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Dial A Stud (Dial A Stud, #1) summary Dial A Stud (Dial A Stud, #1) , series Dial A Stud (Dial A Stud, #1) , book Dial A Stud (Dial A Stud, #1) , pdf Dial A Stud (Dial A Stud, #1) , Dial A Stud (Dial A Stud, #1) c48d440f78 WARNING THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR THOSEYEARS AND OVER IT CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT MAY OFFEND AND EXPLICIT CONSENSUAL SEX SCENES THERE ARE ALSO HOT, SEXY MEN THAT MAY CAUSE YOU TO SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTDescription Sexually Frustrated Grace Was Tired Of Dead End Relationships, Or Men That Were Dead In The Sack Where Were All The Hot And Sexy Studs, Instead Of The Duds That Was The Question She Asked Her Best Friend, And House Mate Mel, Frequently Then They Saw The Ad In The Paper, Dial A Stud For All Your Sexual Fantasies It Sounded Perfect, Or It Would Be, If Either Of Them Had Been Prepared To Call One Night While At The Club With Her Friend, Grace Meets A Gorgeous Man, But Since She D Made A Pact With Mel, Not To Bring Any Man Home With Her, She Reluctantly Walks Away From Him In An Effort To Purge Him From Her Mind, She Impulsively Calls Dial A Stud One Evening, While Home Alone Enter Alex And Dante, The Two Masked, Hot And Sexy Studs, Determined To Give Her Everything She Could Dream Of Sexually They Gave Her A Night To Remember, A Night Unlike Anything She D Ever Experienced Before, And They Gave Her The Fantasy There Was Something About Dante Though, The Sexy Italian That Stirred Her Emotions What Was It About Him Why Did He Seem Vaguely Familiar When She Learns Of His Deception To Get Closer To Her, She S Angry At First, Until She Has A Change Of Heart, And Goes To See Him, Wanting AnswersFinding Him Sick And Feverish, She Stays To Nurse Him Back To Health As They Spend Time Together, Their Relationship Begins To Blossom Grace Learns So Much About This Incredibly Sexy Man, And Realises There Is Far To Him, Than She Could Have Ever Realised It Is During Her Stay With Him, That He Reveals Something That Will Change Everything, Between Them Forever Just When It Looks Like There Might Be Hope For Their Future, Grace S Old Insecurities Surface, And She Knows She Can T Keep Her Secrets From Him Indefinitely Dante S Lifestyle Is Than She Ever Dreamed It Could Be, And It Only Adds To Her Fears Will Grace Overcome Her Feeling Of Not Being Good Enough For Him What Will He Do When He Learns Her Secrets Can They Overcome All That Threatens Their Relationship And Have A Future Together

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    This isn t my first book by J.A Melville, but the first one I read was her first novel so I can compare her first work to her most current one and let me say. WOW, HUGE improvement This is a longer book, but I can honestly say there were few places that felt like they were too long or drawn out It was a well paced book that kept me interested when normally I get bored with long books There is so much going on that it s hard for me to write this review without giving away any of the twists that happen Dante is a stud and he meets Grace at a club Grace is tired of the lousy men she is picking up at bars and is determined to not do it any Of course that is the night she meets the man that is sexier than any other man, not to mention there is something special about him However, with the help of her roommate, she escapes with out him When she finally gives in and calls the number on an ad for Dial A Stud to help ease the sexual need she has since meeting the hot man at the club Things take off from there It s not what you think, nothing is Just when things start to go how you want, things get crazy again, but in a good way Just beautiful, I can t wait for the next installment in the series Bravo, J.A., Bravo Deliziosamente fantastico Oh, and beware, it s HOT and sexy as can be. but not too much so. In fact, I almost wanted MORE of the naughty scenes The only thing keeping the story from being a higher rating was the editing There were unnecessary commas and a few repetitive phrases that really took away from the book for me

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    SNS Rating 4.87 Dee s Review Grace and Dante have a very interesting story to tell Dante is beautiful, complex, troubled, damaged and incredible Grace has self esteem issues from her past too She considers herself broken as well It is fascinating how these two people crossed into each other s lives than once, how they dealt with insecurities and how they fell deeply in love despite their denials and closed off hearts Their journey is filled with lots of hot sexual encounters nearly every page but also huge challenges based on fears and past demons Witnessing their struggles to overcome and grow has been an enjoyable consuming adventure I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review Five Stars Ashley s Review I received ARC copy of this book for a honest review Grace has never thought she was beautiful but had found one man to make her believe so Dante has a few issues to work out to be with her Would they be able to get through their issues to have a happy ever after Read this book to found out Tasha s Review Grace is tired of her inadequate sex life and empty one night stands, she is constantly complaining to her housemate and best friend Mel.One night after a few drinks Mel finds an ad in the local paper for Dial a Stud guaranteeing to fulfill your fantasies after a good laugh they went to bed A few days later when Mel is away Grace finds the ad and calls and makes an appointment, enter Dante and Alex, the smolderingly good looking Italian stud and his friend and co worker Alex the tanned blonde sexy hunk Why does Grace feel drawn to Dante Will she find out Is she capable of letting go of past insecurities I loved this story the latest offering from J.A Melville, her writing is getting better and better and she is becoming a master or should I say mistress of twists and turns just when you think the story is going to be predictable she takes you somewhere else I loved the plot, I believed the characters and I was taken on an emotional journey i laughed, I got angry and I cried Well done Jacqui I look forward to the next book in the series I urge you to read it this in my opinion is the best so far and i have loved all I ve read which are a few Sharlene s Review Wow Can J.A Melville write hot, pantie melting scenes, or what Holy Moly These scenes were plentiful and very well written However, they really are not the heart of the book Insecurities, self image, self destruction, redemption,.love Both Dante and Grace suffer from some serious self image issues Both have a history of despair and desolation They also have history together, although Grace doesn t know it at first The transformation that these two characters make, both individually and together, is beautiful Heartbreaking at times, but still beautiful It s nice to see a couple in a romance book that work together Both of them trying to find their place with the other and in their own lives The characters are complex yet likable I so felt for both of them and couldn t wait to see where they ended up The secondary characters fit that bill as well Alex with his smart mouth and Mel with her steadfast devotion to her friend The story takes you on a ride that is easy to read and follow This book is a stand alone and definitely has an HEA I suggest you pick up your phone and Dial A Stud by one clicking this book Patricia s Review 5 STARS This book was such a really well written book about people who have insecurities in themselves from love self esteem and bullying This book is about Grace and Dante who meet when they were teenagers at a rehab place for the insecurities they had about them self When they first meet again Grace has no Idea who Dante is and I am not going to give it away in this review When Dante meets Grace again he will do anything to get to be with her again When their friends meet one another will they be attracted to one another also Will this story have Grace and Dante finding what they have always been looking for and finding that they are worth than they think they are and deserve to live happily Amanda s Review I hated to give it a 4 star review, but there were places throughout the work that the details were too long and drawn out that they took away from the story.I love how they met so young and had a connection He was aware of her, but she wasn t aware of him when they got older It kept me interested and was a very good work.Would you like to know how they originally met, how they met again, and what happened after they met You re definitely going to want to grab a copy Of Dial A Stud Dante s Story

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    This book was so much than what the title gives you I know you are probably thinking this book is a guy escorts and sex It has a deeper emotional meaning behind it You see Dante has had it rough His childhood consistent of fat camps, rehab centers and his parents treating him like garbage While at the rehab center, he strikes up this friendship with this girl She sees him as a person not a liabilty After both of them are released, he loses track of her, but also gets to live in Italy He soon finds himself back in Australia and struggling bad His friend Alex gets him to join Dial a stud for the money Grace, has had it rough as well She has image issues and just seems to pick the bad guys to sleep with She is desperate one night and calls them She gets greeted by two guys, one of those she met the other night who she can t get off her mind They soon realize they care for each other and then find out some secrets about each other After the air is clear, they are able to move and love each other until she finds out how loaded he is and then she has issues There s a lot for them to deal with but they overcome it one day at a time These two along with their best friends make for an exciting, funny and sexy times I really enjoyed reading this book Italian Stallion rises again lol

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    Oh wow I need me a Dante in my life and pretty damn quick He s just so unbelievably handsome, tender, generous, passionate and he s Italian so need I say As you can probably tell I loved this one, Dial a Stud is definitely a book you need to read It s nearly 800 pages of passion, romance, heartache, lost loves, second chances insecurities and a lot of wine and sex Oh the sex scenes are hot enough to set your Kindle alight I m talking extremely sizzling with sensuality, tenderness, passion, caring, and quite a bit of kink at times So a bit about the book, well we have Grace and her best friend Mel They are both single girls who are sworn off men after a long time of basically crap sex Looking through a newspaper one night Mel points to an ad for a Dial a Stud Of course Grace toys with the idea a little but decides against dialing for a stud They go to a club, have a few drinks, a bit of a dance This is where we first meet Dan He is a God amongst mere mortal men and literally sweeps Grace off her feet I can t give any away as that could possibly spoil it Buy this book, read it and fall in love with an insecure woman, a very impressive man and a bit of a nutty best friend 5 stars

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    Well, Grace wasn t the only one whose panties melted off J.A Melville sure does know how to write steamy sex scenes Don t get me wrong, I love the hot sex, but I also loved Dante and Grace It was nice to see that they both had insecurities to overcome in the relationship Often time in romance novels one person comes in and saves the other In this case, I think that Dante and Grace saved each other The supporting characters were great too Dante needed a friend like Alex and Grace had a sister in Mel Don t be fooled by the name, this book is about than just picking up a phone and ordering a stud.

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    Dial a stud is beyond hot Jacqui Aviet Melville will blow you away with this book Dante is hot n steamy, beyond sexy and has his issues Grace is beautiful and not the skinny mini girl like her friend Mel Then you meet Dante s best friend Alex and let me say Yum Grace lost her parents in a plane crash and lives with her best friend Melanie Mel leaves to go home to visit her mother Grace gets bored and doesn t want to be alone when she remembered that Mel and herself wondered about Dial a Stud And oh my you will not be disappointed with this book I highly recommend it And give it then 5 starts

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    There s everyday, average erotica, and then there s this and this one has it all.Excellent character development, a story long enough to lose yourself in, and than enough heat to rock your world This is the first novel I ve read by this author, but I cannot wait to read another.

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    Pretty super duper sexy scenes, hot book boyfriend, cute characters and humorous to I liked the concept of the story line Holy words runeth over Way to many commas that had me re reading the same line several times.

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    Hot Sensual So sexy

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    This book I could not put down AT ALL It was riveting Incredibly HOT and I thought the characters were all so wonderful The banter was so funny, I laughed so much The hotness factor was scorching and the the whole story line was so well written this has to be one of my Top 10 books I have read this year.I fell in love with all the characters, felt so apart of the story and I loved every minute whilst reading it Dante, holy hotnessI swear you will need a cold shower after reading thisHe was just, how can I out him into words .an all around dominant male with a heart of gold IMO With a tragic past and secrets that he tucked away inside, made me want to love him so much .Grace was a woman that tugged at my heartstringssuch an emotional woman that made me want a friend like her, as for her best friend Mel, who could deny that what they had was jut such a strong friendship Grace is such a caring person and the way she looked after Dante was nothing short of extraordinary.I could go on, but you really MUST read it for yourself I loved how it ended, loved the Epilogue and I cannot wait to read of this series.If you dont add it to your TBR list then you are seriously missing out Complimentary copy received for an honest review.

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