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Roxy (Pandemic Sorrow, #3) files Roxy (Pandemic Sorrow, #3) , read online Roxy (Pandemic Sorrow, #3) , free Roxy (Pandemic Sorrow, #3) , free Roxy (Pandemic Sorrow, #3) , Roxy (Pandemic Sorrow, #3) 6427d7cfd Standalone In The Rock Star Romance Series, Pandemic SorrowMy Life Had Been No Fairy Tale Actually, Growing Up, It Had Been Something Like A Nightmare, Which Is Why I Ended Up So Hard When You Don T Want To Hurt Having The Ability To Be Numb Is Your Best Defense Mechanism And For A Long Time All I Was Doing Was ExistingJag Steele, The Lead Singer Of The International Rock Band Pandemic Sorrow, Was The Epitome Of Everything I Despised Arrogant, Entitled, But The Thing I Hated Most About Him Was That He Was An Addict Drugs Had Been The Demon That Had Ruined Everything In My Life, And Anyone Who Had A Love Affair With Them Pretty Much Made My Stomach Turn It Brought Up Memories I Wanted To Stay Buried Needless To Say, I Wasn T Exactly A Fan Of JagFunny Thing Is, People Aren T Always Who You Expect Them To Be Never In A Million Years Would I Have Thought The Night I Meet Jag Would Have Any Significance On The Rest Of My Life, But It Did I Found Out That Sometimes Something That Screams Utter Destruction Might Actually Be Your Saving GraceSome People May Say Our Story Is Too Screwed Up To Be A Romance, But For Two Broken People, We Made The Pieces Fit Together Perfectly

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    AliStevie Cole has yet again set the bar Roxy is the third story in the Pandemic Sorrow Series and if you loved the other two, you will fall in love with Roxy as well I was worried when I saw that this would be Roxy s point of view from the Jag story So many times you end up reading the same book twice That is not what you will get Do you still get an emotionally gripping, heart stopping, story dealing with love and addiction and those affected, absolutely We learn so much of Roxy s history that it opens your eyes to what she was dealing with in the first book Cole gives readers what they have come to expect in this series with a very real, and dirty account of life with drugs and the impact they have on so many lives, not just the users I was again transported into the Pandemic Sorrow world and I hate when I have to leave I hope there is coming from our favorite rockers, I can t wait to one click.

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    Love is a beautiful poison Hmmmnot sure where to go with this one I m a big fan of the Pandemic Sorrow family The series is REAL, it s not sugar coated, it s dark and depressing sometimes I m pretty sure that the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle is pretty accurate I had been looking forward to Roxy s story because I was interested in her female POV I was expecting it to pick up where the story left off, but instead it was mostly Jag from another view While there was some new content a lot of it had already been told It makes me think it would be a good standalone or maybe if I hadn t read them back to back and had forgotten it would have seemed less repetitive I was at almost 80% before I made it from past to present I m a big believer in alternate POV I like to know how both characters feel, but within the same book I know that s a personal preference, it just makes it enjoyable for me, making me less likely to skim till I get to a part where I don t already know what s happening As readers we all like what we like, right Roxy is a really good story and I enjoyed reading it I especially enjoyed the sibling banter between Roxy and her sister Layla My favorite scene was on Layla s 21st birthday, Roxy bought VIP tickets as her present When they were heading to the meet and greet before the concert she told Layla, Please don t rape the guy I spent all my money on these tickets, which means there would be no bail money I must admit that even though I already knew what would happen between Jag Roxy through most of the story, the experience was still just as devastating I felt the pain just as much from Roxy s POV They are both so broken and it was hard to witness their anguish It just seemed so damned unfair for all the bad shit to keep happening to people that had already suffered so much I was so ready for their HEA I wanted some rainbows and fairy dust to magically fix the cluster of chaos that seemed to keep them chained to their misery While I did get some glitter and roses, I was not spared the heartache of the process of growth and acceptance When asked how it feels to be Jag Steele s girlfriend, her response was, like a really fucked up fairy tale Absolutely unbelievable That s right, he might call her princess, but she had to deal with a lot of the wicked step sister side of a Cinderella life than the romanticized version with a Prince Charming Actually, Jag is most definitely my kinda prince, the filthy mouthed variety with a sense of humor He s got a big heart and the best of intentions, but can he keep his promises Can he be both Jagger the normal guy Jag the rock star Will he have to lose himself to be what his fans expect Will he have to choose between Pandemic Sorrow and Roxy Can he be a rock star without drugs Can he be happy without either I m really, really looking forward to reading Stone s story, he s still on my good side, unlike Pax However I have a feeling the author will convince me otherwise if she so chooses There might be a good story behind his assholish behavior And speaking of assholes, my opinion of James has not changed, I just hate him even now than I did before.

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    Re Release I read this series back to back so full disclosure, this review is going to be combined for all three books I will say this, it s been fun going on a ride with these guys and the entire time I kept thinking that I wanted a book for Stone So when I got the release blitz info and saw that he was getting his own book, I might have squealed a little Jag is the first book in the series and it focuses on the lead singer of Pandemic Sorrow He s a know womanizer and has a serious drug problem, which he doesn t own up to Despite being in rehab once already Let s say this, his story isn t pretty Ultimately, Jag is broken and plays a persona to fit his rocker lifestyle that is expected of him but you can tell that he just wants to be loved and have something to love back What I loved about this book is that his addiction is one of the biggest topics and Stevie holds nothing back She really paints the picture of just how hard and overwhelming addiction can be and how it not only affects the person but those around them When he meets, Roxy, he quickly discovers that he wants a normal relationship and he just wants to love Roxy is perfect for him She s broken herself but she s so strong and she doesn t take any crap from him He really has to face some difficult situations to figure everything out Rush is the second book in the series and it focuses on the bassist If I thought Jag was brash, Rush is in his own dimension He s pretty filthy and I think he might be of a womanizer than Jag Yet he s had his eye on Jules, the band s assistant for years While the two of them work out their feelings for each other, we get one dirty, filthy and crude Rush who pretty much will have sex with any woman What I liked most about this book is the banter between Rush and Jules She s offended by him but at the same time she can t help her attraction to him They have a love hate relationship that seriously had me laughing I think Jules might be one of my favorite characters in this series She s so hard core yet sensitive at the same time She sure puts up with a lot of crap from all the guys and they love to rile her up All of that is just fun Roxy is the third book in the series and it focuses on Jag s love I ll be upfront and honest with you A lot of this book is re telling her history with Jag but from her point of view I will admit that I did skim over some of those parts but it is to no fault of the writing or even the story I actually think the author did a great just of making sure to add in emotions and feels with Roxy s side so it didn t turn out a complete retelling of what happened in Jag What we do get is Roxy s background and get a better idea of just how broken she is Her story is raw, gritty and down right sad From the first page, I was consumed with wanting to really get to know her and we are hit with some seriously messed up things that she endured as a child I like that nothing was help back and it showed just how raw and emotional it is Also, without giving away anything, the last 10% of the book really sheds light on how living with an addiction can be and I love that the author added it It makes it real Overall, I enjoyed reading this series It was fun at times and emotionally raw a lot of times It makes you think and it makes you feel I enjoyed the band as a whole and have enjoyed getting each of their stories I can t wait to get my hand on Stone s book ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Jacquie Scandalous Book Blog This is the retelling of the Jag story but in the POV of Roxy.Roxy has been broken by her violent childhood, and the death through drugs of her beloved brother When she meets Jag at a concert he his everything she doesn t need in her life his problems with drugs and alcohol are enough to know she can t be with him but she can t resist.I was so excited to hear the Stevie J Cole was giving us Pandemic Sorrow and Jag and I wasn t disappointed.I loved this from the very first page to the last and as with Jag s book I was rooting for a hea for this lovely couple The writing was so excellence and I thought my heart was going to break in parts as we watched Roxy struggle to help the man she was in love with overcome his demons In alternative POV stories it s so easy to just rehash the original however Stevie hasn t fallen into this trap The story is original and we get to see what happens to the family when the are forced to go back on tour, and I finally felt that Jag and Roxy had the ending they deserved.I really can t wait to read the next instalment, I m really hoping Stone is next up.

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    I absolutely loved this story This is my first ever read by this author I was graciously provided an ARC copy for a Honest Review I loved every minute of it Jag and Roxy completely stole my heart Roxy s life has been anything but, easy She has grown up in a home where drugs and alcohol took precedence She has had one solid foundation in her life and that was her brother, her rock, her protector He was the only person who ever truly loved and fought for her Unfortunately drugs has now taken him from her life leaving her broken and bitter Jag Steele, the hot, sexy, lead singer of Pandemic Sorrow sex god comes with his own demons He is cocky, arrogant, and he comes with a serious drug addiction The road these two travel is not an easy one that is for sure Can Roxy accept Jag and his addiction Can these two broken souls find the life they both desire to have Read the book and find Christy Radical Reads Book Blog

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    3,8 Achei muito r pido a din mica neste livro, a autora n o desenvolveu bem algumas partes, que deixaram em aberto O desfecho de todo o livro foi feito em uma p gina e meia N o achei que convenceu.

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    Although this is book 3 in the Pandemic Sorrow series, it can be read as a standalone We met Roxy in book 1 but this is her story Her tragic tale Grab you tissues and settle in.Roxy had a rough start to life Losing someone at such a young age and then having your family fall apart is hard to recover from You either crumble or you become hardened to lifeRoxy became a bitch There s a quote in the book that really struck a cord with me This is a raw, gritty, very real fairy take It may not be perfect, but it is f cking beautiful This quote encompasses this book perfectly for me It IS real, it IS gritty and you can t help but get swept along with Roxy.This is essentially Roxy s story and if you ve read book 1, which is Jag s story, you may think that it s just going to be a rehash.another her view of the same story but it isn t Although I enjoyed book 1, this tale really shows a completely different side It s not a rock star story, it s much tragic, much hurtful and has a desperate quality that has you thinking that maybe sometimes walking away and giving up on love might be the only was to save your shredded heart It s hard to admit but I enjoyed this than the first two books in this series Despite them being good, this, for me, was just entirely different.Give it a go, you won t regret it

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    So after the first chapter, I thought, What did I get myself into Let me answer that before we go any further I got myself into one of the best rock star love stories I have ever read Ever The main lady, Roxy, had a crap life One no kid should have had, but sadly it is a reality all over the world He mother is dead, her father is a drug addict, and her brother is dead Because of that she has done a pretty effective job of cutting everyone out, including her only sister Jag, well, he is a stereotypical rocker Cocky, overconfident, womanizing, drug using and oh, so sexy When Roxy meets him, man, is that an awesome scene No I won t tell you what happened, read the book These two are broken Shattered doesn t even begin to describe what these two are And then, they start dating I fell in love with this book the further I got, because this has to be one of the most real books I have read in a long time There are no rainbows and unicorns in this world to disguise the pain It s there, on full display, to prove to you that even though things are broken or shattered, doesn t mean you throw them away.The reason I gave this book a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because there were a few parts that were repetitive There were chapters here and there that were basically the same thing said three different ways Devlynn, 4.5 stars

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    This book was much intense than I expected it to be Once I started reading, I found it difficult to put down The second chapter was the most difficult to read It covered an emotional day for Roxy and included some flashbacks to abusive times in her past It gives the reader just how hard of an upbringing she has had and why being with an addict is so difficult for her However, I also feel that it helped her be understanding with Jag She knows how difficult it is to resist temptation all the time and she was there to support him, most of the time It can be too much for anyone Jag was lucky he found Roxy, any other woman might not have been as supportive There were so many times my heart just broke for Roxy You could feel her turmoil Her head was telling her to run, as fast as she could But her heart, well, it was drawn to Jag There were so many ups and downs in their relationship that would drive most people apart But when the love it true.My heart broke for Jag He s worked so hard to become who he is but sometimes it s just too much He just wants someone to like him for him The effort he puts into gaining Roxy s trust shows just how important she is to him I enjoyed this roller coaster of a book I d recommend it to anyone.

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    I received an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewOMG AS IN OMG.READ MY FULL REVIEW ON MY BLOG NERDYCHAMPAGNEOverall, this book is dramatic and dark It did not went as dark as I was thinking when I started it but it did went through The romance was fast, passionate, hot, too perfect, messy, and dramatic Everyone tries to hide something from the most important person in his her life And there s no such thing as secret never revealed This story stretched out not only to the impossible romance but also to family and friends Sometimes, there are some things that you can only do as a friend Sometimes, the thing that you re frantically trying to escape is the one that might save you from the chaos And love is a dangerous game This is a wonderful, heart aching novel If you really love someone, you ll go to hell and back thrice if you need to just to be with that person Roxy told a story like that.This is not the kind of book you d like to read if you re not in the mood for a dark and depressed aura Nevertheless, I say that you give the book a try It ended beautifully and great things sometimes happen from the worst things.

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