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Home Sweet Gnome (Gnome Novel Book 5) chapter 1 Home Sweet Gnome (Gnome Novel Book 5) , meaning Home Sweet Gnome (Gnome Novel Book 5) , genre Home Sweet Gnome (Gnome Novel Book 5) , book cover Home Sweet Gnome (Gnome Novel Book 5) , flies Home Sweet Gnome (Gnome Novel Book 5) , Home Sweet Gnome (Gnome Novel Book 5) 414e15952c42b Daphne Lane Leads An Uncomplicated Life As A Travel Journalist Sure, She S Lonely And Has No Real Home But The Very Best Thing About The Job It Got Her Out Of Montana, Away From Her Completely Crazy Aunt Velma And Her Quirky, Matchmaking Friends After A Week Back Home In Honor Of Her Aunt S Birthday, Daphne Is Than Ready To Escape To Her Next Assignment But Fate Has Other Plans In The Form Of JT McCade, A Sexy Detective With A Sensitive Trigger Finger JT McCade Is Ready To Settle Down, Find A Nice, Normal Woman Get A Dog He Wants The Whole White Picket Fence Fantasy When He Pulls Over A Gorgeous Woman DoingMph On A Back Road, An Off Duty Traffic Stop Completely Ruins His Vacation Arresting Daphne Wasn T Part Of The Plan, But Neither Was A Road Trip Across The West In A Vintage RV With His Crushed Motorcycle Playing The Victim To Daphne S Poor Driving Skills A Solo Road Trip Would Have Been Fine, But Add Daphne, Her Aunt Velma, Goldie, The Towns Most Notorious Meddler, Velma S Crazy Friend Ester Millhouse, And It Turns Into An Adventure Can JT And Daphne Survive Three Geriatric Matchmakers, A Feral Cat, A Flying Gnome, A Mistaken Identity As A Porn Star, A Taser, And Other Twists Of Fate Is This Going To Be The Road Trip From Hell Or Will The Insanity Lead Daphne To The One Place She S Never Really Beenhome

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    3.25 starsNot as good as the other ones but still a light hearted read Heroine is mistaken for a famous porn star, goes on the RV trip of hell and finds love.

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    4 Stars I really, really this series and I adore Vanessa Vale s writing as a whole She writes with such ease and is well known for her books being sweet, super sexy and she s always tossing on hints of mystery and suspense in every one to keep you hanging on to all the words.Montana Mine is the latest standalone, book number five, in the Small Town Romance series, delivering another unputdownable book that nearly charmed my panties off and left me with a big ol smile on my face JT and Daphne were a breath of fresh air and their story was so much fun and super steamy in every single way.If you like your romances less complicated and pleasurableenjoyable with kick ass heroines and swoon heroes, them Vanessa is a chick you need to check out.I totally recommend this series.Reviewed for Renee Entress s Blog

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    Montana Mine is the fifth book in the Small Town Romance series Daphne is on her way to the airport for her next travel journalism assignment when she s pulled over by a police officer Next thing she knows, she s waking up in jail, tased, missed her flight, and suddenly on a road trip with three unique, older ladies, JT, the cop who tased her, and George the garden gnome Not only that, but she s constantly mistaken for a porn star Not sure which is the worst part, she s avoiding looking at her life, but on this crazy adventure, she just might find exactly what she needs if she can survive it I have just absolutely loved this entire series so far, and had so much fun reading this book I giggled a lot and even teared up once, but there was just so much funny shenanigans that happens in this book I loved Daphne She was sassy, smart, just wanted to belong, and I loved that she tended to avoid looking too close at her own emotions JT was interesting to me because he kind of started off as a jerk and kind of lacking depth, but slowly became so much and I loved what he did at the very end I loved how possessive he became, too I loved the roles that Goldie and George played in this story, again, and I m actually going to be sad to not have them in the next series I loved this book, I have really enjoyed this entire series, and would highly recommend it to any romance lover

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    4 starI was pulled right into this story The story has laughs, suspense, and heartbreak Before reading this story please read the below books firstMontana Fire Small Town Romance, Book 1 Montana Ice Small Town Romance Book 2 Montana Heat Small Town Romance Book 3 Montana Wild Small Town Romance Book 4 This is Daphne and JT s story JT is about to start his vacation as soon as he writes one last ticket What started out as a ticket turns into a ride along with a beautiful woman and three older women The older woman have love and match making on the brain JT and Daphne have other things on there mind But will this turn into a great vacation or a crazy I just want to get back home vacation Was this ride along a mistake or the best thing that ever happened to these two I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read I recommend this book.

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    Montana Mine is book 5 in the Small Town Romance Series by Vanessa Vale In book 5 we meet two new characters Daphne and Detective JT JT pulls Daphne over for speeding, he starts off mistaking her for someone else and treats her terribly She was speeding to get to the airport in time so she could travel to Thailand since her job is as a travel writer Because of Dectective Sexy JT , she doesn t make her flight and then all kinds of crazy things end up happening around Daphne These two are insanely perfect for one another and watching them realize how they feel about each other was sizzling, beautiful and fabulous at the same time This is book 5 in the series yet each book feels fresh and exciting I cannot wait to read the next book in the series m.My rating 4.7 stars

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    4 StarsMontana Mine is book 5 in the Small Town Romance Series by Vanessa Vale I have had the pleasure of reading all of the stories in this series In book 5 we meet two new characters Daphne and Detective McHottie, or JT I found myself laughing out loud many times while reading this story Daphne gets pulled over by McHotte who thinks she s Silky Tangles, a porn star Then he proceeds to not believe her when she argues she s not, and that s where this crazy funny ride began The story is well written with great new characters and our favorite Goldie returns with the gnome George While the story is funny, the storyline was kind of boring and far fetched to me.Writing Rating 4.5 StarsCharacter Rating 4 StarsStoryline Rating 3 StarsEditing Rating 4.5 Stars

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    I read this in one setting I laughed so hard during this book My husband was asleep beside me and there was a few times when I woke him up I just said this book is funny and he rolled back over Well, it was funny The road trip was perfect Getting Daphne and JT with the women in a vintage RV was something else and had me laughing so much This was definitely a must read My absolute favorite in the entire series Of course, I loved George the Gnome Goldie her shenanigans I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.Recommend this book Yes Author Yes Read from this author Yes Happy Reading Melissa

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    Daphne Lane is a woman on the move A wanderer by trade, a lost soul by heart JT is a laid back kind of guy He enjoys his job and life He s a stop and smell the roses kind of guy She s a live life to the fullest kind of girl With the help of a few matchmaking grandmas and a routine traffic stop, JT and Daphne are about discover that they have a great deal to learn about life, love and each other Montana Mine is a happy place kind of read Vale reminds us to appreciate the little moments that make up the big picture A funny, heartwarming road trip to love.

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    I really love this series because each story packs a punch There s always humor and sexy times Hot and steamy enough to get your motor running Straight out of the gate you ve got sext cop, JT and Daphne who he mistakes for someone else It s hilarious with the situations they get into with her Aunt and Goldie If you love this series like I do, then you will absolutely love this book too.

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    I received a free copy of the book from the author One of these days the people of this small town in Montana are going to wise up that Goldie is up to no good She strikes again in Montana Mine We have poor Daphne trying to get out of town to cover an event in Asia only to get caught speeding Much to her dismay she s pulled over for speeding by a Detective JT McCade This poor woman, y all She s going to need to see a therapist from the PTSD over this even alone LOLIf you ve kept up with this Small Town Romance series you know that Goldie is always up to something I think this one is a doozie I think I would have rung her neck in this book if Daphne was me For real I don t know how Daphne didn t wind up calling a car to come take her to the closest airport or drive her back home Seriously this story is a mess It s kinda funny though So much trouble just to match make Though JT and Daphne finally get a clue and of course make the readers happy smile You ll just have to read it for yourself to see Seriously let me know if you re in the same boat as me with this one HA

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