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Pitch Black explained Pitch Black , review Pitch Black , trailer Pitch Black , box office Pitch Black , analysis Pitch Black , Pitch Black ac5c Passion Lights The Way For An Ex Marine Corrections Officer Rescuing A Female CO Trapped In A Prison Block During A BlackoutNote ThisWord Short Story Was Previously Published As Part Of The HIGH OCTANE HEROES Anthology It May Be Short In Length, But It S Not Short In Passion Excerpt Her Bathroom Door Slammed Open Still Dressed In His Uniform, His Shoulders Spanned The Door Frame His Short Black Hair Skimmed The Upper Edge His Dark Blue Shirt, Spattered With Raindrops, Reflected The Stormy Color Of His Eyes As He Raked Her With A Glance Anger Simmered In The Glance He Gave HerHer Chin Shot Up No, Hello Darlin His Hand Shot Out, Grabbed Her Arm And Yanked Her Against His Chest Fight Me Her Eyes Widened What S This About He Gave A Sharp Shake Of His Head Shut Up Fight Me She Inserted Her Free Hand Between Them And Shoved At His Chest Danny Think You Could Have Fought Draper Off If He D Been After You He Said, His Voice A Deep, Graveled GrowlShe Swallowed Hard Against A Burning Lump At The Back Of Her Throat So That Was What This Was Going To Be A Lesson Proof She Wasn T Strong Enough, Mean Enough To Be On That Barracks Floor Stop This, Right Now She Pushed Again, But He Ducked Down, Shoved His Shoulder Against Her Abdomen, Forcing Her To Crumple Over Him Then He Was Backing Out The Door, Striding Toward Her Bed He Shrugged His Shoulder, And She Tumbled To The Mattress, Her Towel Flying OpenBefore She Could Roll Over The Side To Escape, He Was On Her, His Superior Weight Sinking Her Deep Into The Mattress Covered Shoulder To Toe By His Large Body, She Could Barely Breathe Danny He Shook His Head Again, A Grim Set To His Tight Square Jaw This Ends, Jenn Tomorrow, You Re Gonna Accept That Transfer Work In The Warden S Office, Guard The Nurse, Whatever, But You Won T Be On That Goddamn Floor You Have No Right To Dictate To Me Don T I Wasn T My Ass On The Line Tonight I Didn T Ask You Didn T Have To Dammit, I Love You His Shout Reverberated In The Room And Had Her Jaw Clamping Shut Bitter Tears Filled Her EyesHis Eyes Squeezed Shut Then Before She Could Draw The Next Shattered Breath, He Rolled Off Her To Sit At The Edge Of The Bed, His Back To Her His Shoulders Were Slumped I Can T Do This Again

  • Kindle Edition
  • 28 pages
  • Pitch Black
  • Delilah Devlin
  • English
  • 05 October 2017

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    I received a copy of this book from the author for an impartial review Thanks.I have to admit that shorts are growing on me not those of the material, wearable kind, but stories that are shorter than novellas, which are in turn shorter than novels well, you get the picture They are short I have never been a fan of the art of pr cis one thing that my English teacher despaired of teaching me I am sure I love words and the the better I do have to say though that with experience, I have also learnt that to be able to pr cis is an art in and of itself One definite reason to appreciate the shorts that author Delilah Devlin is writing The latest erotic short is called Pitch Black and revolves around a storm, two on duty prison guards, Danny Crispin and Jenna Hurly, a power outage in the prison and the aftermath This short has everything, action and drama, danger and bad weather to add to the atmosphere The relationship between Danny and Jenna only becomes clearer as the story moves along, and by the end the storm isn t the only explosive element This is a hot and sexy short that will definitely make you appreciate the ability of Ms Devlin to write a story, long or short that grabs you from the first word and doesn t let go until the end Grab Pitch Black and enjoy

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