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    I received this book free in exchange for an honest review I now have a new favorite author Kinsey McClane does a bang up job of writing a great story I couldn t put the book down I loved it Cant wait until the next part comes out.The story surrounds two sets of twins, you have two shapeshifters that are brothers and then you have two half breeds that are sisters, but what neither of them realize is that they are fated mates Decklin and Elijah are brothers but on opposites sides of the law Decklin is the criminal and Elijah is the cop, how much further apart can two brothers be Eva and Erie are doing everything in their power to stay out of the Wolvryn world but they really don t get the choice As the story progresses Decklin tries to kidnap the sister but only succeeds in getting one for his crazy prophecy Meanwhile Eva is on the run and runs right into Elijah and from there things get really interesting.If you like shifter romance with hot and steamy scenes, some great action then this is definitely a book you need to pick up It hooks you from the first chapter and keeps getting better, it s a great start for a series Well done Kinsey

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    A fanatical cult bent on ending the human world has kidnapped Eva s twin sister and she has no choice but to ask SWAT captain Elijah Kane for help in this thrilling paranormal romance.Half breed identical twins, Eva and Erie have only known pain and suffering at the hands of shifters, so asking wolf shifter Elijah Kane for help terrifies Eva and Elijah knew the second that Eva climbed through his window that she was going to be trouble The reader can t help but get caught up in the flying sparks and emotional upheaval that takes place when Elijah and Eva try to work together to save the world The attraction between them is off the charts hot but the relationship has so many obstacles that it will take a force of nature for them to get over their issues and the emotional angst that bombard them The strong compelling characters which grab the reader s by the heart and add lots of depth to the story while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers shivering in anticipation with lots of suspense, excitement and passion.Elijah and Eva have a major crisis to avert all while trying to gain control of a mating neither wants and expectation and spine chilling shivers increase throughout the story as time runs out and the danger escalates The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and bring the story to life while the well orchestrated events ensure that there is never a dull moment This fascinating edgy and sexy world has lots of interesting and different elements as well intriguing characters and exciting possibilities I was completely enthralled with the story from the very beginning and I can t wait to find out what happens with Erie 4 STARS

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    Wow That was my first reacton when I finished this book.It had me hooked from the start and housework went undone until I d read it all.Paranormal is a fairly new genre for me but this book seems different to the normal girl meets wolf bear, she finally gives in to him, they have sex and live happily ever after stories I ve read up until now.The pace is crisp and the storyline is inventive There were occasional giggles but also some sniffling on my part.The tone was dark in several places but this fit in with the plot.The strength in the book lies in the relationshipsbetween couples, Eva and Elijah, Erie and her kidnapper Decklin , between both sets of twins and between Elijah and his partner Rook.These characters have depth and enough is told of their back story to explain their actions and reactions.Behind it all is The Janus Circle Prophecy The ritual was disrupted but I m sure someone will try to enact it in the future.I look forward to reading the next book in the series.I was sent an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I loved this book I have not read anything by Kinsey McClane previously but I guarantee you I will read This book centers on Eva and Erie, half breed twin sisters who are being taken to fulfill an end of he world as we know it prophecy Unexpected help comes in the form of Elijah, a wolf shifer I can t go into detail without giving away too many of the twists and turns experienced reading this story Let s just say I was on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what would happen next If you are a paranormal fan, and especially of wolf shifters, then you must give this a try I had the pleasure of reading the omnibus version and would highly recommend you do too.I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review The rating and opinions in this review are my own and in no way was I compensated.

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    OH MY KARUSA SMOKIN HOT TOTALLY AWESOME I had the pleasure of reviewing this story when it was the serial, so I have taken those reviews to post here I was going to merge them all into one, but then I thought why not leave them as is This way you can see just HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS STORY I also didn t want to take parts out and lose the magic I felt when reading this serial The overall feeling of this story HOLY It is utterly, magically, beautifully, wonderfully a FANTASTIC STORY You do NOT want to miss out on this one I CANNOT wait to read from Kinsey Alexx She is a EXTREMELY GIFTED AUTHOR who had me in knots, in lust, in despair, in love, and OH SO MUCH MORE while frantically reading to the end of this story Of course, I didn t want to go too fast and miss out on anything, so ummm, ya, I read it TWICE Once for each part, then when I finished all 3, I quickly started them over again so I could read them from start to finish without any interruptions VERDICT IS no matter how many times I read this story IT STILL has me in its clutches and I LOVED it and can t wait to read it again Maybe before the next part comes out So here are my reviews Blood Moon Rising part I WHEW What a great start 5 starsI will be honest and say that I am not a fan of serials, but this one has me re thinking that I might just have to change my mind In fact I think that this is the first serial that I have had to read review And you never forget your first, right So now this is even MORE special Even though this part is only about 30 pages long it sure doesn t feel that short There is a great start to the story that has you jumping right in You get to meet the characters, get a feel for them and while this story moves forward there is also enough of the history and background information given to enhance the story without weighing you down or confusing the situation You also get enough of a hint at the deeper storyline to whet your whistle and other parts and make you want to know about the people, the situation, the mystery and well EVERYTHING This is all mixed together in such a way and does exactly what it is meant to do make you crave to read the rest of the story to get the answers to all of the questions this part made you think of I definitely love Kinsey s writing style There is this intensity in the storyline and this sense of realness that she brings to the characters, that makes me want to read and read and read.I hope that she continues to write these awesomely sexy Paranormal stories because there will NEVER be too many of them Buy it today and see what you have been missing Blood Moon Rising part II SMOKIN HOT 5 starsAND EFFEN FANGTASTIC I LOVED this part of the story So many twists turns and sweet moments, moments that make you squeal, gasp, sigh, growl well, you get the picture Who would have thought that a serial could be THIS awesome Not me, that s for sure I tend to shy away from these until they are released as one edition book I am a very impatient reader , but thankfully I am able to read these all together since they are now all released THANK YOU KINSEY ALEXX I can fully understand, even appreciate, what Eva is thinking, feeling and WHY she is the way she is, but COME ON Who wouldn t want to have a mate that they could pair bond with Yeesh I have to say that Elijah is pretty easy on the eyes, and he could never hurt her, never cheat on her, nor her to him He s built so perfectly insert wagging eyebrows and naughty grin here for her, as she is for him What s the problem here dreamy sigh Yes there were moments I wanted to smack Eva and tell her to wake up This hunka hunka wolf wants YOU, maybe not how you would want it to have started, but it is real and true and he tries so hard to calm her and talk to her about it well, she could make the effort as well Yes, I am a little bitter I don t have my own Elijah, why do you ask LOL I did love the humor whether it be funny, sarcastic, naughty, somewhere in between and or all of the above So many awesome one liners, sayings, quotes, double entendre, etc These are the first books that I have read from Kinsey Alexx, but if this is how she writes all her books, well, consider me a fan of ALL of them, not just the Paranormals I personally think that the writing is exactly why it is so great She writes along the same way I think and speak the sayings, quotes, etc I would love to share a couple of my favorite ones, but I can t see how I can without giving spoilers But enough chit chat I have part III itching to be read Plus I cannot wait to see how this all ends So click on over and buy this series You don t want to be left out, do you Blood Moon Rising part III OH MY KARUSA 5 starsMy mind is blown right now Eva might have said it, but it fits me perfectly after reading this series THAT WAS OVERWHELMING AWESOME AND HOT AND PERFECT AND oh just read it and see for yourself You will experience the magic of finding your mate, exploring each other while trying to get to know someone and trust them with your life all within a days of meeting, I might add You will yearn for the pair bond, wishing it to be real so you can find your mate too The way that Kinsey Alexx writes this you can t help but believe it to be real until you leave the comfort of these stories and you realize that you were ensnared in a pair bond too The kind that only exists between a great author and reader, that is I can honestly say that I loved this entire story and while this one does end, there is to come And I for one CANNOT WAIT Again, this part of the story has all of the same quirks, twists turns, humor and then some, as the previous 2 parts Although this also has been amped up with a seriously intense edge on the seat feel added in Will Eva and her twin survive Will the ritual be performed Will fate or destiny take action first But who s fate or destiny will it be that rises to the challenge Yes, I did review these last two parts in this madly frustrated way because I don t know how to tell you just how much I loved this story without giving a hint at how it goes, or even worse, give full on spoilers and ruin the magic of this crazy, beautiful, insanely magical amazingly story Kinsey Alexx has me completely enthralled and I cannot wait to read the rest of her paranormal books, hell ALL of her books whether they already be released or still to come, I am a pair bonded reader and I can t turn away from my mate with destiny snicker And yes I am well aware of just how cheesy that may sound to you, but I dare you to read these books, one after the other and NOT understand what I mean So from one word nerd to another buy this series and support a fellow word nerd you will NOT be disappointed Cherri out

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    Let me break it down for you.Elijah Decklin Kane are full Wolvyn Elijah is on the police force and his partner, Rook, is aware of his alternate heritage, but no one else is really aware of the things that go bump in the night.Decklin is Elijah s identical twin, but while Elijah works for the good of humanity, Decklin is busy getting in deep with the psychos of humanity paranormals in order to end mankind s existence in the world, leaving the paranormals with him as the grand poobah surprise, surprise.Eva and Erie Kaylee are also identical twins, but they are only half Wolvyn, and were psychologically emotionally scarred by their psycho Wolvyn father who had magically enslaved their mother When their parents died were killed, their pack Westing turned their backs on them due to their mixed heritage Needless to say, they aren t real keen on the Wolvyn side of their psyche Their father deliberately got their mother pregnant in order to produce the twins that were the key to something called the Janus Prophecy This is what would give whackadoodle Decklin unlimited power Draining them of their blood, during a Blood Moon, was the key to unlock the prophecy and so Decklin kidnaps Erie while Eva escapes from the kidnapping attempt In an effort to find Erie, Eva goes to Elijah for help finding Decklin Erie.Still with me Elijah realizes that Eva is his fated mate, but he s not thrilled about being stuck with a half breed , and since she s never been trained in the Wolvyn way, she has no idea what is going on but is NOT thrilled with his sexual overtures, because she s afraid he ll start raping her like her Dad did to her Mom Sounds like a huge mess, doesn t it Well, it s not And that s why Kinsey McClane is telling the story and not me Kinsey has created a storyline with lots of suspense and sexual tension but don t worry while there are sex scenes, they are not as graphically descriptive as some of her Alexx Andria stories and has found ways to put a new slant on the wolvyn mating process so that it s not the same ole, same ole stuff you see in other shifter romances While the price point is a bit ouch y, I m still looking forward to her next book, which her Facebook page says should be out around mid April, featuring Erie and Decklin Hey if you have a moment, stop by her page like it to show her some reader love It ll be interesting to see how she takes such an evil and unliked character like Decklin, and turns him into part of a romantic couple especially since he leaves Erie almost dead from blood letting, mated and pregnant.When you go to purchase, be sure to click on the Omnibus with the blue cover this had originally been released in three short stories and they are also available but purchasing them as the whole story is a better pricing deal.

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    Twin Wolvryn brothers and twin half breed sisters who can t shift with pair bond That by itself was compelling We have Elijah and Eva and Erin and Decklin, two pair of twins united by Fate that were dealing with the Janus Circle prophecy issue and the attraction that they were beginning to manifest Eva needed Elijah, L.A SWAT captain, to help her find her twin sister Erin She had been kidnapped because of an ancient prophecy saying that a key will open The Janus Circle and the fanatics believed that Eva and her twin sister were the key But Eva didn t know much about her Wolvryn roots and she found that Elijah was her pair bond Fearing a relationship with a Wolvryn, she fights the attraction but Elijah was clear that the pair bond can t be denied so he did his best to woo her and she was willing to accept the attraction and became his pair mate Meanwhile, Erin was struggle with her captor, Decklin, Elijah s twin brother He was a cold fanatic who was out of control thinking about bleeding Erin and Eva dry, open the Janus Circle and end the world of man But it seemed that as the other halves of twins with mate bond, Fate has his design on them The interaction between this two were completely different The struggle between them was fierce, violent and hopeless Eva and Elijah had little time to save Erin and even Elijah could lose in the battle with his loony brother if no hurry up Elijah and Eva had a good chemistry and their interaction was hot Erin and Decklin were something sad Think that what happened between Erin and Decklin was expected because of the strong pair bond and Decklins unwillingness Elijah could fight it because he was stronger but Decklin was weak and he lost But the author gave us some hope because they ll have their own book I ll be waiting for it because this was a really interesting story and want to follow Erin and Decklin This series has good story line, good characters, action, intrigue, sex and the narrations are clear and to the point Liked the author writing style.

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    It kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat until the end and after OMG I m not sure where to start This is the first book I ve read by Kinsey McClane but I have read books under her other pen name of Alexx Andria and enjoyed them very much.OK here goes I LOVED this book Paranormal romances are not usually my favorites of the romance genre but when I was offered an ARC of this book I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try I am so glad I did Kinsey McClane has woven an engaging story that kept me on the edge of my seat until the end and after The primary story of Elijah and Eva is wrapped up in this book but I warn you that I was left feeling the need to read Erie s story as well, which I hope comes soon So, for me, there was a bit of a cliffhanger but not one bad enough for me to be critical of it.The blurb for the book is great but it can t begin to tell, or hint at, all of the twists and turns this story takes until it reaches the end I m not a fan of long reviews that give way too many details about a book I d rather read the book for myself I will just say that if you like paranormal romance, and ones with shifters in particular, I think you will love this story.I am so glad that I got to read this as the omnibus edition Compared to other books of a similar length the current price of 3.99 is a good value especially when compared to the price of the individual episodes However, if you have KU you can read the individual episodes for free right now I m not sure how long that will be, though.I look forward to reading books by Kinsey McClane.

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    Part One Spoiler alert Wow Barely into the storyline and I m already sucked in The Sparks are gonna fly with all that heat between Elijah and Eva Eva, half human half wolvryn, is on the run from the men who kidnapped her sister Time is running out and she needs help She turns to the only person she can think of to stop his evil brother, Elijah Eva hates her wolvryn half and refuses to embrace it Unfortunately for her, Elijah is all wolvryn Worst yet, she s his mate and neither are happy about it Declan, Elijah s evil brother, thinks Eva and her sister Erie are the key to the prophecy So, where are we Hanging on the cliff with Erie captured and a hot kiss between Eva and Elijah Hang on its gonna be a bumpy ride Part Two The closer Eva and Elijah get, they can t deny their mate bond Torn between her humanity and wolvryn dna, Eva and Elijah must find a way to rescue her sister Erie and save the world from Elijah s brother This one is as good as the first, looking forward to part three Part Three Loved this storyline but very confused Was not thrilled with the ending as there was no closure to the characters Our characters allow the pair bond to take over and finally give into it The sparks fly and the heat flows Eva gets taken by Decklin and he starts the prophecy Elijah and his partner make it in time to save Eva and Erie along with the world from domination I Was surprised to see that this will not be the end of The Janus Circle Prophecy series and it will continue with Erie and Decklin.

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    book 1 Erie and Eva twins Elijah and Decklin both different but they are brothers can Elijah save Eva s sister also what is going on between Eva and Elijah to find this and out buy , read and review 2 Erie and Eva twins and Elijah and Decklin twins though Decklin wants to get powers but to do so he must have twin sisters Erie and Eva but why does he feel drawn to Erie and why does Eva feel drawn to Elijah and who is Pria a witch and what is her plans in this need for power and who is Cyn find this and out when yoou buy , read and review this book 3 Decklin and Erie are different as night and day and Eva and Elijah even though they have their rough patches and attraction they seem compatiable and fitting aas mates now what of Decklin can he truly sacrifice what is his in all ways or is the need power all consuming and Pria what are her plans will she double cross Decklin and take the powers that he seeks or does she not wish the power as Erie thinks and can Erie change Decklins mind and what is Eva and Rook and Elijah are too late to save Erie her sister to find out buy , read and review.

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