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    A Sexy Story That Turns Up The Kink This is the ultimate tale of forbidden fruit First we have the babysitter, suspected of stealing high end liquor Forbidden Then we have the husband who won t drop his obsession with catching the culprit, even after his wife insists he drop be subject Forbidden Then, of course, we have the inevitable punishment and completely unexpected to them romantic affair between the husband and the would be thief due to the discovery of an unknown turn on This book has it all If your erotica needs to walk on the steamier parts of the wild side, look no further

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    Pretty hot story of a babysitter who gets caught drinking on the job The guy spanks her and it turns them both on Pretty steamy sex scenes.

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Spanking the Babysitter download Spanking the Babysitter , read online Spanking the Babysitter , kindle ebook Spanking the Babysitter , Spanking the Babysitter 404ce2a06bd2 Max Knew The Babysitter Was Drinking His Good Scotch Then Watering It Down His Wife Didn T Believe Him So He Set Up A Nanny Cam To Catch Vanessa In The Act Max Wants To Punish Her, Will Vanessa Agree To Be Spanked What Happens When They Both Find Themselves Getting Turned On EXPLICIT This Short Story Contains Graphic Sex Between An Older Man And The Year Old Babysitter