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The Mage & the Magpie summary The Mage & the Magpie, series The Mage & the Magpie, book The Mage & the Magpie, pdf The Mage & the Magpie, The Mage & the Magpie e7acfd01f4 An Invisible Girl A Missing Mage A World In NeedBrinley Has Spent Most Of Her Life Lost In Her Own Imagination, Teaching Bullfrogs To Do Gymnastics And Pretending To Be Invisible Now, When A Magic Bell From Another World Summons Her Across Time And Space On A Journey To Find Her Mother, She Will Discover Real Friendship, Face True Evil, And Overcome Her Greatest Fears In Order To Save The Ones She Loves The Mage And The Magpie Is The First Book In Austin J Bailey S Magemother Series An Epic Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure Series With Witches, Shapeshifters, And Cliffhangers, And Awesome Kids There Are Very Few Boring Adults In This Book What Readers Are Saying Loved The World It Took Me Into To A Good, Clean, Fun Story That Left Me Wanting Loved How Developed The Characters Were For Such A Quick Read A Great Read For Any Age Melissa A Fresh Story Of Good Versus Evil Set In A Fantasy World Much Like A Marvelous Daydream Gone Wild A Truly Enjoyable And Engaging Read SRosenquist Interview With The Author Q Why Should I Try Your Books A Because The Magemother Books Are Fast And Fun, And I Guarantee You Ll Never Forget The Friends You Find Inside Them Each Of The Books Is A Different Experience, But Each One Is Worth Your Time And I M Not Just Saying That Because I Wrote Them I Ve Also Read A TON Of Fantasy If You Like Fun, Kid Friendly Books With Lots Of Magic And A Plot That Twists And Turns, You Ll Get A Kick Out Of This Series Q So, What Makes The Magemother Series So Special A A Few Things When I Set Out To Write The Magemother Series I Wanted To Write The Types Of Books That I Love To Read My Top Picks Are Usually Fantasy Books I M Well Into My S Now And I Still Love Reading The Middle Grade Bestsellers Especially Ones With A Good Bit Of Mystery, A Few Surprises, And Lots Of Laughs The Magemother Books Have A Good Mix Of These Things They Mostly Focus On The Children S Fantasy Teen Fantasy Adventure Genre S Over All, With Some Coming Of Age And Mystery Aspects Thrown In For Good Measure Overall The Magemother Series Is Designed To Invite You Into Another Wonderful Fantasy Universe Alongside A Set Of Unforgettable Characters Q What Order Should I Read The Books In A Well, If I Did My Job Right You Should Be Able To Read Them In Any Order You Want Right Seriously Though, Fantasy Worlds Can Get A Bit Complicated, So If You Don T Want To Risk Missing Anything I Would Suggest This Order The Mage And The Magpie The Empty Throne Novella The Paradise Twin The Bridge To Nowhere Coming Soon Q Which One Was Your Favorite To Write A That S A Tough One The Empty Throne Was Fun Because Tabitha Is Such A Wonderfully Strange And Quirky Character, And I Really Had A Blast Giving Her Her Own Adventure That Said, The Paradise Twin Is My Favorite So Far The Characters Really Come Alive In That Book, Especially Hugo, Who Has Some Serious Demons To Wrestle With There Is Also Some Great Plot Twists And Comedy In That One, If I Do Say So Myself Magemother Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure Series EBook Categories Kids Fantasy Series Free Teen Fantasy Series Free Teen Fantasy Free Free Teen Fantasy Books

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    CHARACTERS Brinley is a girl with an overactive imagination and a flair for drawing She imagines many a things and at times draws them too but she knows that the bell only her father and herself can hear is not her imagination I enjoyed getting to know about Brinley, her deep desire to know who her mother is and the way she makes friends along the way She was a very realistic character with real problems and some magical ones Her character development, especially towards the end is beautiful to see Hugo is the one with the most character development From a somewhat bratty Price who wants to learn magic he grows into a very trustworthy wonderful friend and also learns a lot in the way The friendships and relationships he forges along the way are written beautifully and are heartwarming.Every character in this book has a role to play even the minor characters who appear for a short period of time have important roles to play in the plot PLOT It s quite a complex plot for a middle grade fantasy Not the plot itself but rather the world building It was a fun adventure story that leaves some loose ends as it s the first book in a series While the plot was wonderful, the big reveal was pretty obvious from the start But thinking about it now I think the author meant it to be a reveal only for the characters themselves and not the readers If that s the case, it was done very well But maybe due to fact that I ve read a lot of high fantasy and epic fantasy books, certain plot points seemed a little predictable to me But I think it would work perfectly for a younger audience WRITING When you do a thing for too long, you become it The writing is smooth and the dialogue well written I was so engrossed in this book and read most of it during a loud fest going on I was so engrossed, all the noise didn t bother me at all There were certain places were there was a lot of information given to us but I m glad it didn t feel like info dumping Also I must say I loved the Chapter names and enjoyed the humor interwoven into the story WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE BOOK The characters The plot The writing The cover It s so pretty WHAT I DIDN T LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK The predictable plot points certain places with a lot of information description CONCLUSION It s a well written Middle grade high fantasy with a wonderfully done world building and delightful characters I can t wait to pick up the sequel and find the questions we re left with at the end of the book.

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    This was definitely better than I thought it would be considering I downloaded it as a freebie But there was still something lacking The ideas and the story were quite interesting and enough to keep me reading through to the end but I thought it felt kind of disorganized Like there was missing that one thread to tie it all together perfectly and have it live up to its potential.

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    I just couldn t finish this It felt slow and boring I had high hopes but am sadly disappointed.

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    This first book in the Magemother series was a fun fantasy that was filled with hope and adventure One cool aspect of this book that I loved was how this fantasy world was connected to earth or ert As soon as Brinely entered Aberdeen I was fascinated to see how she will adapt with a place filled with unique animals, monsters, and magic Having very few characters really helped me get to grow with these people and even adapt to them Brinley was probably the most relatable because she was a little bit shy and felt that she needed to be invisible Her journey to accepting the role she was meant to have, and opening up, was really nice and by the end she had developed into an entirely new person Hugo, Tabitha, the witches, and the seven mages were all very well developed and exciting to read This book was actually a GREAT book There was nothing I found boring or confusing It took me a while to start reading it but as soon as I delved into the book I was able to read 50% of the book in a day I feel that this book is underappreciated and I hope that it will become the next popular book series Everyone needs to read this book

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    Such a nice book, well written, I will surely read the other books of the series as I am looking forward and can t wait to see what happens to all its characters I think it would appeal to young readers so I will make my daughter to read it too I highly recommend it to those who like fantasy books.

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    I can t remember the last time I finished a book that was the first in its series with a smile on my face.This middle grade fantasy adventure is fantastic I love the metaphoric but simplistic plot, the plethora of dynamic characters and the easy to follow writing that makes it simple for very young readers to pick up but also for older readers such as myself to get lost into too This was only the first book in its series and it is quite promising I already got the free novella from the Authors website and bought the next two books in the series when I was only 12% through the book It is just that great It does have a quality to be on the same competing level as the Harry Potter series This is far developed than the Percy Jackson series was, even when the series has an original story inspiration, I prefer Brinley and her troubles than I did with Percy and all his half blood cousins nephews nieces what No seriously, the other campers at Half Blood are his nieces and nephews if you were to check a family tree That s just weird Looking forward to the next installment I truly enjoyed this book and can t wait to see what happens to all its characters

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    Let s put it this way If you don t typically read this style of story magic, fantasy, witches, and whatnot then you ll probably really like this Also, if you don t care about writing style, then you will probably like it For me, the writing adverbs.telling drove me nuts Then there was the fact most of this story has been done before, in other books, and way better There was nothing that wowed me, or made me go, Oh, that s cool Fresh and original No, there was nothing like that It s a stew of other books Parts and pieces rehashed into something that makes this not violate copy rights It s my own fault for reading so much and being exposed to better books Hahaha 2 stars Read it if you fit the above description Otherwise, read it when you don t have anything else to read PS Austin, stop with the adverbs, and write the story how you want it to be told and stop trying to fit it into a YA or children s mold Kids will read what they want They self censor pretty well, so you don t need to dumb this down to make it for kids Just write it and let them decide if it is for them.

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    Character development had a very strong start world building was weak and never gained strength over mediocrity The summoning bell was a gentle icon to blend the two worlds with a hint of its significance To the reader Cuz it went over the heads of Archibald, Cannon, and the entire Magisterium C mon If they knew it was a summoning bell, certainly talk of who or what should have demanded attention Then character fell off the script as if the author had forgotten them In chapter 16, Denmyn ran over the elderly librarian and promptly stage lefted the scene as Cannon Archibald nonchalantly dismissed the disappearance of the bell and began a magic carpet ride Then Cannon appears in 17 from the trees and idk where his shotgun passenger Archibald is Lack of urgency and the nonplussed attitudes of the characters made me feel like I was anxious to uncover reasons for the disappearance of the mages than the characters whose lives needed them Great cover Intriguing description to entice a download click Suspenseful start Two stars, but would not recommend this book nor follow the series.

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    A good story that deserves better writingThe story in this book is really quite wonderful I only wish it had been written better It has so much potential, but I almost stopped reading several times I m not sure if the writer just tried to write down to children s level instead of writing for them or if they just didn t quite know how to wrangle the correct pace for an adventure But if you can get past that, it s an enjoyable read that made me smile and I look forward to reading the next in the series I hope the writing improves for that one.

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    A bit painful to get through that one

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