Characters From Just One Song And Just One WeekGrowing Up, Grayson Legend And Kennedy Knowles Were Inseparable They Turned To Each Other When Their Families Were Nothing Than Worthless Guardians, And Had Promised Each Other To Always Stay FriendsThen Kennedy Did The UnthinkableShe Fell In Love With Her Best FriendAnd After Finally Finding The Courage To Let Him Know Grayson Took OffAfter Walking Away From His Best Friend Because He Didn T Feel Like He Would Ever Be Good Enough To Give Kennedy What She Wanted Or Needed, Grayson Legend Has Become A Household Name In The MMA Fighting WorldWhen He Runs Into Kennedy At A Fight In Vegas, He Immediately Determines To Do One Thing Never Let Her Go AgainShe Has A SecretThey Both Have RegretsAnd When The Truth Comes To Light Everything Between Them Could Be Ruined

  • Just One Regret (Just One Song #3)
  • Stacey Lynn
  • 03 October 2017

About the Author: Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn is the author of than two dozen romance and erotic romance novels Most of which have been best sellers on , Barnes Noble, and iBooks Follow here here

10 thoughts on “Just One Regret (Just One Song #3)

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    4 Plus Some Stars Stars I fell in love with a boy who handed me the pocket of his T shirt It s a rare occasion I get to experience a book that manages to deliver a heavy amount of angst without forcing my eye roll This little bit of goodness not only provided some serious angst in a wonderful way but also managed to throw in enough everyday good times to make it a winner.

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    5 stars I really, really loved this I was crying big fat ugly tears several times throughout the book.This was one hell of an emotional roller coaster and one of the best second chance romances I have ever read And that epilogue OMG Loved it Stacey Lynn, you rock

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    For some reason my review was deleted Weird.Anywho It s my right to write my opinion for I paid and read at least 30% of this book And I m proud to announce my first DNF Now I feel brave to DNF other books that sucks too In the amount I read the h was a completely dumb door mat who after 6 years after being humiliating rejected by the H, when she sees him, happens what I think is common with this author s heroines they can t speak, form a coherent thought, find words to say or answer any question He let the H manhandled her, took her to his hotel room and decided to spend 3 days with him, while holding a secret, what so far I thought was her right for the way she was treated by the hero.But then, my friend decided to read through the end and she had some interesting news to share view spoiler the H wasn t as much as a jerk as she was a selfish spineless bitch She kept they had a son from him even after she found out how to contact him, because when she saw his first fight on TV she noticed how was the 1st time she really saw him really happy and thought the baby would only hold him back She left him with no choice on the matter I won t finish the book anyway, but I know they ll end up together, but with this news I think the hero is better off without the heroine Terrible woman terrible choice hide spoiler

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    5 No More Regrets StarsSmiles Swoons Sighs Sadness So freaking happy I loved this book No, I adored this book It is everything I love about a second chance romance Kennedy and Grayson s story pulled at my heartstrings, nearly broke them, but mended them in the best way possible Kennedy and Grayson grew up together and were best friends all through school On summer break during Kennedy s sopho year in college, they spent one night together but when she professed her love to him, Grayson was unable to deal with the change to their relationship and took off Kennedy doesn t see him again except for on tv when Grayson becomes a star MMA fighter When Kennedy s best friend Sarah surprises her with tickets to the fight in Vegas, Kennedy sees Grayson for the first time in 6 years Even after all that time, neither has gotten over losing their friendship or the sparks that fly between them Each still has secrets and when they re revealed, neither is the same There was nothing that I didn t love about this beautiful love story My heart ached for Kennedy even before I knew all her secrets When I found those out, my heart was just shredded After meeting Grayson, I wanted to not like him because of his abandonment of Kennedy, but I just couldn t He had his own struggles and his own secrets he d been contending with as well When all the secrets were revealed, at first I didn t understand each of their reactions, but as their story unraveled, I could see both of their viewpoints and both were valid Then the ending Gah That epilogue was absolutely to die for It was so beautiful that I reread it twice Stacy Lynn wrote the heck out of the story and blew me away ARC provided by author for honest review.

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    I think is my right to rate because I bought it Zero star I m proud to announce my very first DNF I think I can be a quitter after all I feel like I freed myself from all the bad reads to come UPDATE My friend decided to read to the end and she had some news Turns out the H wasn t of a jerk than the h was a spineless selfish bitch she decided not telling the H about their son, even after she knew how to find him, because after she saw his first fight on tv she thought it was the 1st time she saw him so happy so she thought the baby was going to hold him back She just took the decision from him Terrible woman, terrible choice.

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    Spoilers ahead I rarely, rarely give a book 2 stars That old adage if you don t have anything nice to say, you shouldn t say it rings true to me I truly feel that every author puts their heart and soul into their work It s not my place to overly criticize But this bookoh, this book Kennedy is a completely lovable character Her challenges and her life story pull at my heart strings You can identify with her You can empathize with her decisions and with her struggles Grayson, on the other hand, I would like to throat punch What a freaking coward He leaves Kennedy at one of the most vulnerable points of her life and then has the audacity to blame her Of course, I expect some angst But seriously HE LEFT HER ALL ALONE And then just throws her under the bus at every opportunity possible I m only giving this book 2 stars because the feels are amazing I cried and laughed and it made me so freaking angry I wanted to throw my Kindle So bravo Ms Lynn for the feels But I cannot willingly endorse a book where a character like Kennedy is treated so badly The end surely does not justify the means.

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    very good second chance MMA fighter unplanned pregnancy kicked to the curb tears

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    I didn t like the characters when I started reading, and when I finished, I still didn t like them I couldn t care less about any of them Period.

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    Just One RegretStacey Lynn5 starsOkay first all THIS BOOK IS BEYOND FANTABULOUS Second what I learned and what I love to learn is that there are other just as ridiculously great books available by a new to me author What I have learned is this book is written around spin off characters from Just One Song and Just One Week.Grayson Legend rescued Kennedy Knowles the first time at age 14 He found her bleeding from a slap given to her by her father Although their worlds were different they were the same Grayson s mother died thank goodness She never suffered beatings like Grayson did from his alcoholic father Kennedy s mother was a drunk taking the beatings but feeling no pain and never protecting Kennedy from hers From the moment Grayson tore a piece of his shirt off to stop the bleeding on her lip they became and were inseparable They turned to each other, comforted each other and were best friends They had plans sitting on those swings on the playground of happy lives with families and how they were never drift apart One night changed it all Grayson ripped Kennedy s heart to shreds not only devastating her Kennedy s secrets and her life after Grayson should stay buried for everyone s sake Grayson walked away from Kennedy He fled Not because he wanted to but he had to The black angel wings that span across his back are a testament to why Grayson landed at a gym in Chicago Finally he has found a way to harbor his anger He is one of the best MMA fighters punching and sub missing his way to the top He is of course The Legend Sarah only knows Kennedy loves MMA so what better birthday surprise than to take her to Vegas to see the upcoming MMA fight She has no idea she watches because of Grayson In fact she has no knowledge of the childhood friendship that ended tragically for Kennedy She is bound and determined though to get her friend out and dating She hasn t seen Kennedy seriously with a man for the six years she has known her She knows her past and knows someone hurt her but she doesn t know who That s it that s all you are getting Im telling you click this up Now I don t know because I haven t read the two books listed above but I plan on doing that really soon like in a few minutes What I can tell you is somewhere I hope there is Anders Twins Landon and Lynx and of course Sarah You are privy to Sarah s past so Im not sure if she already has a book out but I know we need another since her meeting Lynx Uh huh This is a fantastic read I love the characters, I loved the story line and I loved every single word on every single page I am a Stacey Lynn fan Go click this up on release day and the other books too Review to post on Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets on release day I received an ARC for an honest review Thank you Stacey Amazing

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    Reunions suck at times but I think Kennedy hit the jackpot with her reunion with Grayson, I m trying to figure out, he starts to say, his words slow and deep, if I want to eff you first, or yell at you and then eff you the way with words, Grayson has, his eyes widen, sparking with interest, and his lips twitch, fighting a smile You want me to beat off Here In front of you I enjoyed this second chance romance sometimes you need to let go to be happy.

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