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Fatal Legacy (Otter Creek #4) quotes Fatal Legacy (Otter Creek #4) , litcharts Fatal Legacy (Otter Creek #4) , symbolism Fatal Legacy (Otter Creek #4) , summary shmoop Fatal Legacy (Otter Creek #4) , Fatal Legacy (Otter Creek #4) 0cd38ba3 Three Deaths In Two Weeks And She Could Be The Next VictimThe Biggest Dangers Bookstore Owner Del Peterson Faces Are Paper Cuts And Aching Feet Until A Gift Draws Her Into The Center Of A Federal Investigation And She S Taken Into Custody As A Material Witness When Del S Safe House Is Breached And A Marshal Dies Protecting Her, She Turns To The Man She Knows Has The Skills To HelpTwo Years Ago, Josh Cahill Transitioned From Elite Delta Warrior To Small Town Cop When A Federal Judge Is Murdered, Nothing Will Stop Him From Protecting The Woman He Loves With Help From His Delta Unit And Friends At Fortress Security, Josh Sets A Trap To Capture The Shooter Though He Vowed To Protect Her, Bringing Down The Man Behind The Shooter Might Require Josh To Take Del Into The Heart Of Danger

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    Del Peterson is about to do a massive inventory at the home of her favorite customer who recently passed away Along with her cousin Ivy, she meets Mrs Reece s son Judge Reece and he lets her know that he is about to head out after going to his office and that he appreciates her help with the book inventory and packing After getting to work the phone rings and so Del goes to answer it and discovers the Judge shot dead on the floor They call the police and their friend and Del s crush Nick Cahill comes and takes charge of the situation Unfortunately, Del and her cousin become a target and Nick now has protect the woman he has been wanting with and solve the murder before either woman get hurt or worse.This was a clean read but it was one really well done I enjoyed it The heroine was strong but sweet and the hero was a strong alpha without the ott behavior It was low angst between the two and had a insta love feel even though it seemed they have known each other a while but never said anything I give this a 3.5 for little things but overall a solid read for me.

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    Since moving to Otter Creek to open up her own bookstore, Del Peterson has made a lot of friends and has caught the eye of small town cop, Josh Cahill While going through books that were left to her after one of her favorite customers dies, Del and her cousin, Ivy, find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time Who knew that inventorying books would land them in protective custody with the US Marshals But when Del s safety is compromised and one of the Marshals ends up dead, she ll reach out to the only person she trusts to protect her at all cost.Josh has had his eye on Del ever since she moved to town But the timing just hasn t been right for him to ask her out When he learns of the trouble that s following Del and Ivy, he will do everything in his power to make nothing happens to either of them But the they uncover about who s behind the attacks and why, the harder it becomes to keep Del and Ivy safe He enlists the help of his Delta team, Durango, as well as Fortress Security to make sure everything goes off without a hitch One thing s for sure. none of them will go down without a fight Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed this book I had an extremely hard time putting it down I found myself staying up way past my bedtime and getting up earlier than usual just so I can read I squeezed in reading whenever I could I loved Del and Josh They were perfect for each other I also loved seeing the setup for Ivy and Alex s book I have a feeling that one is going to be an emotional roller coaster I should probably wait until Friday to start it but I m not that patient I see sleepless nights in my very near future Haha I am starting to love this series Every time I finish a book, I want to hurry up and do my review so I can move onto the next one Work is getting in the way and I am dying for the weekend What I wouldn t give to just read all day long Haha It s official I have added Ms Deel to my favorite authors list I can t wait to read books by her I m loving these two as Del and Josh What do you think Content Mild violence No language Clean romance just kisses

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    Fast Paced SuspenseI enjoyed the fast pace of this book It was always moving forward, growing in intensity with both the storyline and the characters I liked the feeling of family that existed between characters and even though things never got too deep emotionally, that felt okay because the story was a great distraction I ll be picking up the next book for sure.

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    I tried binge reading this series but I m stopping at this book This just was too over the top with the protective team, they we re so awesome and chest thumping And the cliche Hollywood FBI guy from book 2 is back being just as cliche as before In a number of small towns, the police departments have great working relationships with the regional FBI teams It gets disappointing to see the cliche The plot feels like an outline with a lot of filler There are pages and pages and pages of people eating and what they re eating And most of the conversations while eating were not interesting I started skimming all of this until I felt like I skimmed the entire book I also found myself rolling my eyes at all the endearments being dropped It just felt rather immature.

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    War plansWitnesses to a murder, Ivy and Del must rely on spec ops friends to keep them alive as they try to stay one step ahead of a rogue, highly trained murderer for hire Things like this shouldn t happen After all, Del is just a bookstore owner The only excitement in her life is through her fictional books But the danger is very real and it lives in the shadows She shouldn t ignore those spiders crawling up the back feelingsIt will take an army to keep the women safe from this cold blooded murderer We got sent to our room while the big, bad military men plot to save our skins I really liked the banter and camaraderie between the spec ops teams and SEALs It seemed very realistic and I enjoyed the humour too as the men teased each other The men were all amazing and totally swoon worthy with their tough exteriors, muscles for miles, quick intelligence, and loyalty and kindness This story was very fast paced and engaging and full of action and suspense without any gore The perfect combination of clean romance and suspense I definitely recommend this book One of my favourites of hers, so far.

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    Action packed This book differed from the previous Otter Creek books in that the action definitely amped up We get to hear Josh s story, who we know from the three previous books I liked seeing Josh and his team in action As a trained war hero, he knows his stuff and watching him and his team work so re seamlessly to carry off their mission was incredible I liked seeing characters in this story, and hope to read books about some of my favorites The romance was sweet, although it felt a bit like a side story, which still worked with this edge of your seat story.On to the next book in the series

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    I liked this storyline, but she needs to allow the reader the feel some of the action, not just read it I liked the personal interaction, but some of it was quite condensending towards the female characters The constant little nicknames, tweeking of noses and mussing of hair was grating As well as the constant use of the military designations Once it was established that these men had background with special training and teams, that should have been enough Last, but not least, did Coke pay a big fee to be mentioned so frequently in this book It was distracting I sort of wanted to stop and count how many times it appeared instead of following the characters.Again, I liked the storyline, Ms Deel writes well and while I don t have any serious objections to reading about the H and h personal interaction, it is refreshing to read a romance within suspense story without having a detailed description of their involvement, but a little realism and natural flow would enhance it dramatically.

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    Each one gets betterAside from a few typos and slight grammatical errors, this was a great romantic action suspense The action in this book definitely rose a few notches above the first three books, likely in preparation for her transitioning away from the original characters to bring in new ones I was hesitant to see how she d work it out, knowing this series has quite a few books Now I see where she s going with it and I m really looking forward to the rest If you re on the fence, give these clean, romantic suspense a chance They re a fun ride.

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    Format Audiobook Always pay attention to the spiders Otter Creek s bookseller, Del Patterson, had been called to inventory the vast collection of books left by one of her favourite customers following her untimely death a few days before With her was Ivy, her cousin, staying with her after her escape from an abusive partnership But the pair had barely started working when Del found Judge Reece, the dead women s son, murdered in his office That night someone broke into De s home and only the fast arrival of Josh, an ex special ops man now working for the local police, probably saved their lives Coincidence Josh didn t think so With the arrival of F.B.I.man, Jordan, muddying the water, the race began to catch the dangerous perpetrator whilst providing much needed protection for the two women.As a thriler, Fatal legacy is excellent, with good, fast paced action, conflict amongst the law agencies, normal everyday interaction like cooking and chatting in between frenzied activity and the sometimes creepy location descriptions But for this reader, the who e was marred by the over sentimenta used and patronizing romance which oozes out at every possible moment No, this reader is not a fan of that genre but, done well, the introduction of a love aspect can enhance a story, as Rebecca Deel has proved in earlier Otter Creek books But this time, the constant endearments of, in particular, beautiful and sweatheart in almost every sentence, coupled with the plucky little woman sentiments even when the women in question were crying and fainting with fear, or moaning with pain over a simple twisted ankle already raised up and not in use became intensively irritating So much so, this reader found it hard to continuing to listen to the final few chapters, despite the excellent narration of Kristina Fuller Yuen Her reading was clearly articulated with good intonation and emotional presentation of text and characters Her voicing for all of the protagonists was separately different and distinctive, appropriate for each one, also And throughout she kept a fast pace A very nice performance.My thanks to the rights ho der, who, at my request, freely gifted me with a complimentary copy of Fatal Legacy, via Audiobook Boom Although I did not enjoy this one, for the reasons noted above, it has not deterred me from looking forward to any other Otter Creek stories should they occur The delight of small town mysteries is re meeting the folks from earlier books and I still retain a fondness for the town triplets with their penchant for officers of the police and, especially, the elderly and nosey local author.

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    This was my first Rebecca Deel s book This is the book 4 in the Otter Creek Series, but I haven t read the first books in the Series This book can be read as a standalone, but I think the best is to begin with the first books to know about the other characters This is a great Romantic Suspense, with wonderful characters The story is well written and the storyline is fast paced, intriguing and suspenseful I loved the sweet romance between Del and Josh Josh is an alpha protective possessive man Del is a really strong woman I love their story and their happy ending The secondary characters are also very interesting and I d love to know about them This was my first listen to Kristina Fuller Yuen s voice She has a great range of voices and she has done an amazing job with all the characters I really enjoyed my listening Now, I d love to listen to the oter books in the Series I received this free review copy audiobook at my request and I have voluntarily left this review.

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