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A Copper Ridge Christmas chapter 1 A Copper Ridge Christmas, meaning A Copper Ridge Christmas, genre A Copper Ridge Christmas, book cover A Copper Ridge Christmas, flies A Copper Ridge Christmas, A Copper Ridge Christmas 08a83b79a0635 Snow Is Falling In Copper Ridge, Oregon But The Heat Between A Holiday Loving Party Planner And The Town S Resident Scrooge Is Off The Charts In This Sweet And Sizzling Christmas NovellaHolly Fulton Is Throwing A Special Christmas Eve Party For The Foster Parents Who Gave Her So Much To Finish The Preparations In Time, She Needs To Recruit Her One Time Foster Brother, Ryan Masters He May Have A Scowl That Could Curdle Eggnog, But Under That Surly Demeanor Is A Big Heart And Amazing Muscles And A Gorgeous Chest In Fact, X Rated Visions Of Ryan Have Been Dancing In Holly S Head For Years, But She Can T Risk Complicating The Only Real Family She S Ever Known But Maybe There S A Way For Holly To Have Her Christmas Cake And Eat It Too A No Strings Affair, Just Until They Re Done With The Planning Ryan Is Certainly Willing But From The First Touch, It S Clear That This Isn T Just A Festive Fling It Might Just Be A Christmas Miracle In The Making

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    I enjoyed Yates Copper Ridge series and I am happy to find out that there will be books coming next year so I welcomed this Christmas novella with open arms I didn t remember whether Holly and Ryan made appearance in the novel, though, but I liked the idea of foster siblings Heck, I wanted to read romance stories that started in foster care.Both Holly and Ryan didn t have a good childhood before they became foster kids Ryan came from an abusive family while Holly s mother neglected her I could definitely see why Holly wanted to have the Christmas party for her foster parents but I still didn t understand why Ryan was so reluctant Was he simply being a grinch or was there a different reason altogether Because he clearly thought his foster parents were good peopleI liked their banters and the difference in their personality All in all, it was a nice addition to the series.

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    Yates shows readers another side of Copper Ridge with this Christmas novella At the same time, she shows how relationships aren t easy They take work, but are worth the reward Through this all, Yates brings Copper Ridge to life in a vivid way, giving readers access to the lives of her characters I liked the character development in the past and present, as well as how past perceptions tie into today s actions and reactions It gave me a complete and complex view of the main characters without detracting from the forward motion of this novella Yates is one of those rare authors who can make me cry and leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling at the same time She definitely does that with this Copper Ridge Christmas novella Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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    I really like the Copper Ridge series, so I knew was going to get something sweet and mostly fluffy Holly and Ryan were interesting I loved how they were so different in their personality, but had similar backgrounds The little bit of banter was fun and I adored the grand ish gesture at the end I definitely would have loved from these two, even just another chapter or an epilogue Overall, a super quick read for a holiday season Huge thanks to Harlequin and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review

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    I ve been in a Oregon cowboy holiday mood, so decided it was the perfect time to finally get to this Copper Ridge novella It perfectly hit the spot Ryan and Holly have known each other for years, ever since they shared a set of foster parents Though their time with the family didn t overlap a whole lot, Margie and Dan the foster parents have always made an effort to keep their kids a part of their lives and Ryan and Holly both still live in Copper Ridge They ve been a part of each others lives since childhood, and have been aware of each other almost as long So when Holly asks Ryan to help her to put on a holiday party for the Traverses, they re suddenly spending time together than either is sure is particularly wise, andthings happen.The fact that the two of them have a history definitely helps to make the shorter format of a novella work for their story A longer work would have given us information and details about why Holly and Ryan both think lasting, loving relationships won t ever work for them, but honestly, I think we get enough of their background here to make their current hang ups make sense personally, I d much rather they focus on the present and learning to be able to move on instead, which they do nicely They have great chemistry, and his gruff grumpiness and her relentless cheer play off of each other nicely throughout Who declares themselves to whom first is a pleasant surprise, as is which one makes a run for the hillsand the grand gesture is very sweet And maybe a little bit sticky, too Overall, this was a sweet holiday read that just hit the spot in my busy holiday weekend.Rating 4 stars B I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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    There were a few things Holly Fulton knew for certain The first was that Ryan Masters would not be looking forward to Christmas The second was that she needed him if she was going to pull off her plan for a perfect holiday party And the third was that if she was approaching the metaphorical badger in his metaphorical den, she needed to bring bait In this instance, bait was takeout cheeseburgers and curly fries from Ace s Bar What I liked The hero rugged and loner personality, his Scrooge ish attitude about Christmas and that he s a fisherman and live on a boat The banters of course the banters, because Maisey Yates is one of the best at writing it The sizzling chemistry between Holly and Ryan and the awkward for them but funny for the reader double entendre The hero faith in his feelings, even after the crappy role model he had, and how he trust his instinct That Holly used to find beards not attractive but she find it pretty on Ryan That together, Ryan and Holly help each other get rid or make peace with their issues from the past When Ryan prepare the surprise parties for HollyAt first I was not so sure about the foster thing Maisey Yates handled it well, there was nothing ambiguous or weird about it, they were raised not like brother and sister but like friend or roommate, I guess I m just not totally comfortable with the idea But this novella was too good to bother about this detail We aren t really normal You know that, right Peanut butter sandwiches, purple condoms, and a Christmas birthday Hanukkah Valentine s Day party aren t typical aspects of human courtship Who cares They re part of ours.

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    I ve been wanting to try Maisey Yates romances for awhile now Mostly because I ve heard good things, but also because she just has the best book covers The novella, A Copper Ridge Christmas, seemed like a perfect way to check out Yates writing style While I did have some issues with A Copper Ridge Christmas, I can definitely say, I want to read of Yates books.The premise behind A Copper Ridge Christmas is that Holly Fulton wants to throw a Christmas Party for the foster parents that helped her out so much when she was younger and she needs Ryan s who was also fostered by the same family help And while they plan the party, they fall for each other.I always prefer novellas when the hero and heroine know each other prior to the beginning of the story, because it makes everything so much plausible It was fun to see Holly and Ryan fall for each other They both had secret feelings for each other when they were younger, and spending so much time together now and just bringing those feelings up to the surface However, I wouldn t say that I just knew that Holly and Ryan needed to be together I liked them together, but it wasn t a strong feeling, if that makes sense.But, of course, both Holly and Ryan have issues because of their biological families They are understandable issues, but I do think Holly took it too far While I understand that she was afraid, Holly did say some pretty unforgiveable things to Ryan, in my opinion I really felt like she should have done some serious groveling.But, overall, I did enjoy this novella, and I certainly want to read by Yates I want to see what she does with a full length novel.This review was originally posted on Quinn s Book Nook

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    Review posted on Got Fiction I really like this series In this novella, we meet Ryan and Holly, who were foster siblings Holly wants to throw their foster parents a Christmas party, but she needs Ryan s help Ryan who she s had a crush on for years, but was her foster brother at one point so he s off limits right Ryan for his part, is a big, hermity, grinch He lives on his boat, and rarely interacts with the outside world Until Holly makes him He knows this party means a lot to her, and it will mean a lot to their foster parents But he doesn t really think of Holly as a sister And that makes it hard.Once upon a teenage time, they d had a moment You know, a MOMENT But Ryan knew it was wrong, and he left shortly after Holly spent some time pining away, but she sucked it up and moved on, sort of But now, with the sexual tension running high, and lots of time spent together, they re each having trouble remembering why this would be a bad idea.I ve really enjoyed Maisey Yates books, and this Copper Ridge series especially A Christmas novella is always fun, but this was really cute With typical Maisey Yates humor, this sweet romance manages to be both sexy and fun Grab it now, you ll really enjoy it.

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    Holly and Ryan are Foster siblings This year Holly plans to throw her foster parents a surprise Christmas party as a thank you and she has asked Ryan to help Both Holly and Ryan had crushes on one another but knew they couldn t do anything about it or it might wreck the family dynamics With Christmas just weeks away these two get closer and they find out this will be the best Christmas after all If you are looking for a cute quick Christmas read I highly suggest getting know Ryan and Holly They both come from different pasts but it made them closer and helped them others stand each other a little better I think my favorite character in this story had to be Ryan He comes off as moody and wanting to be alone but you can see the difference in him when he is with Holly I adored how he through her a little birthday, Hanukkah, st Patrick s day, Valentine s and Christmas party that was all rolled into one just for the two of them It showed he really cared and was in it for the long haul even though he wasn t completely sure that s what he wanted Other characters from coopers ridge are mentioned but they aren t around much in this story In a way I was glad but another part of me was a little disappointed not being able to catch up with the characters I have grown to love Hopefully in the next book they will be around .

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    Snow is falling in Copper Ridge, Oregon but the heat between a holiday loving party planner and the town s resident Scrooge is off the charts in this sweet and sizzling Christmas novellaHolly Fulton is throwing a special Christmas Eve party for the foster parents who gave her so much To finish the preparations in time, she needs to recruit her one time foster brother, Ryan Masters He may have a scowl that could curdle eggnog, but under that surly demeanor is a big heart And amazing muscles And a gorgeous chest In fact, X rated visions of Ryan have been dancing in Holly s head for years, but she can t risk complicating the only real family she s ever known.But maybe there s a way for Holly to have her Christmas cake and eat it too A no strings affair, just until they re done with the planning Ryan is certainly willing But from the first touch, it s clear that this isn t just a festive fling It might just be a Christmas miracle in the making 5 stars good

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    This was a cute and steamy read and I just wish it were longer I m a sucker for Maisy Yates and Copper Ridge and there was something so undeniably right with Ryan and Holly being together, that I wanted time with them I wanted to read about their personal growth, their pasts together and separate and I wanted to get to know Margi and Dan and Elizabeth.But that s not how novella s work With that in mind, I give this a 3.8 because I was invested, intrigued and rooting for Holly and Ryan I loved their chemistry, their banter and how much they meant to each other I don t think I can look at a Peanut Butter sandwich the same way again.If you are a Christmas story fan, a Maisy Yates or Copper Ridge fan, or if you just like stories about normal slightly damaged people that are realistic getting together, then I recommend this one Netgalley Read in exchange for an honest review

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