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Warthog Wrath download Warthog Wrath , read online Warthog Wrath , kindle ebook Warthog Wrath , Warthog Wrath fd9f9cc5082e From The Best Selling Wrath Series This Fast Paced, High Octane Story Blends Action In The Air With Action On The Ground As The A Acts As A Guardian Angel To Beleaguered Allied Forces Fighting Hard In The Stan Fighting A War Against A Battle Hardened Enemy In A Hostile Climate The Fairchild Republic A Thunderbolt II Is The Unsung Hero Of The USAF That Has Had To Prove Itself Time And Time Again With Many Critics Over The Years, It Has Often Been Referred To As A Private Jet With A Mm Cannon The Same Mm GAU Avenger Cannon That Is Still The Heaviest Rotary Cannon Ever Mounted On An Aircraft And Packs A Formidable Punch The Gulf War Was The Turning Point For The A When It Was Realized What A Formidable Weapons Platform, It Truly Was The Only Fixed Wing Aircraft Dedicated To The Combat Air Support Role