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    RATING 3.5 STARSHis Perfect Wolf is book two in the Mystic Wolves series by Elle Boon I believe this book is only available along with book one as a set Niall Malik is Zayn s older brother and is also alpha of the Mystic River Pack Niall had found his true mate and together they had a beautiful son But then tragically he lost his wife He has resigned himself that he will never love another as he did his wife so he has dedicated his life to caring for his son and for his pack But fate had other plans for Niall He scented other wolves near his home and found an injured woman who had fallen and hit her head Her scent immediately called to him, mine He d never experienced a connection quite like what he had with Alaina Like the blood in his veins flowed in the same path as hers Alaina Strop is part wolf and part fey But her wolf has never awoken and she has never been able to shift Her father has deemed her worthless and is forcing her to mate with an abusive, horrible member of their pack Alaina can t bear to let him do this to her so she runs But danger finds her again as she is surrounded by rogue wolves and falls off the cliff The next thing she knows, she s in the arms of the most beautiful man wolf she s ever seen She recognizes immediately that he s a wolf but how she knows this, she doesn t know, because she can t remember anything, even her own name.Alaina and Niall s relationship progresses quickly physically and wow are they physical Niall struggles with the memory of his deceased mate but this connection to Alaina is too strong to deny He wants her as his mate But first he must explain to her what he is to see if she can accept him Alaina s memory does return to her but not all of it She still doesn t know why she ended up here and who she was running from But she does know now what she is She knows she needs to let Niall know but is waiting for him to tell her himself in his own time Before all this can happen, though, trouble once again finds them The ones that felt like they had a claim on Alaina want her back And will stop at nothing to get her.Niall is forced to fight for Alaina to protect her He will do anything in his power to protect the woman that will become his mate Desire rushed from her to him in waves She beckoned to both man and wolf like a siren s call Every single rule he d made went out the window with a single smile He wanted her in every possible way, and he would have her Body, heart, and soul The obstacles for these two just keep stacking up against them Their road is not an easy one But Niall fights for her I did enjoy this continuation of the series For me, it didn t flow as well as the first book did It just seemed a little choppy And while the chemistry was off the charts between these two, I didn t feel their love the way I would have liked Still, though, I enjoyed the book and plan to continue on with Jett s story in the third book, Jett s Wild Wolf.

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    This is going down as a DNF for me I consumed the first book in mere hours It was silly, fun, and oh so much lust This story is much the sametoo much the same I m finding myself bored I get it you guys are super, duper, magically attracted to each other, now move the plot along I d recommend this book to anyone who s interested in the sexy scenes and not much else.

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    I really enjoy Elle Boon s Raven of War series but her Mystic Wolves series is quickly gaining purchase as a favorite, too We are first introduced to Niall in Accidentally Wolf and you fall in love with him right away He is the pack alpha who is also a widower, raising a young son I wanted of him so I loved seeing him get his unexpected happily ever after in His Perfect Wolf Alaina had the perfect amount of sweet and sass and captured the big, sexy man s heart in an instant But Alaina s journey to Niall was not an easy one On the run from a man who should have protected her, she lands right in the middle of a rogue pack of wolves who are bent on her demise Unfortunately or fortunately for her, an unintended fall lands her in the powerful arms of Niall Both he and his wolf are instantly drawn to Alaina and they want her Only there s one problem Alaina can t remember who she is or what she was doing in the woods Yet the thing she has no question about is her attraction for Niall To care for her after her fall, Niall ensconces Alaina in his home and the attraction between them quickly grows into a potent lust Things quickly progress between them and they give into their desires for one another, and very quickly Niall decides that he must have Alaina for his mate Although he is determined to keep his heart out of the equation since he believes that any possible love from him died with his first mate he believes that Alaina will than satisfy him physically But fate is a tricky thing and Niall s heart calls out to Alaina s But as her memory returns, so does the reason she ran in the first place Alaina and Niall are thrown on a collision course with those who seek to do her harm But being as though he is no ordinary wolf, Niall is than man enough to fight for his woman in ways than one too If you are in the mood for sexy shifters then you will definitely want to add Boon s Mystic Wolves series to your TBR These books contain passion, love, sassy women, and alpha men who will make you swoon

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    I received this one in the boxed set but reviewed them individually Another great addition to the series with Niall being one smoking hot Alpha of the pack Again took me a little to warm up to him though as he came across a bit of a jerk wanting a woman to help raise his son and warm his bed but not to mate as his deceased wife was his true mate What does that make Alaina then Thankfully as soon as he realises that Alaina is indeed his mate then his attitude changes.Alaina is on the run from her stepfather who is trying to mate her to a abusive pack member to get her out of his hair She loses her memory after an attack on Niall territory from some rouge wolves.They have great chemistry together and it isn t long before they are hitting the sheets.We see some of the other pack member s and am looking forward to reading their stories Overall not a bad read.

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    Awesome series

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    Niall Malik is alpha of the Mystic Wolves His life revolved around protecting his pack and son He planned to do this alone until finding an injured woman who stirred than just his lust.When Alaina Strop woke in the tattooed arms of a strange wolf shifter, all she could think of was getting closer Having no memory was a small thing compared to the feelings she had for the growling man Before she could give her mind and body to him, she needed to find out who she was, and be sure she didn t belong to another Though deep in her soul, she knew she was Nialls.Danger came to Mystic as Alaina s memory returned and her father came to claim her for another wolf But Niall, the big bad alpha, had found his perfect wolf, and wasn t about to let her go, no matter the cost Elle Boon is amazing She really captures her readers attention and then makes it impossible for it to stray for even a moment I started reading this book last night and I didn t put it down until 5am It was that good His Perfect Wolf was really steamy, exciting, and all around bad ass Boon is one hell of an author and I can t wait to read book Yes I m that idiot that didn t read book 1 firstI know I hate spoilers so I am not giving anything away But I will say that His Perfect Wolf is what every paranormal romance should be, and has everything it should have, and then some Niall is the alpha of his pack and is very focused on his people He is not easily distracted, until he meets Alaina She is a beautiful gift and Niall is not about to lose her anytime soon He is so patient with her, and dedicated to helping figure out all she is missing.Their relationship is really quite beautiful Boon does an amazing job of portraying their dedication to one another, and in turn showing us what love is supposed to look like I believe this book is one that if you miss it, you ll be sorely disappointed I rated this book 5 stars, because simply putit was beautifully written, and all around wonderful.

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    Marie s Tempting Reads Review Elle Boon s Mystic Wolves series are a true treasure I fell in love with Accidentally Wolf, and I adored His Perfect Wolf even We have a sexy wolf shifter, a sassy and sweet half breed and some great chemistry Along with some suspense, danger, and sizzling passion, whats not to love Niall is looking for a mother for his son since the death of his mate He doesn t expect to fall in love again, but he knows as long as he finds a woman that he can marry and take care of his boy, that s all that matter That is, until he comes across a hurt Alaina Alaina is terrified at first when she wakes do to her not remembering anything, but she knows the one thing she can t seem to stop is her heart from falling for Niall Soon the chemistry between Niall and Alaina is smoking and when things become clearer, Alaina s memory surfaces along with the person she was running from in the first place that caused her memory loss Its up to Niall, the sexy alpha to stop her crazy father from dragging Alaina back to her pack to mate some wolf she doesn t know, and to claim her for himself.There is some amazing scenes in this story, and I am not talking just the great sex ones either I loved the mystery and the fact that we have a unique set of characters that were not all wolf, but some who were a bit There was never a dull moment in the story If Niall and Alaina weren t connecting in a super carnal way, danger was there or something was interfering with them His Perfect Wolf was definitely well written Its both fun and intriguing as well as sexy and truly addicting.Once I started His Perfect Wolf it was hard to put down Elle Boon is a magnificent author and knows what she is doing when it comes to writing a paranormal romance I gave His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon an ASTOUNDING FOUR AND A HALF STARS If you love sexy wolf shifters and the women that can turn them inside out with a look or a touch, then I suggest you grab up Accidentally Wolf and His Perfect Wolf and dive into The Mystic Wolves series.

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    4.0 Stars Okay, deep breath Alaina is a teacher from Maryland who went through a traumatic event with a gunman, goes home to rest up is told by her so called father Roger he has planned a mating for her to a shifter in their pack he is an alpha he is not her biological father and no longer treats her like a daughter and is forcing her to do this.her mom is abused by this man and fled her home in the Mystic Pack because her real father was a piece of work who ended up in jail for drugs and killed while in Jail She reads her mom s diary to know all this, takes off in her car with a suitcase to get away from this man and ends up broken down on a lonely, dark road near Mystic She hears wolves howling rogues and starts running through the woods instead of be a sitting duck, falls down a ravine, and passes out let breath out The now pack Alpha of Mystic Pack is out running and comes across this scent and follows it until he finds Alaina, saves her and brings her back to his home to nurse her back to health Even though he swore to never love anyone but his deceased wife mate Emma.he has it bad for his human He does not know that she is half shifter fae and when she wakes up she can t remember a thing.ThereI set the stage for you You can imagine what comes next A wonderful story Same criticisms from last book.too short, LAFS too fast for my tastes and God vs goddess thing But other than that, great story, good back story and secondary characters Oh boy, love her female heroines a whole bunch toostrong, interesting and natural Well, Jett Pack enforcer is next..,Can t wait to read it.

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    His Perfect Wolf, second book in the Mystic Wolves series by Elle Boon was fun and sexy.Elle s Boon werewolves are smoking hot so the Alpha Niall is as hot as it gets Alaina didn t have a chance to resist himNiall didn t want a mate but a woman to warm his bed and help raise his son Selfish much Six years after his mate, wife died he was still feeling her loss and loved her He decided that he doesn t and cannot love.Alaina was running away from a stepfather who wanted to mate her to one of his wolves She had a flat tire and run in trouble with the rogue wolves.Niall found her full of blood on his pack territory and took her to his home Their attraction was instant and even though Alaina couldn t remember her name still wanted to have a fling with the sexy Alpha.The scenes between them were great but the internal dialogue not so much Niall was borderline jerk to me like his brother so he had me rolling my eyes few times.When Alaina s stepfather and wanna be mate threaten her Niall stepped up and defended her but left open so many questions 1 if the first wife was Niall s true mate what kind of mate Alaina was If one has true mates during a life time was not really clarified It s a bit odd because for me a true mate is a true mate and once in a lifetime.a mate is a different story.2 what were the rogue wolves doing on the territory it was not really addressed3 how was Alaina different What about her magic I would say that the plot took a second seat in the story and it felt unbalanced.I was hoping for some clarity and explanations but the sex was hot.Maybe the third book will bring some clarity.

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    The second of Elle Boon s Mystic Wolves series is even better than the first Suspense, danger and explosive passion combine to make this a thrilling read that definitely has the reader wanting .I hope Ms Boon has stories planned, because I m absolutely hooked

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His Perfect Wolf (Mystic Wolves, #2) summary pdf His Perfect Wolf (Mystic Wolves, #2) , summary chapter 2 His Perfect Wolf (Mystic Wolves, #2) , sparknotes His Perfect Wolf (Mystic Wolves, #2) , His Perfect Wolf (Mystic Wolves, #2) 8e8ce78 Niall Malik Is Alpha Of The Mystic Wolves His Life Revolved Around Protecting His Pack And Son He Planned To Do This Alone Until Finding An Injured Woman Who Stirred Than Just His LustWhen Alaina Strop Woke In The Tattooed Arms Of A Strange Wolf Shifter, All She Could Think Of Was Getting Closer Having No Memory Was A Small Thing Compared To The Feelings She Had For The Growling Man Before She Could Give Her Mind And Body To Him, She Needed To Find Out Who She Was, And Be Sure She Didn T Belong To Another Though Deep In Her Soul, She Knew She Was NiallsDanger Came To Mystic As Alaina S Memory Returned And Her Father Came To Claim Her For Another Wolf But Niall, The Big Bad Alpha, Had Found His Perfect Wolf, And Wasn T About To Let Her Go, No Matter The Cost

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I m a full time wife and mother of two who has loved to read and write since childhood I survived cancer and decided I could do anything, setting personal goals then and there Four years later, after meeting many wonderful writers who allowed me to beta read for them, whom I can now call friends, I decided to write a book Several years later I ve attained my first goal, becoming a published aut