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The Last Puzzle chapter 1 The Last Puzzle, meaning The Last Puzzle, genre The Last Puzzle, book cover The Last Puzzle, flies The Last Puzzle, The Last Puzzle f76fa1d9fc259 When Amiable Old Village Eccentric Quentin Andrews Dies, The Good Folk Of Cherringham Are Astonished At The Crowd That Turns Up To His Funeral But Even Astonished Are The Beneficiaries Of His Will Quentin Has Left A Veritable Fortune To Whomever Is The First To Solve An Intricate Cherringham Crossword That Puzzle Is Only The First Of Many That Jack And Sarah Will Uncover As They Follow The Treasure Hunt For Clues And Learn The Truth About Who Quentin Andrews Really Was And The Biggest Mystery Of Them All Was He In Fact Murdered Cherringham Is Serial Novel La Charles Dickens, With A New Mystery Thriller Released Each Month Set In The Sleepy English Village Of Cherringham, The Detective Series Brings Together An Unlikely Sleuthing Duo English Web Designer Sarah And American Ex Cop Jack Thrilling And Deadly But With A Spot Of Tea It S Like Rosamunde Pilcher Meets Inspector Barnaby Each Of The Self Contained Episodes Is A Quick Read For The Morning Commute, While Waiting For The Doctor, Or When Curling Up With A Hot Cuppa For Fans Of Agatha Christie S Miss Marple Series, Lilian Jackson Braun S The Cat Who Series, Caroline Graham S Midsomer Murders, And The American TV Series Murder She Wrote, Starring Angela Lansbury Co Authors Neil Richards Based In The UK And Matthew Costello Based In The US , Are Known For Their Script Work On Major Computer Games The Cherringham Crime Series Is Their First Fictional Transatlantic Collaboration

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    Cheeringham is a novel series with a new mystery thriller released every month The stories takes place in the English Village of Cherringham English web designer Sarah and American ex cop Jack are an unlikely sleuth duo, but criminal activities keep getting in their way.This is very much like reading a Midsomer Murder episode, I almost expected to hear the theme music while I read this book Unfortunately I just didn t find it that enjoyable to read, probably because the book was so short and that meant you just didn t get to know the characters that well and that made the characters feel very flat.Also, the story was not terrible interesting to read, and old man dies and in his will he leave everything to one of four people who can solve a crossword If not, well then the money will go to charity And, because of the shortness of the story, it just doesn t feel like the story get the chance to be interesting The dialog felt like a script for an episode and many of the chapters ended with a cliffhanger, which in a way really made me feel like I was reading a magazine story were a new chapter is published in every issue But as a whole story it just didn t grab me Perhaps it s because I m not really a fan of short stories I received this copy from the publisher through Netgalley in return for an honest review Review also posted on A Bookaholic Swede and It s a Mad Mad World

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    Eccentric crosswords fan Quentin Andrews leaves his main beneficiaries one last puzzle to solve before enjoying his fortune, but as the story develops, Jack and Sarah realise Quentin s death was no natural one, so, who knew about the net worth of Andrews and who was that man to begin with As always, very enjoyable and quite entertaining

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    This series is delightful, of a 3.5 star read which, for me means enjoyable, worth a read, but not life changing Love to listen to this series while I m sewing cooking, etc something that keeps me engaged but doesn t force me to think too hard.

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    This is book 16 in the Cherringham cozy series I have read books 1 and 2 and thoroughly enjoyed them For some reason, this one just didn t grab me into the story as much I really plan on going back to 3 but when I saw this on NetGalley I couldn t pass it up.I especially like the description of the locations The story is a quick read and well written I recommend this if you like British cozy mysteries but think reading the books in order is best So go grab 1 and get reading I received an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    was really intrigued with the description and blurb of this book, so was delighted when I was given the opportunity to review it from the publishers Bastei Entertainment via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review The book is a quick read and comes under the cosy mystery genre For those not aware, this installment is part of a series in which a new mystery thriller is released every month so there is never very long to await the next in the series, ideal for those impatient people like me This is the first that I have read in the series and it was a lovely way to pass a few hours The story focuses around the will of eccentric Quentin Andrews who passes away and leaves the main beneficiaries a challenge to solve if they want to receive the monies that he has left behind there can only be one winner There are some twists and turns and the plot flows at a nice pace with the two main characters being strong enough to hold their sections of the book easily This book is published on 1st June 2015.

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    eARC NetgalleyThis was my first experience with the Cherringham Cozy Crime Series and I quite liked it The characters were interesting and made for an very quick fun read Hoping to go back and read some of the other installments in the series now

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    An eccentric old man dies of an apparent heart attack in his bedroom not long before his friend Michael is to arrive to play chess Sad but not completely unexpected as the elderly man had a history of heart problems His friend Michael is shocked by the death of his friend but he realizes that he knew very little about this man s past Jack and Sarah quickly become involved, partly through their connection with Michael who is Sarah s father, and partly as observers required by the dead man s will There are four possible heirs to the man s estate and they are set a complex puzzle to solve within a set time and with no collaboration between heirs Jack and Sarah must watch these heirs and solve the puzzle while they learn about the dead man s past.This was a fun read and I always enjoy the development of Jack, Sarah, and Sarah s two kids After 16 of these short mysteries, they re beginning to seem a bit monotonous though May take a little break from the series before I get burned out.

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    Probably 3 and 3 quarters really Listened on audiobook.This is the second Cherringham I ve read I got the Christmas one to listen to, but didn t put it on goodreads as it isn t really a whole book, and I was right at the final stages of hitting 100 books for the year, and didn t want to cheat with a short 3 and a half hours on audiobook The Cherringham books are classic English mysteries set in a village A new one is produced on audiobook each month apparently The detectives are an ex USA police officer who is a widower and a local woman who has her own business I think in graphic design computer design and is a single mum with two teenage children They are sometimes helped by her younger female colleague and their local relatives and friends The mysteries are pretty satisfying and thoughtfully constructed, at least in the two I have listened to They are called Cosy mysteries on audible, and that is what they are The narrator is a good British actor and reads them well I will probably read Great for listening to while doing housework

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    Nice and light a quick readers delight.As one of the series, and because nothing is outstanding in this story, here is my book rating as a guide.Connect with me on Twitter and FB See all my reviewsCheck out my blog on imjussayinBook RatingSexual Content uLanguage uViolent uWould I read the next one or reread Please don t ask.My rating system star 0 Could not finish this book waste of time 1 Finished the book but didn t like it.2 Finished the book it was okay.3 A good read worth your time.4 An excellent read often with a novel concept or unusual plot.5 A great read A prominent example of the genre.

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    It is so nice to have these books to read for a change of pace They are interesting with a charming village and likable, or sometimes very unlikable, characters with an interesting problem to solve The only thing I didn t like about this one is that the reader can t figure out the clues because there is not enough information.

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