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[Download] ➸ Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set ➿ Heather Boyd – Tshirtforums.co.uk

[Download] ➸ Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set ➿ Heather Boyd – Tshirtforums.co.uk

Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set summary Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set , series Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set , book Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set , pdf Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set , Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set 0ef3ba5a38 The Box Set Comprises Of:

GUARDING THE SPOILS By Heather Boyd: (Wild Randalls, Book 3) Elizabeth Turner Once Loved Oliver Randall, But Was Blind To His Desire To Travel Without The Encumbrance Of A Wife Weighing Him Down. When She Learned The Truth, Beth Settled For The Security Of A Loveless Marriage. Now A Widow With A Son To Support, Desperation Has Driven Her Into Service At Romsey Abbey And Directly Into The Path Of The Man She'd Loved And Lost.

LORD RAKEHELL'S LOVE By Donna Cummings: (The Curse Of True Love, Book 1) Aphrodite, The Goddess Of Love, Is Attempting To Play Matchmaker In Regency London. . . Only She's Placed A Curse On The Lovers Instead. Simon Is Late To His Own Wedding, And Georgiana Is Heartbroken By The Scandal. After Such A Blunder, How Can Aphrodite Possibly Reunite This Couple?

A GENTLEMAN'S PROMISE By Tamara Gill: (Scandalous Series, Book 1) Charlotte King Bows To Family Duty And Marries A Man Who Is Not As He Seems. Now She Is Trapped In A Marriage Of Endless Pain And Fear. Lord Mason Helsing Walked Away From The One Woman He'd Always Cared For, But Upon Returning To London, He Finds Charlotte Is In A Loveless & Cruel Marriage. Can They Overcome The Strictures Of Society? Or Will They Bow To Pressure And Do As Society Deems Appropriate?

EMBRACING SCANDAL By Suzi Love: (Scandalous Siblings, Book 1) Lady Rebecca Jamison, A Mathematical Genius, Saves Her Siblings From Financial Ruin By Dabbling In The London Stock Exchange. When A Greedy Syndicate Kills Her Friend And Threatens Her Family, Becca Begs Assistance From Cayle, Duke Of Sherwyn, Her Nemesis And Previous Friend. He Successfully Defeats The Illegal Consortium, But Can Cayle Persuade A Self-sufficient Spinster To Become His Duchess?

ANGEL'S MASTER By Sandra Sookoo: Ethan Williams Is A Pirate With A Conscience. Though He Knows The Era Of Piracy Is Nearly Done, He Can't Help But Enjoy His Time To The Last. Jacqueline Massey Is More Than She Seems--and She Bears A Remarkable Resemblance To The Masthead On The Angel's Fury. Once He Takes Her Hostage On His Ship, Ethan Struggles To Show Her His Human Side.

RESCUED BY A VISCOUNT By Wendy Vella: (Regency Rakes, Book 2) When Claire Belmont Finds Out Her Brother Left Something Behind In France Before He Died; She Is Determined To Discover What. However She Must Seek Help To Succeed, And From The One Man She Vowed To Avoid. Claire Fears That If Anyone Can Disrupt Her Well-ordered Life And See The Vulnerable Woman Behind The Polite Facade, It Will Be Viscount Kelkirk And Now They Are Thrown Together, She Realizes Her Fears Were Justified.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Surrender Historical Boxed Set

  1. says:

    Great set of stories!!!

    Heartfelt, passionate, intrigue.... all things you hope for in Historical Romances!

  2. says:

    READ start (10/15/2014) finish (10/17/2014)
    BOOK ONE written by HEATHER BOYD in the SWEET SURRENDER series. This book was purchased as part of a boxed set
    GENRE: Historical Romance
    SETTING: England; Regency era
    CENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER: ELIZABETH TURNER is a widower trying to support a son and working as a companion and later head housekeeper.
    CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER: OLIVER has spent years in an asylum. He is quite intelligent but a loner with the exception of his blooming friendship with GEORGE, Elizabeth’s son.
    Three brothers having found each other. Two engaged to be married and one that has always dreamed of traveling. Three women. One a Duchess, the other a Lady and sadly one a companion to become a head housekeeper.
    WHAT I LIKED: Oliver’s relationship with George
    WHAT I DID NOT LIKE: Unanswered questions in the plot.
    1) Who was the Duke and why did he separate three boys;
    2) How did Tobias know to rescue his brother from the fire;
    3) Where were Leopold and Tobias incarcerated or sent to by the Duke;
    4) Why did Henry want George
    5) Who were the parents of Edwin
    6) How did the important three items get into the chamber if no one knew about the chamber other than Oliver.
    RATING: (4) stars BECAUSE too many missing elements in the plot BUT a nice lengthy storing to read.

  3. says:

    A few gems amidst the dross

    A few well written stories, but a few that were very tedious. I enjoyed the stories for the most part, but one was so convoluted and poorly written it took me several days to get through. There were also several typos, especially words with accents or French I origin. The first story and the last were my favorites and are actors I will look for in the future. I'm glad for the opportunity to read authors that I'm unfamiliar with and will give most of these a second look.

  4. says:

    What a treat! I already read Gill and SooKoo, so I knew I was going to be reading some wonderful stories for the price of one. Because of this set I was able to discover new writers that I am excited about reading more from. Grab this amazing deal you won't regret it!

  5. says:

    Great read

    To anyone who enjoys romance these are great. I,m sure I will read this series again some time. It was so entertaining , each story moved so fast.

  6. says:


    I would start a new story and before I realized it I was so involved in the story, I missed many bedtimes.
    Loved every story, and will most likely read several again

  7. says:

    Sweet Surrender

    A boxed set of six novels will hold your interest and be an enjoyable read. Heroes and heroines, who can ask for more.

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