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  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Suffocation of Katie
  • Glenna Maynard
  • English
  • 20 October 2019
  • 9781511521789

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    Sometimes love can win in the end.I m a hard sell when it comes to new adult as I m long past that stage in my life The story has to be really interesting to keep my attention and, happily, this one had no trouble doing that Well written, with likable characters and relatable situations, the twists and bends kept me totally engaged from start to finish.Katie was used to struggling through life under the stigma, and whims, of her mother s lifestyle She has made it through to her last year of high school with a few friends by her side while clinging to the dream of leaving her hometown at the earliest opportunity Kai Cooper was not in her circle of friends but as life throws devastating blows her way, he is unexpectedly there to be the friend she needs As circumstances change, Kai remains at her side while her feelings for him grow They are young and when the music they love offers opportunity, but also reveals secrets, will they be able to make the right choices This standalone new adult romance has angst and drama to spare as Katie has to wrestle with a home life that is anything but nurturing and a school life that has never been easy Katie is someone anyone who has ever grown up can relate to Even though she has a lot on her plate and few people in her corner she continues to make the best of things and soldiers through each bump with a graceful maturity There is no pity party here, it s all about dealing with the hand you are dealt while trying to make the best decisions possible Kai is a surprising white knight but fills the role admirably as he too has difficult choices to make Katie s life isn t instantly fixed but, happily, things seem possible I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to by this author I am going to be a new adult convert yet Diane, 4 stars

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    This title has been moved to my name Allie Faye and retitled You Rock Me Now Live US UK have exciting news I have a New Adult Rockstar Romance releasing April 10th Title The Suffocation of Katie Cover Blurb New Adult Rock Star Romance Novel by author Glenna Maynard Cooper s Religion is an Indie rock band on their way to the top butone questionone lie stands to ruin it all Kai Cooper is my pain and I m Katie, his biggest regret This is our love story and the journey to his first album The Suffocation of Katie Excerpt Kai the lead singer of Cooper s Religion, pulls up a stool and lowers the mic Taking his seat with his guitar strapped over his chest, brown shaggy hair hangs across his eyes His hand shifts, brushing his hair back and he smiles when a girl screams out, I love you Kai His dimples pierce straight through me owning my soul His voice comes out so soft and smooth, it is sexual and romantic the way he strums his guitar If this is what being hurt by you feels like, then I love pain No lyric has ever rang true for me Being loved is just like being suffocated His fingers move through the chords with ease and he looks at me, his eyes burning with desire I m on fire, he sings the chorus and I die a little on the inside I ll be your pain and you ll be my biggest regret you set me on fire Give me your love and suffocate me I m on fire Teasers

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    I had the honour of BETA reading this for Glenna and i absolutely loved it I will do a full review once i ve read the final version but trust me, this really was AMAZING, after finishing this i felt like half of my soul was missing, it was full of angst and at times i messaged Glenna to cuss her out about certain things that happened to Katie KillingMe So as you all know i BETA read this book see above and it took me a full WEEK to be able to read a new book That is how AMAZING this book is I usually can read 3 or books in a week but after this i had such a book hangover i even messaged Glenna Maynard to complain to her about leaving me in such a state It really is AMAZING and yet again she has made the transition from MC author to New Young Adult with such finesse it really is phenomenal This book shows WHY Glenna is MY all time FAVOURITE author It has the feels the angst and everything you could want without being too adult She has hit the nail on the head with the balance of changing genre in this

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    I discovered Glenna s books after friending her on Facebook because I thought she was funny and smart We kind of clicked She asked me recently if I had read The Suffocation of Katie and I told her I had bought it and the reason I hadn t read it was because I was saving it I read it today It was worth the wait I loved everything about it and now am heading back to refresh myself with the Black Rebel Rider MC series in anticipation of the latest release, If you haven t discovered the many and varied talents of Glenna Maynard, get on it, you re missing a fantastic ride Your number one Australian fan.

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    Ok girls we have a new book boyfriend and his name is Kai Cooper Sweet, hot, tattooed, hot, musician, hot, sensitive, and did I say hot Kai is the lead singer for Copper s Religion, he has had a thing for Katie since they were in middle school Katie has a terrible home life, her Mom treats her horrible and most times their isn t enough good to eat When she takes a job baby sitting Kai s little sister, things for her finally start looking up The time Katie and Kai spend together the closer they get They fall fast and hard Until a secret is revealed and threatens everything.This book is wonderful Katie and Kai have off the charts sexual chemistry and the writing is out of this world I went through so many emotions reading this and so do the characters Guys at one point Kai cries now who doesn t love it when a man shows his sensitive side And I cried right along with him I think I m in love Come on READ it You will not be disappointed It is a great book

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    I absolutely adored this book I had never read anything by Glenna Maynard before until someone made a recommendation in one of the groups I m part of My TBR list is long but it wasn t just one person in this group but several so I thought I d give it a try and i am SO glad I did I would without hesitation but another book by this author Now to the book This is the story of Katie a broken girl with a very broken mother She has many hardships that she needs to deal with and at times she is alone It is difficult to know who to trust.Kai has some secrets of his own but he can t seem to stop himself and needs to be with Katie.When the secrets can Katie and Kai overcome them Is their love strong enough You ll have to read to see Beautiful story and very well written I d highly recommend this book.

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    This is the first Glenna Maynard book I ve read and I was in for a sweet surprise It s addictive, fun, and the characters grow on you with every passing page I especially liked Katie She was definitely a character anyone can relate to Her life is so uncharming that you just have to root for her to the very end I loved the way the book flowed, the twists and turns were just at the right moments and the hot steamy romance was perfect I loved Kai He was definitely one hot heart stopper and he kept me on his side the whole way through just by being himself He was my favorite character, though there s than one character to fall in love with in this enticing coming of age story.I ll definitely be checking out of this author s books I did receive this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review Definitely a writer and novel anyone can enjoy.

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    ARC provided for an honest review From dirty, gritty, raw biker to a sweet love story to a swoon worthy rock star Glenna Maynard can truly write anything and get you so wrapped up in the story you forget the world around you Kai and Katie are amazing Katie is so strong and Kai well what can I say except SWOON This story broke my heart, put it back to together a few times, made me say awe, and completely captured my emotions I laughed, oh I got mad, wanted to punch something, gasped, teared up, smiled, and definitely swooned I so badly did not want this story to end I swear everything Glenna Maynard writes is a must read and The Suffocation of Katie is definitely at the top of that list I cannot wait to see what she gives us next.

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    4 1 2 stars I really enjoyed this book Kai has loved Katie from afar since the ninth grade but didn t have the courage to make a move until senior year when everyone turns there back on Katie her 2 bff and her home life is terrible the mother omg worst mom ever Kai and Katie fall in love but Kai is hiding a secret that surely will come between them can there love survive you ll just have to read to find out hehe

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    I read this in one night and one sitting It was a story that captured me from page one There was so many different facets to each character, some better than others There were times I wanted to scream and certain characters cough cough Kai cough cough but overall I enjoyed this book I ll definitely look into from this author.

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The Suffocation of Katiecharacters The Suffocation of Katie, audiobook The Suffocation of Katie, files book The Suffocation of Katie, today The Suffocation of Katie, The Suffocation of Katie 4e7dc Cooper S Religion Is An Indie Rock Band On Their Way To The Top Butone Questionone Lie Stands To Ruin It All Kai Cooper Is My Pain And I M Katie, His Biggest Regret Suffocation Is The Process Of Asphyxiation Asphyxia, Derived From The Greek Language, Meaning Without A Heartbeat Being Loved Is Just Like Being Suffocated This Is The Suffocation Of KatieExcerptKai The Lead Singer Of Cooper S Religion, Pulls Up A Stool And Lowers The Mic Taking His Seat With His Guitar Strapped Over His Chest, Brown Shaggy Hair Hangs Across His Eyes His Hand Shifts, Brushing His Hair Back And He Smiles When A Girl Screams Out, I Love You Kai His Dimples Pierce Straight Through Me Owning My Soul His Voice Comes Out So Soft And Smooth, It Is Sexual And Romantic The Way He Strums His Guitar If This Is What Being Hurt By You Feels Like, ThenI Love Pain No Lyric Has Ever Rang True For Me Being Loved Is Just Like Being Suffocated His Fingers Move Through The Chords With Ease And He Looks At Me, His Eyes Burning With Desire I M On Fire, He Sings The Chorus And I Die A Little On The Inside I Ll Be Your Pain And You Ll Be My Biggest Regretyou Set Me On Fire Give Me Your Love And Suffocate MeI M On Fire

About the Author: Glenna Maynard

Glenna Maynard is a USA TODAY Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author most known for her gritty Black Rebel Riders MC saga She has a passion for writing antiheroes but occasionally takes a walk on the sweeter side Bikers, Rockstars, the boy next door, Glenna writes them all.When she isn t arguing with the voices in her head or drinking reader tears, she enjoys watching classic TV shows wit