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The Inner Way - The Power of Prayer and Belief in Spiritual Practice txt The Inner Way - The Power of Prayer and Belief in Spiritual Practice , text ebook The Inner Way - The Power of Prayer and Belief in Spiritual Practice , adobe reader The Inner Way - The Power of Prayer and Belief in Spiritual Practice , chapter 2 The Inner Way - The Power of Prayer and Belief in Spiritual Practice , The Inner Way - The Power of Prayer and Belief in Spiritual Practice 0648c8 The Inner Way The Power Of Prayer And Belief In Spiritual Practice Is A Rare Treasure Focusing On The Traditional Role Of Prayer In Western Spiritual Practices And Its Esoteric Application, The Inner Method Of Prayer Is Revealed In Detail Along With Theurgy Or The Secret Esoteric Art Of Ritual Prayer Used By The Martinist And Rosicrucian Societies A Detailed Theurgic Ritual To Guide Those New To This Ancient Art And Practice Is Included Along With A Look At The Magical Use Of The Psalms In Traditional Healing And Folk Magic From Both French And German Sources The Critically Important Role Of Belief, Including The Power Of Suggestion, Is Made Clear So That Students Of The Inner Way Will Learn How To Turn Their Doubts Into Confidence And Their Confidence Into Results Results That Will Lead To Both Temporal Happiness As Well As Spiritual Illumination As One Reviewer Stated, This Book Picks Up Where The Secret Left Off And Tells Us The Real Secret Behind Spiritual Practices A True Blessing For Those Who Read It And Apply Its Teachings

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Mark Stavish, the Director of Studies for the Institute for Hermetic Studies which he established in 1998 , is a life long student of esotericism with over 25 years experience in comparative religion, philosophy, psychology, and mysticism with emphasis on Traditional Western Esotericism His articles have appeared in academic, specialty, and mass market publications specializing in spiritual stud

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    I have recently been suffering a bout of lung the punchy Tibetan word for what, in Ayurveda, would be called a vayu or wind disorder It s not been an especially bad one, but has been disruptive Unjustified anger, inappropriate irritation, a constant feeling of tension and anxiety, an unwillingness or inability to just sit and relax, a constant need to be doing something and to feel productive all of these psycho physiological symptoms, on top of actual upper respiratory ones, have been plaguing me for a while, now It took the insight of a friend of mine, himself a practitioner of Chinese traditional medicine, for me to figure out what was going on he has also been helping me to develop a course of action, though a lot of that onus must be on me.I bring all of this up because much of this has coincided with my attendance at a seminar by Mark Stavish and reading several of his books including Child of the Sun Psychic Physical Rejuvenation in Alchemy and Qabalah, which I have previously reviewed , all of which has helped me to revisit my daily spiritual practice in some very constructive ways My own Guru, Sri Kapilnath, and his Guru before him, Sri Gurudev Mahendranath Dadaji , both emphasize both simplicity and personalization of approach one s spiritual practice ought to be only complex enough to keep one engaged and to get the job done, but never any complex than it needs to be This has been a hard lesson to learn for someone who came up in the Western occult tradition, doing two hour ceremonies full of colorful tools and robes and long, dramatic incantations There is still certainly space for such games of ritual magic, but it simply doesn t work as the everyday baseline for most of us.Mark Stavish names the three essential practices of esotericism as prayer, meditation, and ritual Ritual need not mean the big, complex ceremonial affairs I mentioned above, but may just be the order in which we light the candles and incense before meditation, or the specific Psalms we pray before turning fully inward to contemplative prayer In any case, ritual is itself dependent upon both prayer and meditation, with prayer being the core subject of The Inner Way.While very little in this book was new to me, I have to say that the clarity of communication and the absolute unwillingness of Stavish to fall into obscurantism makes this a book I wish I had as a teenager, when I was just starting out on my spiritual path I can see this book on the shelf today next to my copies of William G Gray s classics Inner Traditions of Magic and Magical Ritual Methods both of which I have had since I was 16 and can with a smile imagine it back in time to the little shelf my dad had screwed into the wall above my bed for the display of my small but if I do say so myself elite occult library.The very simplicity of the methods explored from verbal petitions to use of Psalms to silent inner prayer to ritual theurgy are their value Wind disorders are very common among spiritual practitioners, though often we do not have the vocabulary to understand what is really happening when these symptoms arise we become distracted and discouraged, wondering why our peace has suddenly evaporated, why the anger we thought we had conquered is coming back with such force, why our poise and concentration has been lost after so many years of rigorous effort Very often, this can all be prevented or treated through the very simplicity of peaceful prayer and stable meditation Wind may not be calmed by mountains, but the mountains are not moved thereby the wind simply passes around and through, doing its work as the mountains rest.

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