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Apathetic Avengers (The Faction Stories Book 1) summary Apathetic Avengers (The Faction Stories Book 1) , series Apathetic Avengers (The Faction Stories Book 1) , book Apathetic Avengers (The Faction Stories Book 1) , pdf Apathetic Avengers (The Faction Stories Book 1) , Apathetic Avengers (The Faction Stories Book 1) d1dbfb060f It S Not Easy Being A Teenager Especially When You Have A Mask, A Secret Identity, And A Lot Of Homework The Only Thing Rachel Hingis Hated Than Swimming Was Having To Play Well With Others Edgar Fern, Nerd Extraordinaire, Couldn T Find Anyone To Play With Life Would Have Been Just Fine If They Never Crossed Paths Instead, They Collided The Victims Of An Accidental Experiment Deep In The Corn Fields Of Iowa, They And Four Others Alex, Celeste, Laura, And Susan Were Changed, And Not Necessarily For The Better As A Mysterious And Sinister Group Started To Pick Off The Students, The Six Of Them Had A Choice To Make Become Victims, Or Become Heroes The Bumpy Road To Being A Masked Avenger Is Fraught With Conflict, Mystery, Explosions And Freezees

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    Apathetic Avengers The Factions Stories Book 1 by J Rose Alexander and Aurora Zahni is a great read I really enjoyed getting to know Edgar, Alex, Susan, Laura, Rachel and Celeste This story is packed full of action, adventure, fantasy, superheroes, and team work Highly recommend to all fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Superheroes, Teen Young Adult.

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    This is one of the few collections of episodes that I have really enjoyed reading It was an engaging story and I kind of want My only criticism is that when presented all together it reads a bit choppy some transition between episodes would have helped.

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    Disclaimer I have been given this book in exchange for an honest review I wrote this review in conjunction with NerdGirlWhere do I begin I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars because I absolutely loved it When you grow up around superhero culture like a lot of the culture has become lately another superhero story can be very repetitive but this book doesn t follow the pattern The title really gives it away They are apathetic avengers They are 6 teenagers who just want to be normal, but have these super powers that have been hidden from the time they were in preschool until now when they can t be hidden any Most of them don t even get along with each other which gives the story some well needed and fun tension between the teenagers Suddenly, things start to go wrong in their home town of Red Bug Iowa and these six teens are thrust into the world of fighting crime to save their family and friends With the help of their lovable handler Agent Catton, the teens will learn to become a team and work together to fight the crime syndicate Insert Sinister Name Here yes they don t have a name which is AWESOME.What I really liked about this book is the fact that it is written like a comic book than a novel It is also made up of small short stories about the adventures the teenagers go on after they form the team I like this because a lot of young readers have problems keeping their attention on one thing The first 3 4 of the book is the origin story It gives all the background information on the teenagers and what each of them can do It introduces the reader to the hardships of being a super hero and a teenager and all the mistakes they make in the first few times of being the hero It endears the characters to the readers and lets the readers see the background story The last 1 4 of the book is comprised of short stories of their adventures as the team with their costumes and masks in tow Fundamentally there was nothing wrong with this novel It was fast paced but with enough detail to keep you interested and give you enough information The characters were written well, and knowing this is the beginning of the series tells me that there are many growing pains these teen avengers will go through which makes me all the excited to pick up the next book A few usage errors, but nothing that is noticeable I am just an English Teacher so I see everything haha and the story is well written I would definitely read the next one, and if you have a teenager or a young adult who loved the Avengers, pick this book up for them.

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    request submitted by Aurora Zahni author for an honest critique When Aurora asked me to read Apathetic Avengers, I counted the days until the superhero book was in my greedy, little hands Aurora knows I love comic superheroes so he was confident I would enjoy this book which I did How could you not like these group of super teens When their tale started in detention class and their personalities began to unfold, I immediately thought of The Breakfast Club a movie all should watch and often It s a true classic As for the powers these teens possessed, we witnessed super strength, telekinesis, magic wielder and my favorite the ability to transmute anything at the basic chemical level Celeste Chemical Avenger turned gas into water and converted a bullet into garlic Pretty wicked cool, right With all the special skills at the FBI s disposal, their services were called upon often They don t save everyone but, like any true hero, they kept trying However, thru all the high packed action scenes, one question kept nagging at me a loose end How did these kids come upon their super abilities Maybe this question will be answered in the sequel, but as a reader, I was hoping for some nuggets of information On a final note, I m not sure who quoted Speed but I loved it Best action movie ever www.superkambrook.com blog

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    I ve had this book for a few months and I didn t read it right away because honestly the cover is not a big attention getter, but you know what they say about not judging a book by its cover well it turned out true.Detention at school has never been fun, especially if you have such different personalities in it But after they were released from it they were each approached by an FBI agent who wanted to talk to them privately It seems they were all outside at there daycare on the same day years before, when something had happened that was destined to change their lives forever They all had some kind of superpower Would they learn to work together as a team or will they hide from who they are I enjoyed how the story is put together, never boring and somewhat exciting in places Great YA book, that could easily be a movie.

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    Apathetic Avengers The Factions Stories Book 1 by J Rose Alexander and Aurora Zahni is a great read Not my usual genre hence my star rating , but I enjoyed getting to know Edgar, Alex, Susan, Laura, Rachel and Celeste This story is packed full of action, adventure, fantasy, superheroes, and team work A great book you can dip in and out of, as its written similar to a comic in chunks about each character, recommend to all fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Superheroes, Teen Young Adult.

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    I have to say I am surprised that i enjoyed this book as much as I did, but for a geeky superhero story, that gives them weird but kinda funny superhero powers, it was really good It was different,very unique in a strange certain way I loved it It was fun , it had all the things needed for a superhero story I loved the characters geeky abilities and how they all made it come together At the start of the book I had to really focus to try and figure out who everyone was but after that great fun I recommend you read this fun adventure I think you will enjoy it

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    Thought it would be one of those run of the mill superhero to be stories, but it surprised me in a good way.

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    What can I say about this novel It s like the Apathetic Avengers as teenagers who will someday become the Marvel Avengers Good read

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