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Factory Girl txt Factory Girl , text ebook Factory Girl , adobe reader Factory Girl , chapter 2 Factory Girl , Factory Girl 2122cc In Order To Save Her Family S Farm, Roshen, Sixteen, Must Leave Her Rural Home To Work In A Factory In The South Of China There She Finds Arduous And Degrading Conditions And Contempt For Her Minority Uyghur Background Sustained By Her Bond With Other Uyghur Girls, Roshen Is Resolved To Endure All To Help Her Family And Ultimately Her People A Workplace Survival Story, This Gritty, Poignant Account Focuses On A Courageous Teen And Illuminates The Value And Cost Of Freedom

About the Author: Josanne La Valley

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Factory Girl book, this is one of the most wanted Josanne La Valley author readers around the world.

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    Factory Girl is a story of a group of young Uyghur girls, one of many ethnic minorities living in China, that will pull at your heartstrings.Roshen is sixteen and looking forward to becoming a teacher and marrying her sweetheart All that changes when she is forced by the Chinese government to become a factory girl to serve her country for one year Her family risks losing their farm if she doesn t go The location of the factory is very far from her home in a totally different part of the country.Factory Girl is a familiar story The girls are isolated, abused, underfed and overworked The setting is different, but this is a sweatshop story It s unfair, and makes the reader feel indignant Their treatment is cruel, they are offered no protection, and have no contact with the outside world The threat of sexual advances is always real Roshen exhibits growth and matures throughout the story, but the other girls characterizations are indistinct A note at the end clarifying what is fiction and nonfiction would be helpful I d like to know the real story I wondered whether Factory Girl was set in the present time or if it s historical It is hard to tell because of the cultural differences The ending is a bit abrupt and convenient, however, this story of survival and resilience will appeal to younger readers who are interested.

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    Noted as a YA book, I found the story of Roshen, a sixteen year old Uyghur girl, to be an interesting and easy read Sent to work in a sewing factory in China for a year, Roshen seems to me to be similar to young girls in this country, New York particularly, the difference being that those N.Y sewing factories were shut down here almost a hundred years ago The book provides details of the Muslim culture and how Roshen and other Uyghur girls were misled, treated, and basically imprisoned in the factory La Valley has written at least one previous book, and I would like to read it as well.I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.

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    This story blew me away The blurb alone is what made me want to read it because it s based on stories the author heard while on her travels This heartbreaking yet powerful story will stay with me for a while.FRTC Full review can be found here book had been on my radar for a while I kept seeing it offered by my library Overdrive and it really caught my attention Finally one day I took the plunge and read it HOLY SCHNIKES I was not ready for the seriousness of this story but I am so glad I read it.Roshen is a teenager girl that is forced to work as a member of the Hubei Work Wear Company in Asia That is actually code for indentured labor Roshen and other girls always heard working for this company was a great adventure and a wonderful experience However, it turned out to be a living nightmare, one most girls never escape from Nobody knows this before Roshen is forced to go because if she doesn t, her family will lose everything under the Transferring Surplus Labor Force to Inner China policy Not wanting to risk the livelihood of her family, Roshen agrees to go, leaving behind the love of her life.Once Roshen arrives in Asia, she is immediately put to work She is forced to work very long hours in horrific conditions, fed very little food most of which was against her religion to eat , lied to about pay, and isolated from everyone everything Roshen was obviously not the only girl in the factory, she is just one of dozens forced to work 16 hours a day on very little food and sleep Each one of the girls has a different way to cope with the tragedy they have found themselves in Two of the girls, Mikray and Hawa, have found dangerous ways to deal Mikray tries to escape a lot and Hawa tried to make nice with the factory owner Roshen has a different approach she recites tradition poetry from her childhood.I really connected with Roshen and her experiences I wanted to reach into the book and pull her out of that monstrous situation While she proved to be the voice and strength that the rest of the girls pulled from, a part of me wished Roshen was not as passive as she was I wanted to see a little fight from her and not so much rolling over and going belly up There were a lot of other characters in the story and they all served their part, but none of them were was developed as they could have been Even if it had been one or two additional strong characters, that would have been amazing Mikray was the rebel, without a doubt, but she felt like she was filling a particular role Same with Hawa and the others The relationship and bond they all had was beautiful to witness but I just wanted a wee bit strength.No matter what, this story was not for the faint of heart The author, who based this story on experiences she had while traveling through China, did not shy away from gruesome details It felt like it could be too much for certain YA readers The talk of young girls being sold into slavery or sold for human trafficking, teens being forced to work long hours while being whipped in the leg with a cane, or the a sick girl being forced to sleep in a dirty bed may really be too much I m an older YA reader and I had moments where I had to put this down and walk away because it was too much real life Do not go into this thinking it is a feel good read It is a long painful journey to get to the end, and even once you get there it seemed rushed I am glad I read this but it still fills me with a bit of unease I would not recommend this to everyone but if you are curious, I suggest you give it a try but go slow The shock factor could be too much.

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    I read this in one day because I didn t want to stop It was a pleasure to read it, although it s a distressing story Sixteen year old Roshen, an excellent student, is nevertheless chosen to work in a clothing factory in Wuhan, Hubei, China, far to the south She must leave their good desert farm and boyfriend on the point of betrothal for at least a year She doesn t want to leave her family, whom she loves, but the price of not going is to allow the Chinese to take their farm, which has been in their family for generations The Chinese are slowly taking over their country and all the land and businesses of the Uygher people Having seen documentaries about Chinese garment factories, I knew it would be a sweatshop where girls are kept almost as slaves The group of 12 Uygher girls, however, suffered even for being a minority disliked by the Han Chinese The girls endure indignities, injuries, and cruelty both physical and emotional The food is often spoiled and never is it enough, or they are served banquet dishes with pork, which they cannot eat their Chinese hosts laugh and take it all They often work 16 hour shifts, and their pay is withheld for transportation costs, uniform cost, and penalties Cameras are installed even in the bathrooms to monitor their conversations.Although they are isolated and followed on their occasional day off, Mikray, a girl fiercer than the rest, risks making connections outside the factory Eventually she changes her fate Hawa and another who are non traditional muslims wearing mini skirts, no scarf, etc believe their fashion sense and beauty will help them become managers Two 14 year olds need Roshen s help to survive sexual predation and illness There are tragedies large and small The kindnesses they receive from one another and from strangers are uplifting.It isn t easy to write an entire novel in a first person narrative and sustain the high level of interest and drama, but this author did it well The story seemed to unfold right before my eyes.I liked the ending, which is to say that it wasn t perfect at all, but it made sense Roshen couldn t help but change after her experiences Sadder, wiser, aren t we all she had to acknowledge her inability to resume life as before The reader can imagine it will be a good life.This book reminded me that in so many places, the Chinese are encroaching on other cultures and peoples in a most unfair way The Uyghers, especially, need international recognition and help I heartily recommend this book.

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    Factory Girl by Josanne La Valley covers some very serious subject for young adults At first it seemed a bit slow but that was a big contrast to her life before and afterhe she has been selected Roshen is sixteen and life seems to be off to a great start She is a good student, loves her family and the boy that she is to marry in the future Then she is selected to spend a year at a Chinese sewing factory in Hubei It is billed as a great honor to be selected but the truth is that her family s farm will be taken away by the government if she does nor comply She decides to sacrifice a year of her life so they can keep the farm She has been warned that there are spies on the trip, and to only communicate to her family and one she is to be married by messages from a black internet cafe She has a very long an uncomfortable journey with the other girls to the factory They all go through many hardships while working there and it is very difficult to know who to trust and who to be wary of She is forced into some very horrible experiences.What is really terrible is that this story is based on true experiences as told to the author The version that I read was an Advanced Reading Copy and did not include the Afterword I was very sad that it did not make it into this version.The author writes with great sensitivity and gives just enough detail to let know what is good on but not enough to overwhelm the reader This is the second book that I have read by her and I look forward to reading .I received this Advanced Reading Copy by making a selection from Vine books but that in no way influenced my thoughts or feelings in this review I also posted this review only on sites meant for reading not for selling.

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    If you thought you understood how awful cheap labor factories in Asia must be, think again This hair raising story follows a young Uyghur girl from Northwest China, as she is forcibly conscripted into indentured servitude to prevent the authorities from seizing her father s farm Given the news this very week about the Chinese government relocating a million Uyghurs into concentration camps, the book is extremely timely and terrifying.The book is written in a very simple and engaging style, appropriate given that the viewpoint character is from a village and knows nothing about the outside world We watch as she is ripped from her family, made to work 16 hour shifts, fed slops, housed on a plywood bed with no mattress, beaten, and denied both pay and time outside of the factory She is little than a slave, and is not allowed to contact her family It s horrific, and heartbreaking.I recently bought a dress online for 10, just because I wanted to see what kind of a garment a person could possible get for so little It was, surprisingly, a pretty good dress But how could anybody procure fabric and thread, pay someone to sew, ship it all the way from China to the US, double the price for mark up, and then sell it for 10 Well, now I know Free labor It makes me ashamed for being a participant in the entire system even while knowing how it s next to impossible to avoid buying anything made in Asia these days.Every American ought to read this book.

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    I have literally never heard of this ethnic group before, but the apparent hostility they face from Chinese government is shocking I ve also never quite been faced with the fact that China apparently has some 19th century factory conditions with a side of involuntary indentured servitude going on My heart ached for Roshen the whole way through the book On the bright side, reading this for a while will really make you appreciate your current work conditions including being paid , the ability to talk to your friends and loved ones, selecting your own food and not having get approval to leave your house, which itself most probably does not resemble a prison.

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    Roshen is 16 She is one of the Uyghur people who live in Northern China She loves school and hopes to be a teacher one day However, a cadre from the Chinese government come and basically conscript her into working at a factory far from her home She and the other girls are treated harshly for very little pay But Roshen is tough and determined to survive this and return to her family.Based on real events that are little known I think this is an important book for awareness of the Uyghur culture and for the forced labor that is happening in China Sexual situations, including a brothel make this a better choice for mature readers.

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    Thanks Goodreads for my copy of Factory Girl by Josanne La Valley This is a book of fiction but it is a story about girls in the northern part of China who are forced to work in Chinese factories This part of the story is true based on the author s understanding of working in these sweat shops I could not put this book down and I highly recommend it Since the girls are Muslim, the author describes some of the religious customs and dress I found the book informative as well as touching.

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    Inspired by the author s experiences while traveling in northern China, the author uses the fictional story of Roshen to shed light on the young Uyghur pronounced WEE gur women who are transported thousands of miles to work in Chinese factories Intense and eye opening, but a little spoiled by a passive protagonist See my full review here.

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